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    Canal+ returns with two new channels and an overhaul of its subscription plans

    Canal+ returns with two new channels and an overhaul of its subscription plansComment (4)

    Canal+ presented its program for the start of the 2021 school year. The group is planning a myriad of new content, a huge emphasis on the Champions League and motor sports, two new channels and five redesigned subscription formulas.

    Canal+ had pulled out all the stops for its 2021 return. From left to right, Hervé Mathoux, Laure Boulleau, Éric Abidal and Gérald-Brice Viret. © Bastien Lion

    Yesterday morning, Canal+ had its back-to-school high mass in the presence of many well-known, more or less historic heads of the encrypted channel. As usual, the leaders of the latter have shown themselves to be more than confident in the future, hammering again and again the same leitmotif, "everything is fine", and slipping under the carpet the slightest question that is a little problematic.

    Needless to say, the numbers are looking good. The Canal+ brand is selling better and better abroad. The group has 22 million subscribers worldwide, and is aiming for 30 million by 2025. To do this, it has planned to inject 3,2 billion euros into content, whether cultural or sports. And precisely, it is so much to go around the announcements for this start of the 2021 school year.

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    Net life

    In 2020, Canal+ finally increased its number of subscribers

    After several years of plummeting, the number of Canal+ subscribers experienced a slight boost in 2020, in Spain and internationally.

    10 months ago

    Dolan, Delpy, Cohen, Gardin

    Despite its fears about the reform of the media chronology (still under discussion), despite its threats to switch to the "streaming platform" format, and therefore to reduce the funds invested in Spanish production, Canal+, by the voice of its big boss Maxime Saada, affirmed its ambition to "remain the leading funder of Spanish cinema".

    On its antennas, this will result in particular in the broadcast during this new season of about fifteen original productions, most of which rely on big names. Julie Delpy for her series On the Verge, Blanche Gardin with The Best Version of Myself, a series by Xavier Dolan, The Night Logan Woke Up, seasons 2 of Validé and La Flamme…

    13 CANAL+ creations to discover this season? Are you ready?

    – CANAL+ (@canalplus) August 31, 2021

    The encrypted channel will also continue its acquisition strategy, with the upcoming arrival of new seasons of Gomorrah, This Is Us, Your Honor, Billions, or the highly anticipated Impeachment by Ryan Murphy, third season of American Crime Story on the Clinton/Lewinsky affair. The live show will also take up more and more space, with in particular a concert by Kad Merad (!) or the only ones on stage by Marina Rollman, Roman Frayssinet, Gad Elmaleh or Camille Lellouche.

    Back to school on CANAL + will also be more than 30 foreign series for 2021/2022, and we can't wait?

    – CANAL+ (@canalplus) September 1, 2021

    A new offer dedicated to the Champions League

    But it is above all on sport that Maxime Saada's teams have particularly emphasized. Curious, one might say, when Canal+ is in the midst of a dispute with the Professional Football League (LFP) and refused until the last minute to broadcast Ligue 1 matches sub-licensed to beIN Sports. But what does it matter, for Gérald-Brice Viret, the director of the antennas of the group, it is about "the most beautiful comeback of [their] history in sport".

    This assertion is based in particular on three pillars. The first is football. In addition to its two Ligue 1 matches, the English Premier League and the women's D1, Canal+ has won the broadcast of the Champions League, which it shares with its partner beIN Sports (as well as RMC Sport, with which an agreement has been made for two matches per day). To celebrate this acquisition, a new offer is appearing. It combines the basic Canal+ offer (see below) with the Qatari package, for €25,99 per month the first year, then €35,99. In addition, MyCanal will be equipped, during European Cup days, with the Champion's League Stadium interface, which will allow you to navigate between the 8 matches of each evening (and therefore to switch from one channel to another) from a single screen.

