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    Come trovare film gives a scene


    Come trovare film gives a scene

    I start immediately with a chapter dedicated to a "trusted friend" for all searches on the Web, the one that for billions of people is now like an oracle to consult whenever you don't remember something or have a doubt. I'm talking about Google obviously, on the other hand, the most used search engine in the world could only be a valid tool to use to find movies starting from a scene.

    How do you say? Have you already thought about this possibility and tried to Google the scenes of the film that you do not remember the name of but did not find the results you were hoping for? Well, although Google is a very powerful search engine, sometimes it is necessary to resort to some precautions to refine your search of specific content. That's right, there are very specific methods for refine Google searches. To use it, just follow the advice on search operators that I am about to give you.

    A first research technique which can come in handy, especially when your search specifically refers to a description such as that of a scene from a movie, is to use the quotation marks. By typing in quotes, you will tell Google to search for an exact match than including keywords in a different order or range than what you want to find.

    Try comparing search results with or without quotes yourself. For example, by logging into Google and typing scene brings "horror" movies, you will see results, then compare them with the results produced by the search for scene "brings" horror movies. They are different, right? The reason these differ is because the text in quotes is treated by Google as a request to search for the exact match.

    Always use quotes only for keywords you want to be in the results, so I don't recommend quoting all of your search. In fact, the risk would be that of obtaining fewer results (or less relevant results) than not using them. Another advantage of quotation marks is the ability to search directly citations of the films, it is enough to put the quote in quotation marks, exactly like this "Because when the going gets tough, the tough get to play". Feel free to test, if you don't know this phrase, to find out which famous film it dates back to.

    Come trovare film gives a scene

    I have two other suggestions for you regarding the refinement of the Google search: the first is the use of the operator OR, which allows you to combine two searches by relating them to each other. An example of the use of OR is to search for two scenes from the same movie to get more precise results. Use OR between two keywords, for example like this: OR scene shot guitar split.

    Another operator to consider is @, essential when you want to express the search preference of the content on social networks. This method can be useful when you want to consult social discussions to get relevant results.

    To use this operator simply write the symbol @ followed by the social network in which to search, for example @Twitter. Following a similar criterion, you could use the search operator # to direct your search to hashtags. If you have difficulty with special symbols, I suggest you consult my guide on how ASCII code works, where you can find very useful shortcuts to reproduce special characters, even those less common and not present on the keyboard.


    Come trovare film gives a scene

    Impossible not to recommend the huge video database of YouTube as a reference point for searching for famous scenes and quotes in films. It is still one of the most used and content-rich social networks in the world, therefore it is undoubtedly one of the most loyal allies when doing a search on the Web.

    In addition, YouTube follows search criteria almost identical to those of Google, so if you have already read the previous chapter you will be glad to know that the same "tricks" also apply to YouTube. What makes the difference in more precise searches is therefore a wise use of search operators, such as quotation marks or the use of OR.

    The advantage of YouTube over the use of Google lies in the ability to immediately consult the video scenes uploaded by users. Taking as an example a well-known quote from an unmissable action movie, try connecting to YouTube and writing in the search bar up “I'll be back” (remember to include the quotes as well). By doing so, you will immediately discover which famous sci-fi saga it belongs to.

    The search tools made available by YouTube are not limited to the use of operators, however, because the site also includes a tool for filters practical and functional. I'll explain immediately how to use it.

    Starting from the main page of the site, move the cursor to the search bar placed at the top center and insert the quote or the description of the film you want to find, then press the key Submit keyboard. When the search results appear, you may also notice a small logo with levers written next to it filters, and it is by clicking here that you can set your preferences for results.

    Come trovare film gives a scene

    Among the most interesting filters, there is certainly the TYPE, which allows you to choose whether the results should show videos, channels, movies, playlists or programs. Equally useful is also the voice FEATURES, because it allows you to refine your search by following specific technical parameters, such as 4K Location, the presence of Subtitlesvideo Live or made compatible with technology 3D or for viewers. Other filters concern theorder upload date and duration.

    My advice is to indulge yourself with search filters until you have found the type of content that best suits the purpose of your search, you will see that in this way you can deepen it in a short time and be more satisfied with the results!

    What Is My Movie

    Come trovare film gives a scene

    I bet unlike the previous two methods for find movies from a scene, this I'm about to tell you about you haven't used yet. I'm talking about What Is My Movie: a movie search engine created by a company linked to the University of Oulu, with the aim of demonstrating the effectiveness of applying algorithms and rules different from those usually used.

    The aspiration of In the light of (name of the company that created this tool) is to bring the search on the Web towards the use of descriptive methods, then structure a search engine in such a way that it is able to recognize, for example, parts of text contained in a video.

    This means being able to show results that also take into account the semantics of the keywords, and therefore not only a correspondence of the words searched with those of the result, but also their meaning once put together. But let me put the theory aside and explain to you in practice how you can use this search engine.

