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    Differences between clean room and hood

    Can the laminar flow hood replace the clean room? Here are the differences and the advantages of the hood.

    Differences between clean room and hood

    As we saw in a recent article, the clean room is a room where you can make mechanical repairs hard disks, opening the devices without damaging them and replacing the various faulty mechanical components in complete peace of mind.

    Unlike the clean room, the laminar flow hood it turns out to be much more practical and allows you to perform the same operations. In fact, the hood is nothing more than a device that allows you to work in a small, clean environment without any risk to the integrity of the hard disk.

    In recent years, laminar flow hoods have been very successful in the data recovery industry, and have been by far preferred to clean rooms.

    La White room it has some disadvantages. First of all, it is a very large work environment, which occupies a large space that is not always possible to set up. The cost that must be incurred to open a clean room and above all for maintenance is much higher than that required for the hood.

    Differences between clean room and hood

    Although the room turns out to be a clean place, it is more likely to dirty it. The staff must wear appropriate clothing before entering in order not to compromise the air with some impurities. Furthermore the climate is controlled in order not to affect the hard disk components, and the staff cannot stay inside the room for a long period of time.

    In order to speed up the work and make repairs more immediate, it is preferable to use a laminar flow hood. Thanks to a series of filters also made of glass microfiber, the air present in the hood is purified 100%. The hoods used in data recovery they are horizontal flow, and are widely used especially for the lower cost compared to the clean room.

    By simply introducing the device to be repaired inside the hood, the various damaged components can be opened and replaced without causing any damage agli hard disk.

    With the hoods you can perform all types of work carried out even in the clean room. The great advantage of using it is the space it occupies, very reduced, a lower purchase and management cost and speed of use. All these positive aspects have allowed a great diffusion of the hood, fundamental in the repair of hard disks.

    Differences between clean room and hood: conclusions

    Now that you know exactly what the advantages when using these two types of solutions, it is good to remember that thanks to the franchising of it is possible to set up your own laboratory also with a horizontal laminar flow hood. In this way it is possible to repair hard drives even without having a clean room.

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