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    Bosch Tassimo Suny test: the hot and varied drink machine

    Right in the middle of Bosch's range of Tassimo pod machines, this Suny with the pleasant sunny name is above all promised as fast and equipped with a "smart" start function. Obviously, it uses Tassimo's distinctive T-Discs system, with pods provided with barcodes.


    Unsurprisingly, the Suny retains the "trademark" of Tassimo: a system of barcodes inscribed on the T-Discs pods, which inform the machine of the quantity of water necessary to prepare the drink in the best conditions. The Tassimo is indeed a multi-drink machine, which allows you to prepare not only coffee, but also tea, milk drinks, chocolate... With this model with a sweet summer name, the manufacturer is betting on a new design and function. Smart Start for a quick and clever start: the machine starts up when you press the cup to the bottom of the cup rest. Among the advantages highlighted, there is also low energy consumption. Launched at 99 €, it is in the middle of the Tassimo range, knowing that the Joy gains a large tank and the possibility of choosing the size of the drinks; the Charmy has an intensity selector and a water filtration system. So, will this Suny be able to brighten up breakfasts?

    Ease of use

    Certainly less compact than some machines already tested, such as Nespresso Inissia or Senseo Up, the Suny remains a compact model, which finds its place easily in a kitchen – it measures only 17 cm wide. To promote integration in all kitchens, Bosch offers this machine in various colors (red, black, blue and white).

    Too bad, we can regret that the shell is all plastic, with an average perceived quality; even on the chrome-looking part of the cover. However, there is no impression of fragility, especially when handling the lid under which the T-Discs are installed or when handling the cup rest. We are not afraid that these coins will remain in our hand.

    The cup rest moves to adjust in height and adapt to the size of the cup, which is nice because it prevents splashing. Two levels are available, for mugs or small cups.

    The tank is located at the rear of the machine, which should be taken into consideration if you want to install it in a niche. It is a flat tank of 0,8 l, a comfortable capacity since it allows you to chain not far from about fifteen espressos. Equipped with a small handle, this tank is removed and inserted by pulling it upwards, which allows it to be kept in a straight position; it's more practical than on the Vivy where it had to be tilted.

    As we noticed with the Vivy, not only is it easy to use, but Tassimo also provides a very clear illustrated quick start guide.

    The T-Disc system is comfortable. It automates beverage preparation by automatically adjusting the amount of water needed. Due to the operation of T-Discs, the Suny does not provide the possibility of customizing the size of a drink (different each time). On the other hand, it is possible to manually lengthen a drink if desired. To do this, at the end of preparation, simply press the Smart Start button – which carries the indicator lights – and release it when the quantity is appropriate.

    On the side of the machine, three indicator lights inform the user about the preparation of the drink when it is in progress, the need to fill the tank and a last one indicates that the machine must be descaled. The latter is really useful because maintenance has effects on the performance and longevity of a machine.

    Please note, for Nespresso regulars, for example, there is no used pod reservoir. Each T-Disc should be removed and discarded after use. 

    The key word that governs the design of Tassimo machines is automation. Everything is done so that the user has nothing to do: the barcode system on the T-Discs and the preparation at the press of a single button. This is also the direction of the Smart Start system. It consists of an immediate start of the machine when you press the right part - where the lights are - or simply by pressing the cup to the bottom of the cup rest. If the Suny is on standby and if a T-Disc is inserted, the preparation of the drink is launched instantly, without waiting. To take advantage of this function, the machine must not be completely switched off.

    We note that the behavior of the Suny at the end of the tank is exemplary. The reservoir has a small float to indicate to the user the minimum level of water required to prepare a drink. If it is not available, the indicator lights up on the front and preparation is impossible, which avoids wasting capsules.

    We do not have much to reproach this Suny which goes to the end of the concept of automation. Perhaps couples who are a bit rushed in the morning will regret that it only prepares one cup at a time, unlike Senseo machines.

    Easy maintenance

    Ease of maintenance is also one of the strengths of the Suny. As we mentioned, an indicator lights up when it's time to descale the machine. All you have to do is fill the tank, add dedicated product and install the yellow "service" disc stored on the left wall of the machine instead of the T-Disc. Easy and smart.

    For the rest, cleaning is very easy: the cup rest is removable and removable, as is the T-Discs holder which can be removed to be washed.

    We particularly appreciate the automatic cleaning of the spout with steam after each drink preparation, hygienic. If most automatic machines with grinder offer it, it is rare on pod machines.


    Tassimo promises that the Suny works without preheating. In reality, there is indeed a preheating but which the user does not have to worry about since he inserts the T-Disc and launches the preparation. The Suny then continues the preheating and then the extraction.

    On the other hand, we concede Bosch the great preheating speed - only 20 s, which makes it one of the fastest in our comparison, after the Starbucks Verismo (14 sec) and the Malongo Ek'Oh (15 s).

    As for the extraction time, it depends on the drink chosen and therefore on the information provided to the machine by the T-Disc. In the case of a classic espresso, it is only 23 s. If you want to continue with the preparation of a second drink, you should know that the machine will take a few seconds to rinse the nozzle and then it will restart a preheating before the extraction - which is not the case on the Senseo for example, capable of extracting a second cup directly without going through the preheating box.

    Power Consumption

    As promised, power consumption is moderate. Completely off, the Suny displays zero consumption. In standby, it is less than 1 W (0,3 W) – but it will have to be left in this position to take advantage of Smart Start. As for preheating, with a peak at 1350 W, consumption is contained.


    We appreciate the discretion of the Suny. We noted barely 50 dB with a slight click during warm-up and a very rapid peak at 55 dB when starting the extraction, mainly due to the vibration of the machine on the table. It is generally quiet, which we appreciated.

    Availability of capsules

    The wide variety of drinks that can be prepared is one of Tassimo's strengths. More than a coffee machine, the Tassimo is a multi-drink machine. If the coffee it prepares is less appealing than that of other machines on the market, it offers an interesting versatility for families or those who like to vary.

    Tassimo does not offer compatible pods marketed by major retail brands. On the other hand, T-Discs are quite easily found in supermarkets or on the Internet.

    Readers' taste

    We have chosen not to rate the taste of the coffee ourselves, as this is subjective. You, readers, have the opportunity to vote to rate the coffees you have had the opportunity to taste, at home, with friends, on vacation... 

    In the case of drinks made with the Tassimo machine, coffee is not very popular with our readers since 47% do not comment on its taste. Of those who have tasted it, the majority (18,5%) give it a 3-star rating.


    • Compact machine.

    • Very easy and automated maintenance.

    • Very easy to use.

    • Wide variety of drinks.

    • Cleaning the spout with steam after each preparation.

    • Speed ​​of preparation.

    • Silent.

    Weak points

    • All-plastic shell with average perceived quality.

    • Standby position required to take advantage of Smart Start (low consumption).


    Note globale

    Yes, the Tassimo Suny will prove capable of brightening up the day for lovers of a variety of hot drinks. It offers good quality versatility, is very easy to use, silent and offers great ease of maintenance. There's not much to fault it as a multidrink machine. On the other hand, the coffee it prepares is not the most popular, we advise espresso lovers to turn to a more specific machine, such as a Nespresso or Malongo model, for example.

    Sub Notes
    • Ease of use
    • Easy maintenance
    • Fast
    • Power Consumption
    • Noise
    • Availability of capsules
    • Readers' taste
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