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    Coyote increases its prices by 33%, the application goes to €7,99/month

    Coyote has imposed an unprecedented price hike on its app, increasing the subscription from €5,99 to €7,99, a 33% increase. To justify the latter, the company evokes an “investment in the development of new alerts”. An explanation that does not convince users, who threaten to change for the competition.

    Credits: Coyote

    In 2019, Coyote was on the right track, however, by switching to non-binding mode. Recently, the application took a step back by deciding to revise their prices upwards. And not just any old how: the company is not overreacting by increasing the price of its subscription to €7,99/month. Compared to its old price of €5,99/month, we are therefore sure an increase of 33%, rarely equaled by smartphone applications.

    Although trying to keep quiet about your decision, Coyote was quick to explain the latter: “Our rates have evolved following the investment in the development of new alerts. You have seen this with the implementation of predictive safety, motorway personnel alerts and level crossings”. Indeed, a new update, in partnership with the SNCF, was deployed at the end of 2020.

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    Coyote subscription increases by €2/month

    As expected, user anger did not take long to make itself heard. According to them, Coyote's explanation is not sufficient to justify such a price increase. We can understand them: even the annual rate jumped from €65,99 to €86,99. It is therefore difficult for them to find their way around... except by going to the competition.

    Several users have threatened to switch apps, citing among other things free Waze. Coyote's strategy also seems very strange compared to the economic model of other applications in the field. The service offered would be, according to the interested party, more complete, thanks in particular to predictive security, which indicates the presence of dangerous bends. If despite everything you wish to cancel your subscription to switch to another service, you can find our guide to the best GPS for cars.

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