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    Comparison of monitors: everything changes for more precision in the notation


    Big change in the comparison of PC monitors. We have just reviewed all the notation taking into account new criteria such as the presence of a USB-C port, its power or even the calibration out of the box. Explanations.

    We have reviewed the entire grading scale for the comparison of monitors, which completely upsets the current ranking. Until now, the image quality once calibrated manually through the OSD settings was taken into account, but not the default image quality. Now image quality straight out of the box is as important as quality after manual adjustments are made. Manufacturers will therefore have to make a special effort on this point. Results obtained after calibrating the monitor using a probe are not included in the scoring. Note that the display quality in HDR is also not yet taken into account: too few monitors offer a sufficiently interesting peak of brightness to exploit this specific and demanding mode.

    In terms of ergonomics, we always take into account the presence of the various settings (height, rotation, portrait mode), a USB hub, speakers, a headphone output as well as the number of DisplayPort and HDMI ports, but we are now attentive to compatibility with HDMI 2.1, the presence of a USB-C port and the power delivered by it. In the same vein, the resolution of the screen is now taken into account in the rating as well as the consumption, the minimum brightness and the maximum brightness. On the responsiveness side, we keep the previous criteria such as persistence time, display delay, refresh rate and FreeSync, G-Sync and Adaptive Sync compatibility, but the coefficients are slightly modified with in particular a little more importance for compatibility with dynamic refresh rate technologies.

    Image quality remains predominant in the final score, followed by responsiveness and ergonomics. Consumption will be the subject of a separate rating and we will wait until we have validated several monitors on this particular criterion to review the scale. These changes logically result in a new hierarchy in the comparison and it is the Alienware AW5520QF which is now the best "monitor" for PC. If its format looks more like a television, this model equipped with an Oled Ultra HD television panel very logically displays a perfect image and its few ergonomic flaws are not enough to make it lose its first place.

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    Then, we find these monitors which inherit a rating of 5 stars with the new rating:

    Samsung Odyssey G7 27 pouces (27" Quad HD VA 240 Hz),
    Asus VG279QM (27" Full HD IPS 280 Hz)
    Asus TUF VG28U (28" Ultra HD IPS 144 Hz)
    Huawei MateView GT (34 "UWQHD VA 165 Hz)
    Samsung Odyssey 49G9 (49" Dual Quad HD VA 240 Hz)
    Asus TUF VG27AQ (27" Quad HD IPS 144 Hz)
    Asus ProArt PA279CV (27" Ultra HD IPS 75 Hz)
    MSI Optix MAG272CQR (27" Quad HD VA 165 Hz)
    LG 27GN750-B (27" Full HD IPS 240 Hz)

    Alienware AW5520QF Introductory price €3999

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    • Cdiscount Marketplace 4
    How the Samsung Odyssey G7 27" (C27G75TQSU) price board works Introductory price €649


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    • eBay 452,99
    • Darty Marketplace 519,00
    • Amazon Marketplace 528,90
    • Amazon Marketplace occasion 529,99
    • 599,00
    • marketplace 601,65
    • Cdiscount Marketplace 628,76
    • eBay 778,78
    How the Asus VG279QM Pricing Table Works Introductory Price €399

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    • Amazon Warehouse 240,52
    • eBay 243,24
    • Rue du Commerce 368,90
    • Amazon 369,95
    • Top Buy 377,94
    • 379,90
    • LDLC 381,90
    • 393,36
    • 399,99
    • Amazon Marketplace 402,24
    • Darty Marketplace 412,58
    • Rakuten 417,15
    • Cdiscount Marketplace 417,36
    • marketplace 425,51
    • eBay 515,80
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