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    How to search on Google

    The basics of Google search

    As I said, do a Google search it is extremely simple, however there are some small tricks and tips that will allow you to optimize your search to get the desired results more easily and quickly.

    The first tip I choose to give you, before carry out a Google search, is to have in mind what you are looking for. For example, if you want to know where the nearest cinema is located, you can turn to Google in a conversational tone, asking: Where is the nearest cinema? Wherever you are, Google will have access to your location and can show you the closest cinemas to you.

    In any case, don't forget to specify the location if you are looking for a certain product or service in a certain location. For example, if you want to know the list of restaurants in Milan, you can do a Google search more specific, by typing the keywords directly: Restaurants Milan.

    Don't worry about spelling, typos, or capital or small letters, Google integrates a spell checker and searches using the correct spelling of a given word, even if you spelled it incorrectly.

    For instance. If you are looking for restaurants in Bologna and you accidentally write Restaurants Boligna, instead of Restaurants Bologna, Google will correct you by actually suggesting what you wanted to search for.

    For better results, search for specific keywords. For example, if you want to know about tonight's TV programming, it is better to search with the keyword list of movies on TV tonight, rather than typing in what are they on TV tonight ?.

    Google search via browser

    Once you understand what are the main guidelines that will allow you to optimize your search, let's see on a practical level how do a Google search. In this part of the guide I'll explain how to search on Google through a browser: Chrome, for example.

    If you use a browser other than Google Chrome, I advise you, before proceeding with the reading, to follow my guide that explains how to set Google as the home page of a new tab. On Google Chrome, in fact, the Google search engine is already set as the default and as the home page.

    Start the Chrome browser and, as I told you, you will see that Google is already set as the default search engine at startup. At this point you just have to type in the keywords or phrase relating to the search you want to perform. For example, if you are looking for information about me, you can google me directly. Type configurehow in the Google search bar, press the key Submit on your keyboard and Google will return you the most relevant search results. You will then find the website where you are reading this guide and my Facebook page, for example.

    If you are not satisfied with the first results obtained, you can always scroll down the page or, alternatively, browse the results contained in the other pages. Click on NEXT at the bottom of the page to see the next set of relevant results.

    Did you find what you were looking for? Then click on the search result you want to read the content for. The web page relating to the site you clicked will then open and you will be able to read the corresponding article. Have you finished reading and now would like to do a new Google search? Don't worry, press the left arrow at the top left of the browser and you'll return to the Google search page.

    Refine Google searches

    If you did a Google search but didn't get the result you were hoping for, it could be because you made a search that was too general. I suggest you take a few minutes to carefully read these next lines of mine, I'll explain some of the most popular and simple tips on how to refine a Google search. When you search on Google, you can in fact choose to use search operators, that is symbols or words that allow you to get more precise results.

    Look for a price

    If you search that includes a price, use the € symbol in front of or after the number (or any other currency symbol). For example: best cameras 400 €.

    Search with hashtags

    If you Google a word that has become famous on social networks with the hashtag symbol #, type in Google that word preceded by the symbol #. For example: #configurehow

    Look for an exact match

    If you need to get a more precise result, you can type a word or phrase between two quotes "". For example: "free ADSL test"

    Look for unfamiliar words

    If you want do a Google search, but you're not exactly sure what you want to look for, you can enter the asterisk symbol * where you want to leave a placeholder. For example: How to look for work on *

    Carry out matching searches

    You can use your voice OR, as a search operator between two search terms: you will get pages with results that contain at least one of the terms indicated. For example: HD OR 4K cameras.

    Search on a specific website

    If you want do a Google search and you want the search engine to show you the results that appear only on a particular website, you can type the search operator Website followed by the name of the site you prefer, as well as the search term. For example: site: Best Tvs.

    Look for related sites

    If you want to search for sites related to an Internet site you already know, you can use the search operator Related posts. Type related: in front of a web address you already know. For example: related:

    View a site cached by Google

    If you want to view the version of a website that has been cached by Google (because maybe the site is offline at the time of your search), type Cache: in front of the site address. For example: cache:

    View the details of an Internet site

    The Info search operator: allows you to have some of the previously mentioned search operators in a single tool: cache, related, site and exact match. To do this, just type info: in front of the website address. For example: info:

    Advanced Google search

    Have you used the search operators but are still not satisfied with the results? In this case you can use the Google tool, Advanced Search. Through this tool that I have indicated you can further narrow the search results with more complex searches. For example, you can find information published on Internet sites updated in a specific time frame or further limit results with many options available to you.

    Other types of Google searches

    Google is a feature rich search engine; I also want to explain in detail some additional Google tools that may be useful.

    Weather Search

    Write on Google weather to know the weather conditions of your current location or add a city name to know the current weather conditions of a particular city. For example: Meteo Milan.

    Search in the Dictionary

    Using the search operator Define, you can take advantage of the integrated dictionary on Google, by reading the definition of a specific cittàn word. Type Define before a word to get its definition as a result. For example: Define the Internet.

    Mathematical calculations on Google

    Google, in addition to being a search engine, is also a powerful calculator. You can ask Google to solve mathematical expressions or graphic equations. Type in the search barmathematical operation you want to make and press Submit to see a browser integrated calculator appear that will give you the solution. For example: type 2 * 32148 into Google.

    Unit conversion

    Google is capable of instant unit conversions and the conversion will be displayed directly in the search results. Type in the search bar the conversion you wish to carry out. For example: 3 dollars in euros.

    Sports information

    If you search for the name of your favorite sports team on Google, you can view some information about the team directly in the search results: the match schedule, the result and much more. Type in the search bar the name of the sports team for which you want to obtain information. For example: AC Milan.

    Information in brief

    Google offers some summary information via special boxes, if you perform certain searches such as the name of a celebrity, a location, a movie or a song. For example: Ed sheeran (singer), Milan (location), Resident Evil The Final Chapter (film), Occidentale's Karma (song).

    Other research tools

    Google offers you several other tools to perform a search, by setting different parameters including: search for pictures, videos, news, shopping or books. I'll explain these features in detail.

    Search for images

    Visit Type in a word or phrase and all results will be pictures. For example: Cat. Or you can directly upload an image from your computer or a URL to receive as a result all images that are the same or similar to the one you are looking for.

    Search for videos

    Type a word or phrase into the Google search field, press Submit and once you have obtained the search results press the item Video. The results you will get will therefore be only videos. For example: Dog

    Search for news

    Re-type a word or phrase in the Google search field, press Submit and once you have obtained the search results press the item News. The results you will get will therefore only be related to news. For example: Milan

    You can repeat this process to filter the search results if you are looking for a specific product to buy online (filter the results by selecting the item Shopping) or the title of a book (filter the results by selecting the item Books).

    All these types of searches that I have mentioned can be further filtered by pressing the keys Settings o Instruments, located under the Google search bar.

    How to search on Google

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