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    Best apps and sites to download free ringtones

    The telephone is a personal tool, which in many cases closely reflects our personality and our tastes. Precisely for this reason, since the first cell phones with color screen and polyphonic ringtones, everyone has customized the phone to make it one of a kind. With the advent of the smartphone, this tendency to personalize has not diminished: today we can customize the phone ringtone and notification sounds in the way you prefer, for free and without difficulty.
    In this guide we will show you the best apps and sites to download free ringtones on our smartphone, so as to make it perfect for our personality.
    Since there are so many sites and apps that offer ringtones, wallpapers and themes, we will try to show you only the safest and most reliable services to download material, so as to be sure not to catch any viruses and any infections while trying to download some wallpaper or some ringtone.

    Sites and apps to download ringtones

    Do we want to download something for our latest generation smartphone? We can choose one of the following sites, all excellent for downloading ringtones, they also offer apps for smartphones, so you can choose the material directly from the phone without necessarily having to go to the PC.


    ZEDGE is a huge and very popular portal, where various users share multimedia contents for mobile phones. In addition to the site, we can also use specific apps for Android and iPhone.

    All ringtones can be downloaded from PC or phone without any registration and directly. Advanced search menus show how to download Themes, wallpapers, videos, games and ringtones or ringtones or SMS by writing the keywords on the bar available.
    Among the "Tools" there are also several web applications to create ringtones, to hear a voice speaking writing what words it has to say (Text-to-speech), to create wallpapers depending on your phone model even using your own photos.


    Mobile9 is made up of a community of users who share everything you can have on a mobile phone or iPhone. In this site there is everything, ringtones, games, videos, images, wallpapers, themes and everything is searchable by putting the model of your mobile phone.

    The site can be used on a PC by pressing the button Browse now and inserting the smartphone model we own, inserting the manufacturer followed by the precise model (watch out for Samsung that have several models with several different abbreviations).


    MyTinyPhone contains lots of ringtones in its database and all of them can be downloaded for free directly to your phone or PC.

    To search for the new ringtone for our smartphone we can use the search bar at the top or one of the categories on the left side of the site.
    Among the tools offered by the site we can find a handy web application called Ringtone Maker, which allows you to upload music in MP3 format no larger than 8 MB and turn it into a suitable ringtone for our phone.


    Tones7 is a valid site for downloading free ringtones, organized in musical genres.

    Its database is very large and really offers plenty of choice, being able to immediately download the most famous ringtones directly from the homepage or using one of the genres highlighted on the right side of the site, so you can change the ringtone for each contact or for each scenario. in which we use our smartphone.


    Audiko is another great site where you can find free ringtones for our phone.

    We can download the most popular ringtones directly from the homepage or press one of the genre buttons at the top of the site.
    Alternatively we can also use the upper search bar or create our personal ringtone by pressing the Create Ringtone button and loading our personal MP3 file.
    For Audiko we can also use the app for Android and iOS (in the latter case the app is for a fee).

    If we look for other sites where you can download the ringtones, we can view those in the list below:
    • CellBeat has the funniest ringtones featuring Drum, Bass, Gospel, Hip Hop, Soul music and even a political category.
    • NotificationSounds is a site with a collection of original free ringtones. All ringtones here come from digital and analog synthesizer sounds.
    • iRingPro there are beautiful original ringtones and written by professional musicians, to download for any Android smartphone, iPhone. The music is divided into categories, there are not many as for Zedge, the number one, but it is always a resource to be taken into consideration.
    • Melofania allows you to download ringtones extracted from the most popular songs of the moment or of the past, with a direct and free download.
    • MobileToones is another mobile phone social network, where we can download MP3 files, polyphonic ringtones and other types of sounds suitable for any type of phone.

    Other apps to download free ringtones

    Are the sites that we have shown you above not enough to satisfy your craving for trendy ringtones or suitable for our needs? On this page we have collected other useful apps to download useful material to personalize our mobile phone. The best apps to download ringtones on android, in addition to those already indicated above, are:
    • Free Ringtones
    • Free ringtones and songs
    • Stamps
    • Mstudio
    • Free ringtones 2020
    If, on the other hand, we look for the iPhone app to download free ringtones, below we have collected the best:
    • Ringtones for iPhone!
    • Funny Ringtones
    • All Ringtones Free
    • Ringtone Designer 2.0
    • Ringtone maker
    Obviously on the iPhone, being the most closed system, there are not many apps to be able to download the material that interests us; in these cases we recommend creating ringtones starting from the MP3 songs downloaded and already in our possession and reading our guide on how create ringtones from mp3 files for iPhone and Android.


    Downloading ringtones suitable for our purposes and our phones in complete safety, avoiding sites full of viruses or dubious content, is easy: just choose the sources indicated above, so you can download any type of ringtone from your PC or directly from your smartphone without problems.
    In another guide we have collected the sites of famous and famous phrases of in your languagen or foreign films, to download and use as ringing tones for your mobile phone.
    Alternatively, we recommend that you read the resources available on our articles at Top 10 Free Ringtones Like Classic Loud Phone Ringing e How to create ringing tone melodies online or with programs such as Audacity and Nero Wave Editor.

    We don't know how to set the new ringtone on Android or iPhone? In this case we recommend that you read our guides on how Put a song as a ringtone on iPhone e Ringtones for Android: app to create them and guide to set them.

    Best apps and sites to download free ringtones

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