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    How to find a person on the Internet

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    Find a person on the Internet through photos

    To begin with, let's try to understand how to find a given person through the Internet starting from a photograph. Below you will therefore find some tools and online tools that I believe may prove to be particularly useful for the purpose in question. Try them now, I'm sure you won't regret it!


    The first and best known service to search by photo in order to trace the person you are interested in knowing more about which I invite you to try TinEye. It allows you to find images similar to those loaded on it and the results offered are sufficiently varied.

    You ask me how to use it? Nothing simpler! All you have to do is connect to its main page and click on thearrow icon located next to the search bar. Then select the image you want to use for the search and wait a few moments for the upload procedure to start and complete.

    Then you will be shown all the web pages that contain photos similar to the one you have previously uploaded and if you are lucky enough the results will allow you to get more info about the person you are looking for.

    I point out, then, that you can also find photos similar to images already present online. To do this, you need to copy and paste the URL of the referenced image into the field Upload or enter image URL and press the button of the magnifying glass located on the right.

    Other solutions

    Have you tried using TinEye before but still haven't managed to "get a spider out of the hole"? I'm sorry but… don't throw in the towel just yet! In fact, before giving up, I suggest you try to use the other ad hoc services listed below.

    • Google Images - yes, "big G" can be of great help to find a person on the Internet through photos. In fact, Google offers a tool dedicated to identifying specific images based on the terms typed and through which it is also possible to perform a reverse search. To use it for the purpose in question, simply upload the photo that portrays the person of interest to Google Images, start the search by pressing the button with the magnifying glass and sift through all the various available results. For more info, I suggest you read my tutorial on how to search by images.
    • Bing Pictures - is substantially the counterpart of Google Images from Microsoft. It is in fact Bing's online photo search engine. To use it, just connect to its home page, type any search term in the box and click on magnifying glass To the right. In the new page displayed it is then necessary to press on the symbol of photographic macchinetta at the top, select upload an image and choose from the computer the image with which to find the similarities. The search results page will therefore be updated with all the various and any similar images to be analyzed to try to get more info on the person of interest. For more details, you can refer to the tutorial on my site that I have reported to you just now.

    Find a person on the Internet by phone number

    Would you like to be able to trace a given person via the Internet starting from his or her telephone number, whether landline or mobile? Then I can not help but advise you to immediately use the ad hoc services listed below.


    An excellent and efficient online tool that I suggest you try to try to trace a given person starting from their phone number is Sync.Me. It is in fact a service that allows you to know who owns fixed and mobile numbers (provided that the relative holders have chosen to make this information public) by retrieving the information in question from the various social networks. It has a very accurate interface and is in English (but it is very easy to use).

    To use it, all you have to do is connect to its home page and select from the menu with the pennant on the left, in correspondence with the item Find out who called you, the cittàn prefix (prefix) or in any case the reference one. Now, type the number you would like to know more about in the search field in the center and click the button Search.

    Once this is done, if the number you entered has been registered in the service database you will see a new web page appear with all the related information such as the name of the holder or of the reference company, the relevant telephone operator and so on. If you want, you can get even more information by signing up for a paid plan by clicking Get full report.

    Other solutions

    The service to find a person via the Internet starting from his phone number that I have already reported to you has not satisfied you and are you looking for alternative resources? Then try to take a look at the other special services that you find below. I sincerely hope you can succeed in your intent.

    • Truecaller - it is a well-known portal for what concerns the identification of the holders of telephone numbers, fixed and mobile (also available as an app for Android and iPhone). The information is taken from a proprietary database consisting of the numbers added by the same users who, using the service, have consented to the thing. To use it, just type the reference telephone number in the field in the center of the home page, start the search by pressing the button with the magnifying glass and consult the various results available. For more details, I invite you to read my article on how to find a phone number.
    • White pages - well-known service that allows you to trace the name of the holder of a landline number (but also the address and other information present in the public telephone directories). To use it, simply type the reference number in the appropriate field at the top, start the search by clicking on the button Find and analyze the available results. For more information, you can always refer to my guide on the subject.

    Find a person on the Internet by name or otherwise

    Are you interested in understanding how to find a person on the Internet starting from his name or other data (eg an electronic address)? Then try the solutions that you find indicated below and you will see that you will not regret it.


    Do you want to find a person on the Internet whose name and surname (or other info) you know? Then use PeekYou. Haven't you ever heard of it? Know that this is a cost-free online service that allows you to view all the contacts, photos, videos, biography and many other data concerning a person simply by typing name and surname in a specific search field. Great, don't you think?

    To use it, connected to its home page, select the tab Name located in the center of the page and fill in the text fields First Name e Last Name writing, respectively, the name and surname of the person you are "investigating" and then click on magnifying glass located on the right.

    Now, all you have to do is identify the information relating to the person you are looking for, which is present on the page that has opened. I advise you not to take into consideration the links present in the sections Public Records & Background ChecksArrest Records & Driving Infractions e email Addresses, because they are sponsored collimants to PeekYou partner services.

    You can find useful information about the person you are looking for in the sections Facebook, Twitter, InstagramPictures that refer to the social profiles to which the user is possibly registered and to the public images that portray it.

    Other solutions

    As an alternative to Pipl, you can try to find out more about a given person starting from their name or further data in another way. Which? For example, by contacting Facebook or by searching on PeekYou, on a service similar to the one already mentioned. Find more details on this below.

    • Facebook - even the most famous social network in the world can be very useful for finding information about a given person. In fact, considering that almost all people on Earth have a Facebook account and that most have "stuffed" their profile with various personal data, the famous service can help you receive more info about a given subject simply by typing its name ( and preferably also the surname), the email address or other info in the search bar of the site and then clicking on the button with the magnifying glass. You can then refine your search using the filters available on the left and choosing the reference section from the top of the site. For more information on what to do, please take a look at my article on how to search for people on Facebook.
    • Pipl - it is a site similar to PeekYou which always acts as an aggregator of information relating to a person when he is searched after entering his name and surname and any other info (eg the reference location). It's not free: the subscription starts at $ 99 / month.
    How to find a person on the Internet

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