    Come trovare film gives a scene

    Small premise before going into the explanation concerns the language of the site, that is theEnglish. I don't think, however, you should give up using this interesting tool if you are not very familiar with this language: it will be enough for you to have a translator, such as Google Translate (also available as an app for Android and iOS / iPadOS), to translate from cittàn. English the quotes or scenes you want to search for.

    Once you have a translator (if you need it, of course), the first step is to write the sentence to be translated in the appropriate text box. Then proceed by connecting to What is My Movie and, on the main page of the site, write (or paste) the translated text in the search bar then press the button Submit keyboard. Try looking for a movie based on the story of an "unfortunate accountant", translating this text to get "unfortunate accountant".

    Come trovare film gives a scene

    Very simple, right? I guess you already knew this unmissable classic, but as you can see, the search has also produced other more or less relevant results that you can consult. In other cases, the result is not brought back to the top and for this reason I suggest you always scroll the page a little to find the film by identifying the poster.

    Another possibility to refine the search is given by selecting the search method between General matches (the basic function), Title based matches (based on movie titles) e Traditional search. However, these methods are not fixed but also vary according to the words searched.


    Come trovare film gives a scene

    Tell me, you already knew the portal IMDb? Born as a database of films and TV series managed by a community of cinema-loving users, today it represents one of the most well-stocked databases of information, news and files of films, video games and series.

    Simply by browsing the pages of IMDb you can discover new films, do research on artists, related content, read the latest news on (and from) cinema and take part in the large community of users by exchanging opinions, opinions, or by publishing personal reviews.

    After this premise, you will have already understood why I recommend IMDb to know eat trovare film gives a scene. Do you think that it is even the same site that follows this criterion to draw up periodic rankings on the best films that depict a particular scene that unites them.

    The search possibilities offered by this platform are different, let me illustrate them with practical examples. Start with the most immediate one by connecting to the main page of the site and clicking on search bar white, at the top, to write the name of a movie. Don't worry if you don't know the title of the movie you want to find yet, there are several ways to go back to it, like writing a movie title with something in common with what you're looking for.

    Try searching Pulp Fiction, to instantly see a preview of the content related to the keywords entered. The first result is the profile of the film with all the information, news, cast, photos of the set, interviews, comments and reviews, in addition to the part of the technical news related to the shooting. Immediately below this section, the part with the videos related to the keywords entered is shown in preview, while in the following lines there are the secondary results.

    Already these contents can help you to discover interesting contents, but IMDb also allows you to do much more advanced searches. To take advantage of these possibilities immediately, linked to this page, to access the Advanced title search. From here, you can check many preferences and enter more than one keyword in the various sections, such as Title Type (the type of product you are looking for), Release Date (release date), Genres, Title Groups (macro categories, for example relating to prizes and nominations) e Countries (the nationality of the product). There are also other interesting options, such as inserting specifications Keywords, language and even the ability to describe the plot in the box plot or Cast/Crew.

    Come trovare film gives a scene

    In addition to this powerful advanced search tool, there is also the Advanced Search page, where you can search for content based on the topic dealt with. Here's how you need to do to use them: connect to the dedicated page and, in the box Search Within a Topic, try to search according to the criteria Movies, TV and Video Games, by selecting in the box plot with which criteria to search (such as plot for plot contents or quotas for quotes), then write in the box next to the keywords. When you have everything set up, click on the blue button SEARCH.

    The other part of the box Search Within a Topic allows you to do research on the people who participated in the creation of content, for example by entering information on Biographies (biographies) or quotes (with the option Quotes). Once you have chosen one of these options, enter the keywords in the box next to it and click on the blue button SEARCH, to start the search.

    All these interesting search functions that I have just explained to you are also available through theIMDb app. You got it right, you can download the official application of this specialized cinema portal using the Play Store if you have a mobile or tablet Android, or from the App Store for iOS and iPadOS terminals. By doing this you will always have all the resources of the IMDb site at your fingertips, including the advanced search tool!

    To use the app, go to the respective store, for example to do it from the Play Store tap the ▶ ︎ icon with the Google colors and search in the search bar the name IMDb, then tap on the first result. Then just press the green button Install, to begin the download and installation. Once this last process is finished, the green button appears apri, alternatively go to home of your device and tap on the yellow app icon.

    Come trovare film gives a scene

    The application will propose you to log in or register. Since the app can work very well even without being registered, just tap on the voice Don't register, below, to continue.

    Now enter all the required information: Name, Email address it's a Password, then tap the yellow button Create an account for. After this procedure, you can proceed to the actual use of the search functions. Start from main page and tap on the logo of the magnifying glass, top right, and then write, in the search bar, the name of the movie to find. To use the advanced search function instead, again from the search menu, tap on the writing FIND MOVIES AND TV PROGRAMS placed just below the search bar, so as to have access to all the filters of the app.

    Come trovare film gives a scene

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