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    Divx Codec Pack to watch MKV and AVI videos on Windows PC

    If it is true that the new Windows Media Player of Windows 7 is finally a complete multimedia player, capable of reading almost all the video formats in circulation, it is also true that it does not yet allow you to view MKV movies the Matroska format used for high quality movies downloadable from the internet.
    To cut the bull's-eye, without filling up with useless or duplicate codecs, on Windows 7 but also on Windows 10 and Windows 8, Yes they can download video codecs to play movies Avi, Divx and Mkv on Windows Media Player and Media Center.

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    The Mkv format, remember, is a container of audio and video files that allows you to play all the contents (including any subtitles) of a DVD or Blue-Ray disc, without reducing the quality.
    Since there are not many multimedia players to attach to the television that read mkv videos and since they also take up a lot of space on the hard disk, in another article there is the guide to convert a Mkv to Avi and to burn it to a DVD.

    So, back to us, to watch Avi, Divx and Mkv movies and videos, always and without problems on the computer, you have to download the new Divx Plus Codec Pack.
    After downloading the installer and starting the installation, you can safely deselect both the unnecessary Player and the Converter from the components. I personally recommend instead to keep the Web Player because it is sometimes used by some streaming sites such as MovieShare. Certainly the main package to install is precisely the Divx Plus Codec Pack. After the selection, by clicking on Next, you must remove the Norton Security Scan advertising suggestion and press next to start the installation. At the end it requires an email address for registration but it is only optional.

    Most HD videos (high definition) that can also be found online on p2p networks they are in MKV format so this codec pack solves the visualization problem, without using other external programs. Also nice is the additional function that allows you to see video previews in Windows folders with detailed file information. Another advantage of using this certified codec pack is the ability to use hardware acceleration for decoding H.264 videos.

    Divx Codec Pack to watch MKV and AVI videos on Windows PC

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