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    Best free Anti-keylogger against malware that spies on your computer

    Who is looking for a program anti keylogger free can download and install SpyShelter Personal Free, an advanced and very powerful software designed to improve the security level of the Windows PC. An Anti keylogger is like one of the anti-malware programs with continuous protection that I had already talked about, only that it specializes above all on the control of the most dangerous, the so-called Keyloggers, i.e. those invisible malware that they record what you do on your computer and send it (via the internet) to someone.
    This someone will be able to receive email addresses, logins and passwords used on websites such as Facebook and also on banking or other sites.

    When should you use an anti keylogger program?

    In general, there is no need for specific protection against keyloggers on the home computer for two reasons: on the one hand, the antivirus protects against infections and should warn if by chance a hidden keylog is found; on the other hand, because at home there are no strangers who can use the computer and install recording programs and keyloggers (unless the husband wants to spy on his wife or vice versa).
    An anti keylogger can be a useful protection, to be added to the antivirus, if you use a laptop in different places, perhaps as a consultant or at the university and so on, places where a stranger or a hacker could, via the network or directly, install a keylogger.
    I would also like to remind you that it is not so difficult to find keyloggers to install on a friend's or girlfriend's computer, just for example read the article: Spying on a PC with a Keylogger to record the keys pressed on the computer
    Since the question of the best Anti keylogger program in free and free version, let's see some of the more powerful, free protection tools against these particular malwares.

    How to Protect Your Computer from Keyloggers

    Keyloggers are one of the most known and feared security threats in computers today. They are feared because they are generally difficult to detect, and because the damage they do is often bound to spread by infecting other computers like a real virus.
    The Keylogger is nothing but a hidden program that records every key pressed on the keyboard, then transmitting what has been recorded to someone who will be able to know what has been written on the computer. A virus can cause a computer to crash, ruin its hard drive or damage some files but a keylogger is used to steal personal information, such as a password or credit card number. There are many ways to protect yourself against keyloggers and make sure you don't become a victim of identity theft or any other minor problem. While no defense is perfect, these steps will surely be a deterrent to any attempt to pass a Keylogger.

    1) Use a firewall
    A keylogger must pass the recorded information to third parties in order for it to do harm. Unless you install a keylogger on your home PC to spy on a family member, sending information can only happen over the Internet. A firewall is used to block or authorize the internet access of each individual program. Having a firewall installed is a great one defense against keyloggers because if the latter has to transmit, he will have to ask for the user's permission which, therefore, will be denied.
    Some firewall software, such as ZoneAlarm, give you the ability to shut down all incoming and outgoing data completely.
    Read the related article to see which firewall programs can be installed for free.
    Using a firewall can be difficult for an inexperienced user and does not guarantee total protection. However, I believe that, even if configured automatically, a firewall must always be on the PC, especially if you are using a system other than Windows 7 which instead has a good integrated firewall.

    2) Install a password manager
    Keyloggers work well because they are simple. They only record keystrokes and transmit them unnoticed. The information transmitted takes up very little network bandwidth and the recording phase has no impact on the performance of the computer. Most users infected with a keylogger will never know if their computer is being spied on from the outside. The weakness of keylogger virus however is the fact that it cannot record what is not typed. This leads us to say that, to be more secure, you can do the automatic compilation of forms and passwords. All major web browsers have this feature and ask you to store your password information the first time it comes. Browsers like Chrome and Opera have login and password protection behind master passwords.
    In this article an explanation of how it works LastPass the best free password manager.

    3) Keep your system, programs and antivirus up to date
    Preventive defense is always the best and most effective. Keyloggers, like most modern malware, are capable of exploiting vulnerabilities in programs and systems. Generally speaking, the Keyloggers should be caught by antivirus (even if it is not said). In theory, a malicious website could use code (an exploit) to install a keylogger on your PC (see how to block dangerous sites). Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X regularly receive security patches to block these critical exploits.

    4) Change your password frequently
    For most users, the above measures will provide enough protection to ward off data and information theft from keyloggers, but there always seems to be people who have stolen passwords even if they did everything right.
    as written in the article on things to do if an Email account is used by others or compromised, changing your password frequently and using different passwords for the most important online services can be a good deterrent.

    5) Alternatively, it can be used to defend against Keyloggers an antikeylogger.

    AntiKeyLogger programs

    1) SpyShelter It was designed for detect and block hidden malicious programs: spyware, keyloggers and trojans whose purpose is mainly to steal personal information stored on your computer. What I like is that the program is very lightweight and works as a memory resident application, with continuous and real time protection, keeping your computer safe from these dangerous threats all the time.
    It has a very important advantage over other similar applications: the ability to always locate the latest spyware, keyloggers and malware.
    SpyShelter does not rely on a static signature database that is updated periodically, as is the case with most anti-virus and security software, but uses its internal algorithms to detect and block any strange or unexpected activity on the computer. before there is a chance of being attacked.
    The protection is aimed against Clipboardloggers those malware that try to read the contents of the Windows clipboard (where the "copy and paste" and also the "screen capture" are stored) and keyloggers those who try to record the keys pressed on the keyboard . The program is fully configurable, allows you to create lists of allowed elements and black lists, and to decide the level of protection from medium to high.
    SpyShelter is only free for 32-bit computers, in its free version. The paid version also supports 64-bit PCs, protects against WebCamLoggers (rare programs that shoot from the webcam and transmit to the outside) and SoundRecorders (which record computer sounds).
    SpyShelter also protects your computer against financial malware (those that try to steal credit card data) and, more importantly, it warns you if there are new hacker codes running, which even the antivirus does not detect. An anti keylogger like this can be installed and kept active on your computer alternative to another antimalware also because SpyShelter is light and not bulky. I could say, to conclude, that with this protection tool installed on the pc, perhaps the best of its kind (if we are talking about free versions), there will be no risk that passwords used on the internet, chat conversations, credit card numbers and other data could end up in foreign hands.

    2) The best alternative, absolutely up to it, it is Zemana Antilogger which can be downloaded in a free version, with real-time protection on every computer program against keyloggers and automatic updates (even if you no longer find it on the Zemana website, you can still download it for free). Zemana Antilogger is easy to use, light and after installing it the protection is activated immediately, leaving it in the background without worrying about it. It protects all applications on Windows, not just browsers so you can safely use the keyboard by writing to programs such as Word or others.

    3) KL-Detector is a portable freeware program that finds keyloggers or monitoring software installed on Windows computer. This is a tool that finds keyloggers but does not automatically remove them, it is up to the user to delete them. KL-Detector works by scanning the disk to look for log files created during monitors. Most keyloggers save the recorded data to a location on the hard disk so KL-Detector will find this information. For best results, you will have to stop running other programs including antivirus, files and folders.

    4) Keyscrambler is one of the most powerful and most famous antikeylogger programs, which can be downloaded for free in its limited version.

    5) Ghostpress offers real time protection against any spy program and is very effective and free.


    As another security alternative, the virtual on-screen keyboard, typing the login and password names by clicking with the mouse, without typing anything. In fact, an on-screen keyboard is the best antikeylogger, as written in the guide on how to protect online bank accounts.

    More tips can be found in the post on how to find out if your pc is used by others.

    Best free Anti-keylogger against malware that spies on your computer

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