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How to make stickers on WhatsApp

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How to make personalized stickers on WhatsApp

As I mentioned in the introduction of the post, if you want make personalized stickers on WhatsApp, you can do this by connecting the personalized sticker package to an app to be published on the Google and Apple stores or by using apps that work directly on your device, which allow you to create sticker packages to be saved on the device itself and to be shared, if necessary, for other users who use the same application.

Standard procedure

If you want to make custom stickers on WhatsApp using the standard procedure provided by the platform, know that you must create a pack of stickers and attach it to an app to be published on the Play Store and / or on the App Store: by doing so, if the app will be accepted and published by Google and / or Apple on the respective store, it can be downloaded by other users (as well as by you) who will thus acquire the possibility to take advantage of the WhatsApp stickers included in it.

Before creating the app in question, obviously you have to make the stickers to be included in the package to attach to it. In doing this, know that each image to be transformed into a sticker must have one transparent background (so it is advisable to use a suitable format, for example PNG), a resolution equal to 512 512 pixels x it's a weight less than 100 kB.

To edit the images to turn into stickers, you can make use of free and open source software such as GIMP (available for the main desktop platforms), perhaps coupled with services such as, which is able to automatically remove the background from photos of people. Since does almost everything automatically and does not offer the possibility to resize the edited images, I suggest you use it together with GIMP (or similar solutions).

Once GIMP is installed and started, open the menu Fillet (top left), select the item New from the latter and, in the window that opens, start the creation of a new image of 512 × 512 pixels by writing 512 In fields Width e Height e premendo sul pulsating OK.

Then use the various tools available in GIMP to create the design of the sticker to add to WhatsApp and then click on the items File> Export As located at the top left to save the file in PNG. For more information on using GIMP, read my dedicated program guide.

If you have cropped an image (perhaps with the help of or in any case you want to create a sticker for WhatsApp starting from an already existing image, import it into GIMP by dragging it to the main program window. Then select the item Image scale from the menu Image and, in the window that opens, type the value 512 in the text fields Width e Height and then click on the button Ladder, in order to resize the photo to 512 × 512 pixels (if the image is not already square, you will need to crop it to fit the 512 × 512 size).

Now, to set a transparent background, click on the menu Subscription (top), select items Transparency> Add Alpha Layer from the latter and recalls it freehand toolby clicking on the symbol rope located on the toolbar on the left.

Then select the subject of your interest, click on rectangular marquee tool (by clicking on the square present in the GIMP toolbar), click on the items Selection> Invert in the top menu and delete the selected portion of the image by pressing the buttons simultaneously Ctrl + X (your Windows) or cmd + x (your macOS).

Finally, click on the entries Select e Nothing in the top menu and export the final image in PNG. For more information on how to cut an image, how to make the background of an image transparent and how to resize an image using the aforementioned solutions, read the in-depth information I linked to you: there you will find detailed explanations of how to proceed.

When you have created the sticker pack, develop an app that respects the guidelines of the Google Play Store and / or the guidelines of the Apple App Store, so as to attach the stickers to the latter and publish it on the stores just mentioned. Of course, in order to do this, you will need to have a Google developer account (at the cost of 25 dollars / year) and / or a Apple developer account (at the cost of 99 dollars / year).

If you want some more information on how to create an app and how to publish it on the Play Store and / or on the App Store, consult the in-depth information that I linked to you, which contain general explanations on what to do. While you are there, also take a look at this page set up on the official WhatsApp website, which contains other useful information on how to proceed.

App to make personalized stickers on WhatsApp Android

If you do not intend to develop applications and therefore prefer to use app to make personalized stickers on WhatsApp for Android, I highly recommend you to use Wemoji. This is a completely free app that allows you to create custom stickers for WhatsApp in no time and to save them locally on the device in use.

After installing and launching it on your Android device, tap the button (+) Create Sticker located at the bottom left, give consent to the app to access the camera of your device and the Gallery, press the button capacitor positive (+) lead located at the bottom left and take a photo at the moment, pressing on the item Camera, or import one already saved in Gallery, clicking on the latter option and selecting the image of your interest.

If necessary, then, crop the image using the editor in the app, tap on the item Crop located at the top right and, in the screen that opens, presses the button Cut placed at the bottom, in order to trace the edges of the subject to remove the background (trying to be as precise as possible). Then tap the item again Crop located at the top right and confirms the operation by answering Crop to the box that appears in the center.

Using the adjustment bar in the box that appeared on the screen, then soften the selection made just now and select the item Save to save the changes made. As an alternative to the editor integrated in the app, you can create stickers on your computer and then transfer them to Android, so as to make an even more accurate job.

