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    How to transfer WhatsApp from one phone to another

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    Create and sync WhatsApp backups

    The first step to make the WhatsApp transfer is to create a full backup of the same on the old phone: at this stage you can take advantage of the functionality integrated in the app, which allows you to create backups in the internal memory of the device, on Google Drive (for Android) or on iCloud (for iOS).

    For best results, I recommend that you do this while connected to one WIFI network: in this way, the backup will be faster and you do not risk inexorably running out of the Giga included in your data plan (some backups can take up several GB of space).

    Keep in mind that, from this moment on, I will call the device from which to transfer WhatsApp an old phone and the new phone the one to move to. Also, I urge you to perform the steps in the same order I am going to list them, unless I tell you to do otherwise.


    Make a backup of WhatsApp on Android is an extremely simple operation: first, take the old phone and make sure your Google account is properly configured in the same. To do this, enter the menu Settings Android (the gear icon located on the home screen or in the screen with the list of all the apps installed on the device), go to Account> Google and make sure your Gmail account is set up on the device; if not, tap on the item Add account, select the logo of Google from the screen that opens and fill in the proposed form with the information relating to your profile to immediately associate with the device.

    After this necessary check, open WhatsApp and, after accessing the chat list, press the button () and go to the section Settings> Chat. At this point, press on the voice Backup of chats and then tap the button Back up to immediately backup your conversations on both Google Drive than in the phone's internal memory.

    With the basic settings, text conversations, images and voice notes contained in your WhatsApp account will be saved: to also include videos (which, however, can quickly saturate the storage space on Google Drive), simply affix the check mark next to the item Include Videos before actually carrying out the backup in question.

    If you intend to transfer WhatsApp from one number to another as well as from one smartphone to another, consult my themed tutorial.


    If you own a iPhone, you can make a backup of your phone in a very similar way to what we have seen above, with the only difference that the saving will take place on iCloud, the storage space made available by Apple.

    So, before continuing, make sure iCloud is correctly configured on yours old iPhone: to do this, open the Settings of the melafonino, then presses on the voice Account and password and choose the section iCloud. If, at this stage, you see your Apple ID and all the data relating to the service appear, then you are ready for backup; otherwise, type in the Apple ID login credentials in the proposed form and confirm the willingness to activate the service.

    Once the check is complete, you can backup WhatsApp data in an extremely simple way: start WhatsApp from the Home screen of the device, then presses the button Settings located at the bottom right, tap the section Chat and presses on the voice Backup of chats.

    At this point, tap the button Back up now to immediately start saving data to iCloud and to the device's internal memory. Again, you can activate the toggle Include videos to also embed the videos in the data security copy.

    If, in addition to changing smartphones, you intend to transfer WhatsApp from one number to another, read my tutorial dedicated to the subject.

    Transfer WhatsApp from one phone to another (same operating system)

    Now that you have finally managed to create a backup containing all your chats and multimedia contents with your old phone, it is finally time to transfer everything to your new phone. Below I will show you the procedures to perform this operation between equal operating systems (Android> Android e iOS> iOS).

    From Android to Android

    To transfer WhatsApp to your new Android smartphone, you must first remove the SIM card from the old phone and insert it in the new one, so as to be able to receive the configuration SMS: it is essential, in fact, that the number associated with the new terminal coincides with the one from which the backup was created. Also, for everything to go well, the new phone must be configured the same Google account present in the device with which the backup was previously created.

    After carrying out the necessary checks, all you have to do is download the latest version of WhatsApp on the new smartphone, install it as usual from Google Play and start it: once this is done, press the button Accetta and continue to accept the terms of service and privacy policies, agree i permessi d'accesso necessary by pressing the button several times Allow and, to start the first configuration, type the telephone number of the SIM you previously inserted and presses the button Continue.

    Once you have received the configuration SMS (you may have to press the button once again Allow so that WhatsApp detects it automatically), the window relating to restore the backup from Google Drive is shown on the screen: check once again that the account coincides with the one used on the old phone and, after making sure that everything is OK, tap on the button Restore to import the previously created backup into WhatsApp and that's it!

