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    5 common causes of RAID corruption

    What are the problems causing RAID breakdown? Here are 5 most common events.

    5 common causes of RAID corruption

    Il RAID system it is mainly used in corporate IT structures, where it is necessary to have more security for one's data. As we have seen in a previous article on data recovery from RAID, there are several configurations that allow you to have certain advantages. For example, the RAID 1 configuration allows you to have a copy of the files to be able to recover them in case of problems.

    RAID technology was founded several years ago and continues to be used today, thanks to the advantages it offers above all in terms of security. Obviously these solutions are not indestructible, because they consist of common hard drives which can have sudden problems and failures.

    Listed below are some of the main problems that can affect RAID operation, and the most common causes of failure and damage. Even the safest system can suffer one loss of data, so it is always good to make backups of your files to avoid the risk of losing your documents.

    1. Damage to the controller

    Most systems with multiple disks are managed and coordinated by a controller. If this component is damaged, you can have numerous problems such as system failure and other serious consequences. The controller it is an electronic board, therefore possible damage to the electrical components installed on it is not excluded.

    2. Loss of partition

    The disk partitions that make up the configuration can be damaged, affecting operation and causing data loss.

    3. Rebuild of RAID volume failed

    If the RAID volume is not rebuilding correctly, you may have sudden blocks of the system and a consequent loss or corruption of data. The rebuild process consists of data reconstruction, which occurs when a hard disk needs to be replaced.

    In practice, when you have a defective or failed hard drive, it is replaced with a new model. RAID copies data to the new disk using a specific algorithm. There may be gods during this process errors configuration that could cause you to lose data.

    4. Multiple hard drive failure

    A big plus of the RAID system is to have information copied to multiple hard drives, so that when one drive fails, data can be recovered from the other drives. Unfortunately, if more disks are damaged, you risk losing data, so it is important to intervene immediately with the replacement.

    5 common causes of RAID corruption

    5. Server locks

    The configuration is installed on a master server. Unfortunately even the server can suffer damage and sudden blocks that could compromise the RAID and therefore the stored data.

    RAID Problems: Conclusions

    These types of problems listed can cause data loss. If any malfunctions occur, the first thing to do is turn off the system. The more it is used, the more it risks causing further damage.

    You should avoid troubleshooting if you are not an expert, as this could compromise the configuration and cause permanent loss of files. Your best bet is to contact a data recovery company like, which specializes in restoring files from RAID systems and beyond.

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