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    Fax services via email with reception

    Fax services via email with reception For those who work a lot with emails to be told today: "Can you send me a confirmation fax?" it may seem anachronistic, but above all it can put us in difficulty when we are not in the office or do not have the possibility to have a fax handy. Despite the spread of the PEC, still today many offices and many public administrations only accept faxes for receiving and sending important documents.
    If this is the case for you, you have come to the right guide: here I will show you the best online services to send free faxes via email, with the possibility (in some cases) also to receive them. By taking advantage of the emails we will be able to send a fax to any number, so that we can immediately send any important document without having to go back to the office or find a tobacconist who still has the fax.

    Free online fax

    Below we have collected what, in our opinion, are the best services for send and receive faxes for free through email, so as not to have to use a traditional telephone fax service (which always involves additional costs).


    One of the best sites to send faxes online for free is Faxator.
    Fax services via email with reception

    The site requires free registration: to complete it, simply enter the email address from which you intend to use the service and enter a mobile number (as a confirmation tool, in order to receive the personal certificate).
    To send the fax at this point it is sufficient to send an email, from any type of account (Google, Outlook etc.) to the address, by entering the recipient's fax number in the subject. Attached to the email we insert the file containing your fax in a Word, Works, Excel, Rtf, Pdf, Jpg or Gif format and, in addition, the CDS file with the personal security certificate.
    The Faxator service will send, within a few minutes, an email with the notification of the fax sending and the transmission receipt attached (which is very important to be able to certify the sending).
    By accessing the reserved area of ​​Faxator, with the registered email and the chosen password, it is possible to see the status of the sending of your email/fax.
    The service offers a free service with some limitations: in fact, we can send up to 10 pages per month. Faxes will be sent from Monday to Friday between 8 and 20, Saturdays from 8 to 13 (excluding holidays). If we send an email after 20pm, the fax will be sent the following morning from 8am onwards, excluding Sundays and holidays.
    Regarding file limitations, the attached documents for the faxes must be less than 1MB in size and cannot exceed 5 pages in length.

    Fax it

    Another very convenient service with which you can send faxes for free is Faxalo.
    Fax services via email with reception

    On the same main page, simply enter a valid email, click on Send code and wait for the new code to arrive, in order to complete the registration for the service. Once the account is obtained, we will be able to access the dedicated area of ​​the site, where we can upload the document (in PDF or TIFF format) and, by entering the fax number, we will be able to send the document through this technology, without paying anything!
    Also in this case there is a limitation regarding the size of the documents: they must not exceed 1 MB in order to be sent correctly. By keeping the account free, we can proceed with sending three faxes per day, for a maximum of 20 faxes per month: a more than enough limit to be able to sporadically send a fax when we close a contract or when we need to send an important document to the public administration. Obviously we can subscribe to one of the many subscriptions available, so as to increase the number of faxes that can be sent in a day or a month and keep an address book of the most used numbers, so that we can also receive faxes.


    A foreign service that allows you to send free faxes via the internet is Faxzero.
    Fax services via email with receptionFaxzero site">

    The site allows you to send the fax immediately, without even going through the emails: we fill in all the required fields on the page (both our data and those of the recipient), scroll the page and choose whether to upload a document (DOC, DOCX and PDF supported ) or whether to write the content of our fax by hand. When ready, simply enter the confirmation code displayed in the field Confirmation code and finally click on Send Free Fax Now.
    In a few minutes the fax will be sent to the appropriate office, without further steps and problems. The limitations of the free account are very good: we can send up to 3 pages plus cover for each fax, up to a maximum of 5 faxes every day.


    A service similar to the one seen a little while ago, ie a fax completely online without using email, is Hellofax.
    Fax services via email with reception

    To use the service, click on Get started, we register a free account using Google or any email address, then we use the site interface to be able to send any fax, even to foreign numbers (since the service is foreign, both in your languagen and foreign fax numbers are supported) .
    With a free account up to 5 faxes can be sent, after which it is necessary to subscribe to be able to send a larger number.

    fax app

    Another free service useful for sending and receiving faxes is Faxapp.
    Fax services via email with reception

    Compared to the sites seen so far, it offers unlimited sending of any fax for a trial period of 10 days, without obligation (we will not have to enter any credit card number). The peculiarity of the service is that, in addition to being able to send faxes via email or from the site interface, we will be able to receive an in your languagen fax number, usable to receive faxes from our customers (if they still use them or we have to manage many documents of the public administration).


    The last free fax service we want to tell you about is MyFax.
    Fax services via email with receptionMyFax site">

    By subscribing to this site we will have a 30 day free trial, with which you can send and receive any type of fax, either via email or via a dedicated fax number. Compared to the previous service, here we will have full assistance in in your languagen, so as to be able to manage a fax service for our business without necessarily having to have a dedicated telephone number and the relative multifunction with integrated fax.

    Fax Plus

    Fax Plus allows you to send FAX using Gmail, simply by writing the text on an email and sending it. To receive Faxes with FaxPlus, you have to pay the subscription.


    FaxBurner is one of the best free services for receiving or sending a fax by email, which you can use for free for 5 faxes.


    FaxBetter allows you to receive up to 50 free faxes in one month to a dedicated fax number. It does not allow you to send faxes for free.


    We have seen together the best sites to have free online faxes, even via Email and with the possibility of receiving them (via dedicated number), if our business needs it. To send a fax for free via Android and iOS smartphones, we advise you to continue reading our guide dedicated to Free faxing app for Android and iPhone.
    If you think that the fax is now prehistoric and we need to replace a free PEC, a much more advanced, secure and easier to manage technology than fax, we invite you to read our guide to How to obtain a PEC email address (certified mail).

    Fax services via email with reception

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