    Also in this case, I advise you to carry out the operation after connecting to a Wi-Fi network, so as to speed up everything and not to substantially affect the cellular data traffic at your disposal (especially if you have decided to transfer the video).

    From iPhone to iPhone

    The procedure for restoring the backup created previously is quite similar to what we saw for Android: as already mentioned, the only difference is the use of iCloud, Apple's proprietary cloud service, in place of Google Drive. First, therefore, move the SIM card from the old to the new iPhone and make sure that the same is configured on the latter Apple ID used when creating the backup.

    Perform the necessary checks, download (if you have not already done so) the latest version of WhatsApp directly from the App Store, start it, accept the conditions of use of the service by tapping the button Accetta and continue and then press the button allow to grant WhatsApp the necessary permissions for operation.

    To proceed with the configuration, type your phone number in the box provided, touch the button Continue, wait for the verification SMS to be received and, once you reach the backup restore screen on iCloud, touch the item Restore to automatically start the process. Once the backup import is complete, all you have to do is choose the name to display and, if you wish, the profile photo to use on WhatsApp.

    Transfer WhatsApp from one phone to another (different operating system)

    Regarding the transfer of WhatsApp between devices with different operating systems, the situation is not rosy as seen above: in fact, there are no official procedures to complete this operation because, in the two operating systems, data and backups are created and stored in a profoundly different way.

    However, there are apps and programs designed for the purpose, of which I intend to talk to you below, which make this procedure possible, but in a way that is not free from risks: just to give you an example, the aforementioned software could stop working suddenly due to of any changes on WhatsApp storage systems. Furthermore, not all software designed for the purpose is free: some of it must necessarily be purchased.

    From Android to iPhone

    If you feel it is necessary to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone without losing anything, you could use a solution like Whatsapp Trasnfer: if you have never heard of it, it is a computer program that can move WhatsApp messages from a phone to more in just a couple of clicks.

    This solution is not free: its basic license, valid for three devices and for a single PC, costs € 27.50 + VAT to Windows o € 32 + VAT to MacOS; however, a trial version of the program is available which allows you to test its effective efficiency on a limited number of messages.

    In any case, before even using the software, it is necessary to satisfy some fundamental requirements, which I am going to list below.

    • A copy of the file must be stored on the computer msgstore.db.crypt12, i.e. the backup saved in the memory from the old Android phone. After making the backup as I showed you in the previous section, use a file manager (e.g. File Manager +) to auto-send you the file in question resident nella cartella WhatsAppDatabases and the whole directory WhatsAppMedia.
    • On the old phone Android, the USB debugging option must be active: to do this, access the section Settings> About phone, press 7 consecutive times on the wording Build number and, after receiving confirmation that developer mode has been activated, return to the main screen of Settings. From there, tap on the item Development options and move up On the corresponding levers a Debug USBInstall via USB.
    • It is crucial that on the phone Android root permissions have been previously acquired.
    • Sul new iPhone, you need to temporarily disable the iCloud backup: to do this, go to Settings> [your name]> iCloud> iCloud Backup and move up Disabled the relative lever. Furthermore, always on the same device, the SIM card must have already been inserted and the initial WhatsApp configuration phase completed.

    After these preliminary operations, download and install Whatsapp Transfer from the website reported above, then connect the iPhone to the computer through the cable lightning, start the software and grant all the necessary access permissions on the phone.

    Once this is done, connect the terminal as well Android using the appropriate USB cable, wait for the automatic installation of the app Backuptrans WA Sync on the phone, presses on No to the downgrade prompt that appears on your computer and, to complete the backup import, click on the menu File> Import Android backup WhatsApp data, choose the file msgstore.db.crypt12 copied earlier and press the button OK. Once the encryption key has been extracted, you can disconnect the Android device.

    Note: if you have problems connecting the Android phone, install the ADB drivers by taking them from this website and, once the setup is complete, reconnect the phone and then try to start the procedure again.

    Once the backup import is complete, click on the button Transfer messages from Android to iPhone, wait for the transfer to complete and that's it: all chats will be made available on the new iPhone! Remember, after completing everything, to activate the iCloud backup on the iPhone again.

