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    Create 3D Video to Watch with Red Blue Lens Glasses

      Lately there is a lot of talk about the 3D TVs that will allow the viewing of movies like Avatar even at home.
      Obviously these televisions are already very expensive in the face of a zero content offer so before I can talk about it I think it will take a few more years.
      In the meantime, the more curious might try make a 3d video to see with red / blue glasses on normal television, using any movie or movie.
      Clearly you shouldn't expect an Avatar-style effect and you should take this operation more as a pastime than as a real video editing job.

      The results vary greatly depending on the 2D video used and the almost automatic conversion gives the idea of ​​3D but will never be comparable to that of a cinema.

      Searching for three-dimensional cinema on Wikipedia you can read the technical detail of how it works.
      In summary, the techniques for creating 3D films are different, what interests us is theanaglyph.
      This cinematic technique is the oldest and simplest, the only one possible for mere mortals, for create a 3D video on a home PC with intuitive programs, also to be seen on normal TV with simple paper glasses with red / cyan lenses.
      It involves creating a stereoscopic movie by filtering two parallel images, one red, the other blue.
      The effect is poor from the point of view of the colors that will be very opaque and poorly defined.
      Maybe some will remember the Spy Kids 3D or Nightmare 5 movie which had the last piece in 3D and used the anaglyph.
      The other two modern techniques with which today's three-dimensional films are made are instead those with polarized light that use more solid glasses.
      On the English page of Wikipedia, reference is also made to a 3D video technique without glasses.

      Returning to our home and amateur field instead, let's see how create a 3d video by converting a 2d video with the basic anaglyph technique, to be seen on normal TV screens or monitors, using those glasses with blue and red lenses that are easily found or can be built at home.

      The easiest program to use is called 3DCombine which unfortunately can only be used for free for 15 days.
      This program does not integrate the necessary Divx codecs; see also where to download the useful codecs to watch each video and film on your computer.

      First of all, you have to prepare the video using AviDemux, a free program already reported about video editing.
      The 2D video to be converted must be of Xvid format, with MP3 Lame audio, with Stereo Filter.

      Once 3DCombine is open, go to the menu on the bottom left and press the button to open the 2D video by choosing the file from your computer just edited with AvideMux.
      At the top, from the Video menu, choose the 2D to 3D (Auto) option.
      Then click on Open Output File and give a name to the new video converted to 3D by choosing where to save it, on Depth effect, leave at 2,50, as 3D format choose Anaglyph, also save the audio, finally on Post Processing leave 1.
      After pressing the Convert button, select the external codecs as Audio compression and choose MP3 (MPEG Layer-3) from the list and Divx 6.8.5 codec as video.
      In the next window you have to choose the bitrate at a value of 3000.
      After these small configurations, the video conversion normal and will be saved the same video with 3D view.
      The creation time varies according to the length of the video, but the quality is what it is, you have to be satisfied.

      Combine3D works also to convert images and photos with 3D effect.

      To see it as if you were in the cinema, you have to remedy the glasses with blue and red plastic lenses.

      On Youtubelooking for videos with the key "yt3d: enable = true" you will find some 3D video which represent tests of the future YouTube player.

      Other more complex programs (not free) to create the 3D movie also using the vacation movie taken with the video camera or mobile phone, are Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas and Powerlink Power Director.

      If you have better and more satisfying methods for this XNUMXD video making, let us know.

      Create 3D Video to Watch with Red Blue Lens Glasses

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