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    Best Excel templates to download for free to manage expenses, finances and much more

    Microsoft Excel is the tabbed spreadsheet program used by millions of people around the world.
    Excel is probably one of the most successful software of all time and not only in reference to Microsoft products.
    This powerful and versatile calculator, easy to use for simple operations, is used at all levels, both for making family or personal accounts, for creating lists, and also for planning more advanced operations in the business environment.

    Learning to use Excel in a fluid way is important and fundamental to enter the world of work at any level and in any area because it allows you to perform typical accounting and finance operations, of resource management and organization, without having to spend money on management programs that are often much more complex.
    At the same time, however, using Excel from scratch can be a useless effort, given that in many cases there are templates and spreadsheets ready to be used and adapted to any work situation and personal need.
    Before setting yourself up on an empty Excel table, it is always a good idea to first check if something similar to the type of spreadsheet you are about to create has already been done.

    With free Excel templates, it's possible transform spreadsheets into simple and flexible business or professional management tools such as, for example, invoice templates, attendance sheets, book and CD archives, calculations for installments, financial sheets, family budget and so on.
    So let's see where to find the best templates and templates for Excel to download for free that provide a organizational support not only in the office but also in the home and daily environment. Most of the sites listed here provide free templates for not only Microsoft Excel (2007 onwards), but also for OpenOffice, LibreOffice Calc and Google Sheets.
    Speaking of LibreOffice Calc, spreadsheet templates download as file OTS.

    1) The first place to look for Excel templates is the program itself, with the computer connected to the internet. For browse Microsoft Templates you can go to the dedicated website or press the Office button at the top left, directly on Excel, click on New and choose one of the templates in in your languagen.
    As you can see all the models are collected in different categories among which there are: the invoices, estimates or budgets, expense notes, inventories, lists, billing reports, receipts, and so on.
    To use these templates you have to download them (absolutely free) by pressing the Download button at the bottom right and install them. By clicking on Other templates, a whole new world opens up, which includes already prepared and intended spreadsheets especially for commercial purposes but also for home use. For example, there are several Excel templates to do the calculation of expenses and cost analysis.
    There are schemes to draft the balance and the balance sheet, to manage purchase orders with VAT, tools for general accounting and worksheets forfinancial analysis.
    On the other side you can find scoreboards for organizing tournaments, diaries, badges, address books and so on.

    On Microsoft Office Templates site you can browse even more templates for different types of lists and spreadsheets, even with macros and automatisms.
    In this moment, all the resources for the school are in evidence.
    Same page in in your languagen of the Microsoft site offers other types of templates, already translated.

    2) The site in English Vertex42 dedicated to everything related to Excel allows you to download financial and expense models or budgets and financial calculators. Vertex42 la best unofficial source to find Excel templates already made, free to use and without macros. You can also find templates compatible with the OpenOffice / LibreOFice spreadsheet and also for Google Sheets There are all kinds of business sheets such as charts, Gantt charts, timesheets, time calculations on projects, budgets , invoices, amortization schedules, calendars and business and financial analysis templates.
    In reference to this site, we can point out these Excel templates of great value:

    • Personal monthly budget spreadsheet to check your personal financial situation by comparing your budget with expenses.
    • Family Budget Planning to plan household expenses and count the costs of groceries, school fees, mortgage or car payments, utilities and much more. You can then plan the spending budget for the coming year, making a forecast of earnings including possible changes in income and the occurrence of unexpected expenses.
    • Money Tracker is a free Excel template for personal use, to keep a register of the money spent, among the best ever, also because it can be easily used even in the smartphone version.
    • Saving Goal Tracker is an Excel sheet to check the progress of savings and personal financial goals, in order to contain expenses.
    • Travel budget, ideal for keeping track of the expenses of every business trip or vacation.
    • The money movement template to understand where money comes from, where it goes and to whom it should go in the future.
    • Monthly calendar

    For companies, as examples of Excel templates to download for free, we have:

    • CRM Template
    • Gantt chart
    • Salary calculator

    3) Even if in English, if you work with Excel, you cannot miss the site, written by what is perhaps the most knowledgeable Excel blog in the world.
    Reading the various articles on the blog you will notice how it is possible to consult guides that lead to creation of charts and excellent tools to amaze colleagues and bosses.

    4) Spreadsheet123 is another great Excel template site, with lots of templates to download for Excel, Google Sheets, and LibreOffice. On this site we can find several Excel templates to use for:

    • Budget
    • Invoices
    • Wages and salaries
    • Inventory models
    • Templates for planning activities
    • List and Checklist
    • Spreadsheets to print
    • Budget models
    • Excel project management templates
    • Financial calculators

    5) Another site to look at to download Excel templates is Excel Templater, with different types of invoice sheets, budget expenses, customer and product management etc. .

    6) MrExcel is a site similar to Chandoo, with thousands of tutorials and learning videos.

    7) The in your languagen site Webrete has a nice collection of models already translated into in your languagen, just to download and use freely.

    8) is the best site with free invoice templates to download.

    9) To lighten the discussion a little, let's also see that with Excel you can design logic games and puzzles. This collection of number-based games are ideal for taking breaks at the office and during downtime.
    I Hidden games in Excel are quite classic different video games such as, for example, Pong, Battleship, Tetris, Bubbles and a variety of card games.
    They are all xls files for download, compatible with all versions of Microsoft Excel.

    - Word or Excel calendar templates
    - How to create an invoice template with Excel

    Best Excel templates to download for free to manage expenses, finances and much more

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