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    Elements: new connected light panels more real than life at Nanoleaf


    With its Elements series, Nanoleaf unveils new luminous, decorative and connected panels with a woody look. By taking inspiration from “nature” for these hexagonal luminaires, the manufacturer is betting a lot on design.

    Nanoleaf Elements

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    Nanoleaf light panels follow each other and are not alike. Square, triangular, hexagonal, all the modular luminaires from the Canadian manufacturer have one thing in common: providing colorful, playful and festive lighting. The new Elements series is not of that taste. With its wood-like coating and “unique texture, similar to the grain of wood”, this range has been designed so that the panels look harmonious on or off. With this neutral tone, Nanoleaf hopes to incorporate its color panels into more streamlined interiors. And to get even closer to natural lighting, they only diffuse lighting whose cold and warm hues oscillate between light wood and dark wood. Exit flashy, garish or festive colors: it's time to relax.

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    For its light panels, Nanoleaf offers 11 lighting scenes to “reproduce the feeling of comfort of a crackling fireplace or the feeling of escape from a soothing waterfall”. In addition, the Elements series provides a circadian lighting function that synchronizes the color temperature according to natural sunlight. These functions, also deployed on Philips Hue lights, allow you to wake up in the best conditions and rebalance the body's biological rhythm.

    Like the manufacturer's previous series, the LED panels (with adhesive tape) fit together using connectors called Linker here. For connectivity, expect this starter kit to support Thread low-power mesh networking. This home automation radio protocol is based on an IP standard. It would be more reliable, more secure and faster than Bluetooth, but also less energy-consuming than wifi. Thread networks have no points of failure and can reconfigure themselves as soon as a product is added or removed from the network. In fact, the new Nanoleaf luminaires do not need a connection bridge as such, but they will have to be configured using a border router like Apple's HomePod Mini.

    As always with Nanoleaf, the bill is salty. Count 230 € for the starter kit (which includes seven light panels). The extension kit (three panels) is offered at 80 €.

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