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    Create free online business cards that are personalized and printable

      Create free online business cards that are personalized and printable While the Internet is full of sites to create business cards, finding free ones is certainly more complicated, especially if the goal is to find the most beautiful, customizable and above all professional ones. Business cards are useful for everyone, both for small and medium-sized companies for their employees, as well as freelance consultants and professionals in any sector or workplace. Probably the problem is not printing them, since printing is now relatively cheap, but rather create and design them as we like, perhaps in order to make them original and distinct from those of other people, that they are kept and remembered by those who receive them. The business card is a bit of a professional identity card, a micro curriculum to be presented to others that must strike the interlocutor in order to give a beautiful image of himself or of his company.

      In this article we see some of the best sites to create and design professional, personalized business cards, ready only to be printed.

      1) is one of the best sites for creating custom images as well as business cards is a perfect web application to design your own card in a unique and high quality way. In choosing the default template, choose Business Card from the menu at the top of the main page. Canva is free and you can directly access the section dedicated to business cards from here. Canva also has apps for Android and iPhone

      2) A great site that allows you to easily customize your business cards is MakeBadge, a very elegant web page that immediately inspires trust and quality. The card must be created from scratch, setting a background color, uploading a logo and then adding text boxes to write the information. You can also add geometric shapes and figures and you can choose the size of the card. Each business card can be saved as a .png image and printed.

      3) Adobe Spark, a site for creating videos and images for online projects, has its own section dedicated to business cards, easy to use, of very high quality, although with few customization options. You can then add an image, write your own data, decide on colors and proportions.

      4) Business Card Maker is a site with which it is easy to create business cards by choosing from the many predefined templates, adding a custom image and writing data in the fields.
      It is possible to change the font, move the fields and resize them. The ticket can then be downloaded in PDF or Jpeg format.

      5) FreePDF Cards is a very simple site, which allows you to create classic business cards, with white background, without too many graphics (which then allows cheaper and less expensive printing). It can be used very quickly, without registration, and allows you to edit all the written text, with name, surname, company, role or profession, telephone number, mobile phone, email address and so on. In addition to the text, the logo or symbol that represents oneself or the company can be imported on the ticket. The ticket can eventually be saved in pdf format that can be easily printed at home.

      6) PsPrint is a very powerful site, which includes a graphic editor to design and write the business card in the way you prefer, without limitations.
      You can add images and figures, arrange the elements, change the colors, the font of the characters and whatever you want. You can start from one of the predefined templates or even create one completely from scratch. This site then allows you to order the business cards created and receive them printed at home at variable prices.

      7) VistaPrint is one of the most popular online printing sites in Europe, which has its own section dedicated to business cards. The site has a very accurate online editor to design the ticket from scratch which can then be ordered in the quantity you want to receive it printed at home. Vistaprint is one of the best business card printers online, with a huge selection of unique business card templates and low prices, even free if you don't mind the Vistaprint logo on the back.

      8) is another print site that allows you to create and design your personal business card in order to receive the desired quantity at home. One type of special Moo business card is the one with an NFC chip inside, so you can transfer contact information to another person's smartphone by simply touching the card. The website is easy to use, with a large choice of templates and very varied design options, such as rounded corners, square and mini cards.

      9) JukeBoxPrint is a great site for making business cards online, starting with pre-made templates or blank templates so you can choose just about anything.
      The site has a very complete drawing editor, with the possibility of adding figures, images, writings, backgrounds, colors and whatever you want.
      At the end you can download the ticket in PDF or order the prints from the site itself.

      10 ) Business Card Star is a very basic application that allows you to create business cards from pre-configured templates, backgrounds and layouts. Through the characteristic editor it is possible to modify the text, the font, the colors and the dimensions of the elements. The created card can be printed with your own printer.

      11 ) Business Card Country he chooses the template first and then asks you to fill it in with your personal information. The editor is very simple, to be filled in with information and with the addition of a logo or other figures. The ticket can be created from scratch or you can take a cue from the templates prepared or those already created by other users. The editor is easy and complete and many graphic elements can be added to embellish the card such as backgrounds, frames, different writing fonts, shapes and you can even upload images or photos from your computer.

      12 ) Business Card Maker & Creator is an Android app to quickly create business cards from your smartphone.

      Finally, we have seen the guide for print business cards made with Word and use custom templates.

      Also noteworthy are the programs for Windows to create business cards, badges, badges and flyers.

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      Create free online business cards that are personalized and printable

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