    From iPhone to Android

    transfer WhatsApp from one phone to another, by operating from iOS to Android you can take advantage of the native WhatsApp functionality which allows, during the initialization phase of your Android device, to transfer chats and data from the messaging app, such as multimedia files and previously saved imports.

    This procedure can currently only be performed on smartphones Android brand Samsung, but it could also be extended to other models.

    That said, to get started, launch the WhatsApp su iPhone and recati nella sezione Settings. Then tap the button Move chats to Android, to prepare for the transfer. Then press the button Start, to start the wizard.

    Once this is done, take your smartphone in hand Android and, during the configuration phase, connect it, when requested, to yours iPhone means cavo USB-C a lightning.

    After that, follow the steps indicated by Samsung Smart Switch and then, when prompted, scans the QR code displayed on the new device Android, through the camera of theiPhone.

    At this point, press the buttons starts on iPhone, to start the transfer. Then continue to configure your Samsung, to get to the screen Home and to launch the Whatsapp, by logging in with the same phone number.

    Finally, hit the button Import, to complete the transfer of the chats of WhatsApp, which will be available at the end of the activation procedure of your new device.

    If you have any doubts or problems, please refer to my tutorial on how to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android.

    Alternatively, this can be done via the app WazzappMigrator, which allows the conversion of backups extracted from the iPhone and is available on Google Play for the price of 4.99€. In this case, you need to use a computer to complete the procedure.

    Before going on, I have to make you an important premise: on some terminals, the app it may not work at all or transfer only part of the chats and multimedia files.

    How do you say? Have you fully understood the risks and do you want to proceed anyway? Perfect! First, create an updated backup on your computer and not encrypted of the old iPhone from which to take WhatsApp: after connecting it to the computer, start iTunes (if you have Windows and do not already have the program, you must install it), click on the button in the shape of iPhone, put the check mark next to the item What computer, remove it from the box instead Encode iPhone backup and, to create the backup, press the button Back up now.

    If necessary, before even backing up, you may have to press the button Authorize on the iPhone screen to authorize communication with the computer.

    Once the backup is complete, close iTunes and install the iBackup Viewer program, available for free for both Windows that for MacOS, in order to extract the backup of WhatsApp conversations from the newly created data file with iTunes.

    Once the program in question is started, the iTunes backups on the computer should be automatically imported into it: click on the icon relating to the most recent backup (paying attention to the date specified immediately below), then press the button Raw files (the icon a graph form) and wait for the backup contents to be "unpacked" in the program.

    Once this is done, click the button Tree view located to the left of the entry Export, search for the folder in the left part of the program, click on the relative icon and, keeping the key pressed Ctrl / cmd of the keyboard, presses on the folder Media and on the file ChatgStorage.sqlite placed on the right.

    At this point, to finalize the data extraction, click on the button Export, choose the item Selected ... from the menu displayed on the screen, choose where to save the extracted files using the File Explorer / Finder panel (e.g. on the desktop) and finalize the operation by pressing the button Save / Save.

    Almost there: to transfer the files to Android, take the new phone and, after installing the SIM card inside to obtain the same numbering and having previously configured WhatsApp, install WazzapMigrator and connect the smartphone in question to the computer via the USB cable.

    At this point, start Esplora File / Finder, select its icon and paste the previously saved files and folder into the folder WazzapMigrator resident in the internal memory of the mobile phone. If you need more information on transferring files between Android and your computer, I invite you to consult my dedicated guide.

    As a last step, disconnect the new phone from the computer, uninstall WhatsApp, start Wazzapmigrator and, after having skipped the initial guide by swiping to the right, touch the item Select the iPhone file and the button Yes to proceed with the automatic search: after receiving confirmation of the presence of the backup, tap the button (▷) and wait patiently for the conversion from one format to the other to be performed (the procedure may take a few minutes). When done, press the button OK to finalize the archive copy.

    At this point, proceed to install again WhatsApp from the Play Store and carry out the initial configuration by entering the phone number and waiting for the confirmation SMS: if the previous conversion went as expected, the app should offer you to restore the backup in the memory. To proceed, press the button Restore placed in the section Local Backup and that's it: after a few minutes, the chats previously stored on the iPhone will be available on the new Android phone. To gain some memory, you can now delete the files contained in the folder WazzapMigrator.

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