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    8 ways to create your wedding website for free

      8 ways to create your wedding website for free Marriage is a beautiful thing, an unforgettable and wonderful moment, but the preparation of which can be very tiring and expensive.
      To get things right, it's really helpful to have a wedding site, which contains a countdown to the date and has a message section so you can celebrate your wedding online with friends. The site must also provide all the information on where the reception is held and regarding the wedding list. After the wedding, then, you can use the site to share a photo album with friends, without bothering Facebook or other social networks and keeping the memory forever.

      A wedding website can be made for free thanks to some semi-automatic online services where you just have to choose the graphic scheme, the template, the photos and the text to be published. So without spending any more money or, in any case, with a minimum expense (if you want something more), let's see how to create a wedding website that it is beautiful, useful and easy to make even for those with no experience.

      First of all let's say that a wedding site should consist of the following pages:
      - Presentazione of the spouses and eventual history of the meeting and engagement.
      - Place and date of the wedding e map to get to the wedding party and the church.
      - Wedding list, where to buy or Iban code for the transfer
      - Guest book to leave your friends a space in which to write greetings messages and also to publish photos.

      To create the wedding site you can use the following online services that are very easy to use, free in full or with limitations, although almost all, unfortunately, in English.

      1) TheKnot is one of the most popular free services for creating custom wedding websites.
      There are over 100 templates to choose from, styles suitable for weddings and for each site there is also a mobile version that works great with the iPhone.
      Visitors to the site can also upload and share photos from the wedding or other pre- and post-wedding events.

      2) is a site with the possibility of a free account that allows you to create a very romantic website, with images, photos and, by paying, even with an unlimited domain. The selection of graphic models is very large and ranges from vintage to modern.

      3) With Joy is a great platform to create your wedding website, offering all the tools and free hosting. This application allows you to easily create a stunning wedding website by adding pages with wedding details, questions, photos, guest list, stories, wedding list, reception directions and whatever else you want.

      4) Weebly or other platforms create free websites in an easy way, generalist, with which you can also create a site for the wedding.

      5) WeddingWindow gives the possibility to create a free site without too many limitations in customization and options. For a fee you can also translate pages into other languages, add widgets for the weather in real time. Among the many options and functions of the site you can also upload two photos of the spouses to be transformed into a digital puzzle as a game for those who visit the site.

      6) eWedding offers couples four options to create the ideal wedding site. In addition to the custom domain name, couples can also set up a custom email address to receive greetings and requests from guests.

      7) Getting Married is a web application to create the wedding site for free. The site has the pages of the RSVP, the wedding list, the map to get to the party and much more.

      8) Wordpress, Blogger e Tumblr are very popular platforms to create a free blog. Since a blog is nothing more than a website with comments, it is also perfect for posting photos and all the information about the wedding, also receiving wishes and requests from guests or just curious.

      8 ways to create your wedding website for free

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