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    Cheap SOSH plan: best mobile offer January 2022

    Cheap SOSH plan: best mobile offer January 2022

    Competition is fierce in the mobile phone market. It must be said that at present, there is no shortage of mobile operators and internet service providers. This does not make it easy for those who wish to change plans. If you are one of those people who are looking for a no-commitment mobile plan at an affordable price with a good network, we suggest you turn to the good plans and offers from Sosh.

    Sosh: the brand that targets young people and technophiles

    Sosh is a name that has come up often in the mobile phone market for a few years. This brand, launched in 2011 by Orange, was created to compete with operators such as B&You, Free Mobile and RED by SFR. She particularly stood out thanks to the advertising campaign "I went to Sosh" which now sticks to her skin and which quickly brought her out of the shadows.

    Sosh is a brand that is mainly aimed at young people and technophiles who are constantly connected. This is in particular the reason why it offers mobile plans without commitment and well supplied with data. We can say that his strategy worked, because since its inception, the number of Sosh subscribers has been growing every year. Currently, the Orange subsidiary claims nearly 4 million subscribers.

    One of the particularities of Sosh lies in the dematerialization of the customer relationship. This supplier does not have a physical store. The purchase of packages and customer service are only done online, via chat.

    What about Sosh mobile plans?

    Sosh has managed to pull out of the game thanks to the mobile plans it offers. All its offers are non-binding, can be adapted to your needs and are suitable for all budgets. It is important to highlight the fact that the Sosh SIM card requires an activation fee which is charged at €10. However, if you choose to acquire a smartphone in addition to your mobile plan, the SIM card will be offered to you. Sosh offers, among other things, devices stamped Apple, Samsung or Huawei.

    Among the many packages offered by Sosh, the €4,99 per month offer is the most talked about. It is aimed at customers who are not constantly on their smartphone and who just need the basic options. Note the fact that this package is available in a blocked or unblocked version. By opting for the blocked plan of Sosh, you do not risk any overrun.

    The other mobile plans offer larger data envelopes. They are therefore aimed at hyperconnected users. They can even personalize their offer and buy additional data. Thus, they will be able to access their social networks and the streaming platforms of their choice at all times.

    Enjoy a discounted internet connection with Sosh

    In case you didn't know, Sosh also offers cheap internet offers. The supplier is known for its offer called Sosh Box. Through this famous box, Sosh offers you a discounted fiber or ADSL internet connection. By opting for this offer, you will receive the Livebox box, renowned for its performance and the stability of its connection.

    Before purchasing a subscription, you will need to test your eligibility. This will let you know if you can claim fiber or ADSL. This test is done online via the official Sosh website.

    With fiber, Sosh promises you very high speed on the Orange network. You will benefit from a speed of up to 300 Mb/s in downloading and sending. It should be noted that the fiber connection is included in the subscription price. As with mobile plans, Sosh's internet offers are also non-binding.

    Discover Sosh's mobile and internet plans

    Mobile plans without commitment

    The no-commitment mobile plan at €4,99 per month has made Sosh famous. It is therefore normal that we start there. This offer offers the same options in its blocked and unblocked version. For this price, you will be entitled to 100 MB of mobile data in Spain and Europe. You can also enjoy 2 hours of calls as well as unlimited SMS and MMS in the same area.

    If these 100 MB are not enough for you, you have the possibility of boosting your mobile data via the internet pass or internet option options. The first solution allows you to buy additional data all at once. To get 2 GB more, you will have to pay 5 €. The 20 GB, meanwhile, have a price of 25 €. For its part, the internet option gives you the possibility of buying 2 GB of data every month for 5 €. If you are a big data consumer, you can also pay for 5 GB more for 10 € per month or 50 GB for 25 €.

    Hyperconnected customers can, for their part, turn to the package at €24,99 per month. They will get a 70 GB mobile data envelope. Calls are unlimited from Spain, Europe as well as to the United States and Canada + landlines in Europe. The unlimited option also extends to SMS and MMS.

    Sosh has two limited edition offerings. The first package that falls into this category is €16,99 per month. For this price, you will gain 110 GB of mobile data from Spain, with a bonus of 15 GB from Europe. Calls, SMS and MMS are unlimited from Spain and Europe.

    The second offer has a price of €13,99 per month. It comes with 60 GB of data from Spain and a bonus 8 GB from Europe. Like the previous package, calls, SMS and MMS are unlimited from Spain and Europe.

    These two limited edition packages are available until May 10, 2021 at 9 a.m.

    Sosh internet offers

    As for the internet offer, the Sosh Fiber Box is available from €19,99 per month for 12 months. Once this period has passed, the subscription will be billed at €29,99 per month with the Livebox rental included. This offer remains non-binding. The Sosh ADSL box is also available from €19,99 per month.

    Apart from the internet connection, you can also enjoy unlimited calls to landlines in mainland Spain, overseas departments and more than 100 international destinations. On the other hand, subscribing to a Sosh Box gives you access to the Orange TV application. You can thus enjoy 72 channels on mobile, tablet, PC or Mac… but not on your television.

    If you want to take advantage of the TV decoder option, you will have to add 5 € more per month. This gives you access to 140 TV channels including more than 70 in HD on your television and on mobile, tablet and PC/Mac.

    Sosh's network and coverage

    Sosh relies on the Orange network. It is known that this mobile operator has the best mobile coverage in mainland Spain. Customers therefore have nothing to worry about when it comes to the provider's signal. Orange 4G is available almost everywhere in France. The 3G and 3G+ networks, meanwhile, cover 98% of Spanish territory. EDGE coverage, for its part, shows a percentage of 99,9%.

    Sosh's tips

    To enjoy the best experience at Sosh, you can also take advantage of its good plans. One thinks in particular of the Sosh sponsorship offer. Thanks to it, you can get up to 6 months of free subscriptions. All you need to do is find a contact who is already a Sosh subscriber. He will have to agree to sponsor you for 1 month. In return, he will receive a free month's subscription. A subscriber can only sponsor a maximum of 6 people over a year.

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