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    Convert MKV to AVI

    Xvid4PSP (Windows / OS X)

    Whether you have a PC with Windows installed or a Mac it makes no difference, Xvid4PSP undoubtedly represents the best solution to convert MKV to AVI in both cases. It is in fact a free software for converting videos that allows you to convert MKV to AVI (and not only) in order to make movies compatible with DivX / XviD players for living rooms, portable devices and other players. Let's see how it works right away.

    The first step you need to take to convert MKV to AVI with Xvid4PSP is to download the application to your computer. To do this click here to connect to the program's website and then, if you are using a PC, locate the writing Download sites: and click on the link corresponding to the version of Windows in use on your computer, while if you are using a Mac locate the entry Download beta versions: and click on the link corresponding to the version of OS X you are using on your multimedia station. Then wait for the program download to start.

    When the download is complete, if you are using Windows, double-click on the compressed folder with the name of the program that has been saved on your computer, if necessary extract the contents waiting for the simple wizard that is proposed to you on the screen and then double-click on the file in .exe format contained within it. Then wait a few moments for the program to start and load and for the main window of Xvid4PSP to be visible on the desktop.

    Convert MKV to AVI

    If you are using a Mac, click on the file in .dmg format that was downloaded from the Internet and then drag the icon of the program attached to the window that is shown on the screen into the folder Applications of OS X, double click on the Xvid4PSP icon and wait for the main screen of the software to be visible on the desktop. If you are unable to start the program because you are notified that it could come from an unauthorized developer, right-click on the Xvid4PSP icon and press twice in a row on apri.

    Convert MKV to AVI

    At this point, to convert MKV to AVI with Xvid4PSP, import the video to be transformed into it by clicking on the item Fillet placed at the top left and then on that Add ... attached to the menu that is shown to you. Then select the MKV format file on your computer that you want to convert to AVI and click on the button OK to confirm your choice.

    Convert MKV to AVI

    Select quindi la scheda Info located at the top left and controls the values ​​attached to the section Video present in the center. If at the entry Size: find AVC and in correspondence with the item codec: there is something like V_MPEG4 / ISO / AVC, the file must be completely recoded. This means that both the video and the audio need to be reprocessed and therefore the conversion process will take several minutes.

    If instead in the field placed next to the item Size: find something like MPEG4 and in the one next to codec: type values XviD e DivX, the video track is already in a format compatible with the AVI container and therefore should not be re-encoded. This means that the conversion from the MKV format will take a few minutes, just the time to rework the audio track and "package" everything.

    To convert MKV to AVI starting from AVC / V_MPEG4 / ISO / AVC movies, i.e. those to be completely re-encoded, select the label Codecs located at the top right of the program window and choose the items REVIEWS e Default from the drop-down menus under the heading Format:. For the rest you can leave everything as it is.

    At this point, click on the gear icon located next to the drop-down menu Preset: attached to the section Video. In the window that opens, set the format XviD from the drop-down menu next to the item FOURCC: and click on the button OK to save the changes. If you want to get an AVI file with precise dimensions, also select Variable Bitrate, 2 Pass from the drop-down menu located next to the item Encoding mode: and specify the size in MB beyond which the video should not go after conversion in the text field below.

    Now all you have to do is click on the button Home located at the top left, select the folder in which to save the output file and wait for the movie processing to finish. The duration of the operation, as mentioned above, depends on the duration of the video to be converted and the power of the PC.

    If the MKV file to be converted to AVI has a video track in XviD / DivX, select to perform the conversion REVIEWS from the drop-down menu located next to the item Size:, and the voice Copy from the drop-down menu located next to the item codec:. Then click on the button Home, select the folder in which to save the final result and wait a few minutes for the operation to complete.

    Freemake Video Converter (Windows)

    If you have a computer with Windows installed, if you intend to convert MKV to AVI and if the solution that I have proposed in the previous lines has not particularly attracted your attention, you can resort to using Freemake Video Converter. It is an cittàn language program thanks to which it is possible to convert in a very simple way all the main file formats, MKV included, keeping the original quality of the elements on which to act practically intact. It is free, but it inserts a logo on the movies to be converted and adds custom frames at the beginning and at the end of the latter: to remove these limitations you have to pay 9,95 euros / month or 19,95 euros one-off.

    To be able to convert MKV to AVI with Freemake Video Converter, the first thing to do is to download the program. To do this click here, wait for the Freemake Video Converter official website to open and then click on the green button Free download located in the center of the screen.

    Once the download is complete, start the installation package FreemakeVideoConverter.exe and click first Yes and then OK. So remove the check mark from the item that concerns the sending of usage statistics to Freemake Video Converter and click NEXT. Now put the tick on Custom installation, uncheck the option related to AVG Tune-Up (to avoid installing additional promotional software) and click on NEXT. Repeat the same operation on the next screen (instead of AVG Tune-Up you will be offered another program and complete the setup by clicking on NEXT per due turn consecutive.

    Convert MKV to AVI

    Avia then starts Freemake Video Converter and once the program window is displayed click on the item Fillet placed at the top left, presses on Add Video ... and select the MKV file to convert to AVI. If the video you have selected contains subtitles and / or more than one audio track you can choose which of these to use in the output movie by clicking on the item Subtitles off and on the link next to the speaker icon, next to the video thumbnail.

    Convert MKV to AVI

    Then press the icon with written on it in AVI located at the bottom then click on the button [...] to choose the folder to export the final file to and click Converted to start the procedure by which to convert MKV to AVI.

    Eventually, before starting the conversion procedure you can also customize the quality level of the output file by choosing one of the available options using the drop-down menu located under the heading profiles. Depending on your preferences and needs you can for example choose the option As original, the option DVD Quality, or that HD 1080p.

    Adapter (OS X)

    Another great tool to convert MKV to Avi on Mac is Adapter. If you have never heard of it, know that it is an excellent free program and very simple to use thanks to which it is possible to convert videos (and not only) in various formats compatible with a large number of mobile devices and not.

    In order to convert MKV to AVI with Adapter the first thing you need to do is click here to be able to connect to the download page of the program. Once the page is displayed, presses the blue button Download located at the top right.

    When the download is complete, open the package with extension .dmg that has been downloaded to your computer and then drag the software icon to the folder Applications of OS X that is shown to you in the window that appears on the desktop. Then start Adapter, click on apri and wait for the program window to be visible on the screen.

    Convert MKV to AVI

    In case you are asked to install one or more additional components essential for the correct functioning of the software, accept by pressing the button Continue and follow the simple setup wizard that is proposed to you on the screen. Afterwards, drag the MKV format file you want to convert to AVI in the section with it written on it Drop Files Here of the Adapter window. Alternatively, you can press the button KATEGORIEN and manually select the file to act on.

    Convert MKV to AVI

    Pigia now on the menu located next to the green button Convert present in the lower part of the Adapter window, then move the mouse cursor over the item first Video, Then General and finally on Custom AVI (* .avi).

    Then click on the button Convert and wait for the procedure to convert MKV to AVI to be started and completed. At the end of the procedure you will find the MKV file converted to AVI format in the same position where the original file is located.

    If you wish, before starting the conversion of the video file you can also adjust some options relating to the video by using the appropriate side menu attached to the Adapter window. Depending on your preferences and needs, you can for example change the encoding, frame rate, bit rate and playback speed from the section Video, you can change the resolution of the movie from the section Resolution, you can edit the audio related parameters from the section Audio and so on.

    Convert MKV to AVI

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