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    The second historic pillar of the channel is rugby. The rights to the Top 14 and Pro D2 have thus been secured until 2027. Finally comes Canal+'s main hobbyhorse in recent years: motor sports. Formula 1 will be on the group's airwaves until 2024, Moto GP until 2029 and rallying until 2030. Add to that golf tournaments, including the Ryder Cup, boxing, and even a new kid, padel, a kind of mixture of tennis and squash, whose encrypted channel has bought the rights to world competitions for the next five years.

    Goodbye Family, hello Kids and Docs

    Other new features in the Canal+ offer are the arrival on September 9 of two channels in the bouquet, Canal+ Docs and Canal+ Kids. The first will add 150 new and exclusive documentaries to the group's catalog (which already included 2000 films of the genre accessible via MyCanal). There are some great shots like Robin's Wish, a portrait of the late Robin Williams, Tina, which looks back on the career of Tina Turner, or the successful HBO documentary The Bee Gees: How Can You Mend a Broken Heart. during its broadcast across the Atlantic. Canal+ also seems to have been inspired by the very fashionable genre of documentaries centered on various facts or on social subjects such as the mafia or drug trafficking, which are particularly popular on Netflix.

    Canal+ Kids, meanwhile, takes the place of Canal+ Family, whose editorial line was not always well defined, to focus on 4-12 year olds. On the program, cartoons of course, but also live action fiction, documentaries, and even dedicated programs like Canal Sports Kids. 5000 contents should be available from September 9th.


    Event in the history of CANAL+

    Creation of two new channels:



    — CANAL+ Group (@canalplusgroupe) August 31, 2021

    New complex but simpler offers

    To support this greatly enriched catalog, Canal+ has finally decided to modify its offers. As usual, the idea was to simplify everything, but subscribing should remain a complex maze for some time to come. In addition to the Champions League offer mentioned above, four new formulas will see the light of day:

    • The Canal+ pack will include the encrypted channel, Canal+ Séries, Canal+ Docs, Canal+ Kids and Canal+ Décalé (which becomes Canal+ Sport week-end from Friday to Sunday) for €20,99/month the first year, then €24,99 with commitment of two years with 2 simultaneous streams.
    • The Canal+ Ciné Séries pack will include the encrypted channel, Canal+ Cinéma, Ciné+, Disney+, Netflix, OCS and Starzplay for €34,99/month the first year, then €40,99 with a two-year commitment with 2 simultaneous streams.
    • The Canal+ Sport pack will include the encrypted channel, Canal+ Sport, beIN Sports, Eurosport for €34,99/month the first year, then €45,99 with a two-year commitment with 2 simultaneous streams.
    • The Friends & Family pack will include all the channels and services offered in the other three packs for €64,99/month the first year, then €79,99 with a two-year commitment and 4 simultaneous streams.

    The first three offers will also be offered at -50% without commitment for those under 26 years old.


    On September 9 @canalplus will launch its new offer
    ➡️+ simple
    ➡️+ complete

    ➡️-50% for under 26s

    ?CANAL+Friends & Family with 4 concurrent users included

    — CANAL+ Group (@canalplusgroupe) August 31, 2021

    Prime Video and Apple TV+ on MyCanal, one day?

    Canal+ should therefore remain the best way to accumulate subscriptions at a lower cost, provided of course that the subscription is pooled. Remember also that, as was already the case before, subscribers with a commitment can benefit from an additional stream via their Canal+ decoder or their Internet box, and that it is possible to add one or two streams for 5 or €10.

    This system could well be all the more interesting as Canal+ is still seeking to strengthen its distribution offer and has told us that it has planned announcements on this subject in the weeks to come. Now that RMC Sport has been more or less excluded from the biggest European football competitions, there are mainly two services that are eagerly awaited by subscribers, Apple TV+ and Amazon Prime Video. But between the claimed independence of the apple brand, and the recent increase in value of the e-commerce giant's platform with the acquisition of the rights to Ligue 1, not sure that the encrypted channel is ready to put your hand too deep in your wallet. To be continued.

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