After making a sticker, resize it using the app editor, tap on the item Save placed at the top right, confirm the operation by pressing on the item Yes and then tap the button capacitor positive (+) lead that appears on the screen. In the box that opens, fill in the text fields Sticker pack name e Sticker pack author providing the package and author name and click on the item Save. Then select the pacchetto name to include the sticker you created earlier.

Since the packages to be sent on WhatsApp must contain at least 3 stickers, after going to the main Wemoji screen, tap on the item My Stickers at the bottom right, select the name of the package you created just now, press the button capacitor positive (+) lead placed inside it and repeat the operations I described in the previous lines to add other stickers.

Finally, after opening the package of your interest, click on the button Add to WhatsApp located at the bottom of the screen, you agree to open WhatsApp, and select the item Add to insert the package into the famous messaging app.

To send a package of stickers to other users who have installed Wemoji on their device, all you have to do is go to the screen MyStickers, open the package of your interest, tap on the icon of three dots at the top right and select the item Share sticker pack. Then select the contact to send the stickers to and that's it.

 App to make personalized stickers on WhatsApp iPhone

Be vuoi avvalerti di app to make personalized stickers on WhatsApp for iPhone, I suggest you use Top Stickers Sticker Meme: it is an app that, in addition to allowing the addition of stickers already present in it to WhatsApp, also allows you to create customized sticker packs.

Please note that the free version of the app has advertising banners and does not allow you to add only 4 stickers for each package: by purchasing the full version, which costs 2,29 euros, you can remove the advertising and add up to 30 stickers for each package created.

After installing and running Top Meme Sticker Stickers on your iPhone, tap the button (+) New package located at the bottom of the screen, assign a name to the package you are creating, by writing it in the text field that appears on the screen, press on the wording (+) Add a photo and select the photo you want to turn into a sticker.

On the next screen, press the symbol of rubber, to cut out the image and remove the excess background by swiping your finger over it. Alternatively, you can make the stickers on the computer and then transfer them to the iPhone, so as to make a more accurate work. Finally, tap the button (✓) to save the changes made, click on the item end located in the upper right corner of the screen, cut out the sticker using the editor that appears on the screen (if necessary) and press the button again (✓).

Since you need to insert at least 3 stickers in each sticker pack to be sent on WhatsApp, tap the button again (+) Add a photo and repeat the operations I gave you in the previous lines to add other stickers.

As soon as you are ready, save the package by tapping on the item Save located at the top right, select the item Send stickers, click on the option Send to WhatsApp and finally press the button Save located at the bottom.

To share a package of stickers you have created with other users (provided they have downloaded the application), go to the section My Packages present in the main screen of Top Stickers, open the one you are interested in, select the item Export located at the bottom. Then tap the button Send sticker pack and choose the sharing option among those available to send the package (eg. WhatsApp).

How do you send stickers on WhatsApp

Once you've made your custom sticker pack and added it to WhatsApp, you'll surely want to know how do you send stickers customized. I guarantee you that it is really easy to do it, whether you want to act from Android or from iPhone. If you want to send the stickers on WhatsApp from your computer, however, know that you will not be able to send the ones you created: from the tests I conducted, in fact, it seems that at the moment these are not "recognized" by WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop.


To send the stickers on Android, start WhatsApp, tap on the tab Chat, go to the conversation of your interest, tap on typing bar present at the bottom of the chat, press thesmiling emoji located on its left and press on the symbol ofsticker located at the bottom right. At this point, all you have to do is tap on sticker to send in the conversation and that's it.

If you want more information on how to send stickers on WhatsApp, please consult the in-depth study that I have linked to you. I'm sure this further reading will also be useful to you.


To send the stickers on iPhone, start WhatsApp, press the tab Chat, go to the conversation of your interest, tap on typing bar located at the bottom of the screen, press thesticker located on its right and tap the sticker you want to send in the conversation. Simple, right?

If you want to deepen the subject and have some more information on how to send stickers on WhatsApp, I encourage you to read the tutorial that I linked to you, because it could be useful.


If you want to send the stickers by acting from computer, I remind you that at this moment it is possible to do this only with the default WhatsApp stickers (which you must have previously downloaded on your smartphone). Then, to send them to the chats of your interest, access WhatsApp by connecting to its Web version or using its official client for Windows or macOS (if you have difficulty doing this, help yourself with the instructions in the tutorial on using WhatsApp on PC ).

Then open the conversation of your interest, click on the icon smiley located next to the input field text and click on thesticker. Select, therefore, the pack of stickers that you like most among those available, click on sticker of your interest and that's it.

For more information on how to send stickers on WhatsApp, do not hesitate to consult the guide I have just linked to you. I am sure it will be very useful to you.

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