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How to hide the status on WhatsApp

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How to hide the status on WhatsApp for Android

As already mentioned a few seconds ago, it is possible to hide two different "states" of WhatsApp: the real one, that is the story with photos and videos that lasts 24 hours and is automatically shared with your contacts; or it textual state, that is the phrase specified in your personal profile. In both cases, it is possible to define specific privacy settings, to inhibit the display of unwanted contacts: below I'll explain how to do it on Android.

State (history)

After opening the application of WhatsApp, tap on the tab State and touch the icon (⋮) located at the top right. Next, choose the voice State privacy from the menu that is proposed to you, then select the most appropriate setting for your case.

  • My contacts - in this way, the story is shared with all users in your WhatsApp contact list, excluding those blocked.
  • My contacts except ... - by selecting this setting, you have the option to exclude one or more users from viewing your stories. Once you have selected the aforementioned option, choose the contacts you want to block from viewing the status by placing a check mark next to their name, then tap the button in the shape of a green tick located at the bottom right, to confirm.
  • Share with… - contrary to what we saw previously, this option allows you to choose the only authorized contacts to see your stories. After selecting it, indicate the users to whom to grant the possibility of viewing the stories, by putting a check mark next to their name, then tap the icon of the green tick located at the bottom right.

When you're done, tap the button end located at the bottom to apply the changes: they will become effective starting from the publication of the next state, and will not take effect for any already published and active states.

To delete your previous statuses, move back to the tab State of WhatsApp, touch the button (...) resident next to the wording My status, do a prolonged tap on the story you want to delete and, finally, touch the icon in the shape of basket which appears at the top, and then confirms the intention to proceed (by touching the button Delete).

Textual status (profile info)

At the time of writing this guide, WhatsApp allows you to restrict the display of the textual status to three large categories of people: all WhatsApp users (including those not in their contact list), only i personal contacts or no.

To change this setting, start WhatsApp, tap the button (⋮) located at the top right and choose the item Settings from the menu that is proposed to you. Once on the next screen, tap on the item Info and indicate the option most congenial to you, chosen from those available: allmy contacts no. The modification is instantaneous and requires no additional operations.

How to hide the status on WhatsApp for iPhone

Hide status on WhatsApp for iPhone, as already seen on Android, it is really very easy: even in this juncture, you have the possibility to inhibit both the display of the personal status (i.e. the 24-hour history) and the textual status (i.e. the "info" of the profile ). Below I'll explain how.

State (history)

To adjust the privacy of WhatsApp stories, thus defining the users to whom to hide it (or the only ones to whom to show it), proceed as follows: first, tap on the tab State located in the lower left corner of the WhatsApp app, then tap the item Privacy located at the top of the screen (immediately above the wording State).

When you reach the next screen, indicate the setting that suits you best, choosing it from those available: by selecting the item My contacts, everyone in your address book will be able to see the published stories. Instead, opting for the voice My contacts except ..., you will have the possibility to indicate by placing a check mark next to the relative name and pressing on the item Done, the contacts to exclude from viewing the stories.

Finally, using your voice Share only with ..., you can indicate only the users to whom show your stories, excluding, instead, all those not selected. Remember that the change will take effect from the next published story and will not affect those already active.

To delete the already active stories, move back to the section State of WhatsApp, tap the item My status and tap on the item Modification, which you find at the top right. Then, put the check mark next to the story (or stories) you want to delete, touch the item Delete and confirms the will to proceed by tapping on the button Delete X update (s) in status.

Textual status (profile info)

Exactly as already seen for Android, you can limit the display of the textual state (ie the "info" of the profile) to three categories of different users: all WhatsApp users (even those not in your address book), only your contacts or no.

To do this, go to the tab Settings of WhatsApp, tap the items Account, Privacy Info, then choose the category of users that you think is most suitable.

How to hide online status on WhatsApp

You did not find the information I have given you so far useful, as it is your intention hide online status on WhatsApp, so you don't let your contacts know when you open the app? Then this is the most suitable section for your case.

Before going ahead and explaining anything, however, it is good that you are aware of a fundamental aspect: at this moment, there is no official procedure to hide one's presence within the app, although it is possible to achieve this result. with a clever enough trick: disable all Internet connections when you open WhatsApp. You can achieve this by activating the flight mode on the device, even before opening the app, using the most appropriate steps based on the operating system you are using.

  • Android - calls up thenotify area by swiping from the top to the center of the screen (twice consecutively, if necessary) and tap on the icon flight mode to instantly disable all connections, both Wi-Fi and data.
  • iOS - recalls the control center swiping down from the top right corner of the device, if you are on iPhone X or later, or swiping towards the center of the screen from the bottom, on iPhone 8 Plus and earlier. Finally, tap on theairplane that appears in the panel that is shown to you.

As regards the computer, it is, instead, sufficient to temporarily disconnect from the Internet (except in the case of Windows 10, in which there is airplane mode). Below I show you how.

  • Windows 10 - calls up thenotify area by clicking on comic located next to the clock, then click on the icon flight mode that appears inside. If necessary, click on the item Expand to view all keyboard shortcuts.
  • Windows 8.1 and earlier - click the icon of network connections, select the one currently active and click on the item Disconnect corresponding to it.
  • MacOS  - click on the Wi-Fi located near the clock and select the item Turn off Wi-Fi from the menu that is shown. If you don't see the network icon, go to System preference (the icon in the shape ofgear located in the Dock bar), select the item Network and apponi il segno di spunta accanto alla voce Show Wi-Fi status in the menu bar.

Once you have set the airplane mode, or deactivated the network connections, you can open WhatsApp (app or program that is) to read or reply to the messages received: given the lack of connectivity, your contacts will not know that you are, at that moment, online. When you have finished, close the app or program, then turn off airplane mode or reconnect to the internet to resume receiving and sending messages as usual.

Note: Although this trick is often effective, the “online” status may still be displayed when the Internet connection is reactivated. Also, airplane mode and / or disabling network connections do not affect last access, nor read receipts, which may appear in all cases. To prevent this from happening, I recommend that you take a look at my guides on how to remove the last access on WhatsApp and how to disable read receipts.

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