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    Free Mobile review: are Free packages still the best value for money on the market?

    Subsidiary of Iliad, a major telecommunications group founded in 1991, and little sister of the company Free (created for its part on the eve of the year 2000), the company Free Mobile experienced its first successes with its arrival on the market for its mobile plans in 2012. The operator is now one of the most popular in Spain, offering offers among the best mobile plans of 2021.

    Free Mobile review: are Free packages still the best value for money on the market? Free Mobile 4G package €2
    • 2 hours of calls
    • Unlimited SMS / MMS
    • 50 Mo Data Spain
    • 50 Mo Data Europe
    • 4G+ network


    See the offer See the details of the offer Free Mobile review: are Free packages still the best value for money on the market?

    Until 18/01

    Forfait 4G Free 100Go
    • Unlimited calls
    • Unlimited SMS / MMS
    • 100Go Data Spain
    • 10Go Data Spain
    • 4G+ network


    The 1st year then €19,99/month in 5G

    See the offer Read the notice See the details of the offer Free Mobile review: are Free packages still the best value for money on the market? Forfait 5G Free Mobile 150Go
    • Unlimited calls
    • Unlimited SMS / MMS
    • 150Go Data Spain
    • 25Go Data Europe
    • 5G, 4G+ network


    See the offer Read the notice See the details of the offer

    Why TechnologiesTips recommends Free Mobile plans?

    • Large 4G and 5G data envelopes for cheap
    • Excellent rates from just €2
    • Significant advantages for Freebox subscribers

    How does the Free Mobile offer work?

    Free Mobile review: are Free packages still the best value for money on the market?

    In this desire to offer simple, accessible and readable offers, Free wanted to prevent its customers from having to dither between a thousand shades of packages. Free Mobile thus has only three subscriptions ranging from 2 euros to almost 20 euros.

    Note that if the operator has three permanent offers, Free regularly offers discounts or other benefits that make them even more interesting.

    Very affordable mobile plans

    The first Free Mobile package at only 2 euros per month has an envelope of 2 hours of calls, and 50 MB of internet data renewed every month. SMS/MMS are unlimited from Spain, Europe and the overseas departments. This offer is free for Freebox subscribers.

    The second offer from Free Mobile at 11,99 euros per month is aimed at those who wish to have an unlimited telephone call and SMS/MMS package with a large data envelope: 80 GB. The package can be used under the same conditions. than in Spain in Europe and the overseas departments, except for the 4G data envelope which will be limited to 8 GB.

    Finally, the third Free mobile plan, at 19,99 euros per month, is aimed at heavy data consumers and those wishing to take advantage of their international subscription with fewer constraints. Like the two previous packages, calls, SMS/MMS are also offered unlimited. The offer has a data envelope of 150 GB 5G / 4G +, and 25 usable from more than 65 destinations (USA, Canada, Europe, DOM, South Africa, etc ...). For Freebox subscribers, the offer goes to 15,99 euros per month.

    Options to boost your mobile plan

    In addition to what the three packages offered by Free Mobile contain, strictly speaking, the operator provides a number of options aimed at improving your user experience. If they are not present in abundance, they have been carefully chosen to be as useful as possible. It is necessary to distinguish the services included in the packages from the paid options. We are going to come back here to what the "Mobile Services" include, which were previously simply mentioned in the description of each plan, before talking to you about the paid options, that is to say the additional elements that you can add to your subscription. Note that these only concern the two-euro package.

    Mobile services are therefore options (to be activated or not) that can be found in each of the three packages:

    • Protection against anonymous calls: calls from hidden numbers are refused. The latter are informed by message of the situation. You can also choose to send these calls directly to your mailbox.
    • Blocking of call diversions: you will not receive calls that have been redirected.
    • Unavailable message: people trying to call you will be informed that you are currently unreachable.
    • Speed ​​Dials: Choose a number with at least four digits to call your favorite contacts faster.
    • Automatic forwarding to voicemail when you are abroad.
    • Management of calls and SMS: blocking of selected numbers, permanently or according to the schedule. Possible forwarding of calls to voicemail.

    The paid options (which only concern the two-euro package) include two services to be activated in their subscriber space. The first concerns communications from Spain to destinations that are not included in your package. The second allows you to manage your calls when you are abroad.

    Offers tailored for foreign countries

    Free Mobile wants to listen to those who like to travel, but also to those who have contacts abroad. Thanks to its adapted offers (in particular the package at 19,99 euros but already with the package at two euros) Free Mobile allows you to call abroad without asking yourself too many questions. This is even more true when you are the one leaving mainland Spain, since by traveling in Europe and the overseas departments, and even in many other destinations for the 19,99 euro package, you benefit from exactly the same access to calls only when you are in France. The operator also provides you with beautiful data envelopes that will reassure internet addicts. Free is therefore an operator particularly suitable for all those who can not sit still.

    Free Mobile review: are Free packages still the best value for money on the market? See the Free Mobile offer

    How to choose your Free Mobile package with smartphone?

    To take advantage of its plans, Free also offers a shop area to find the phone that meets your needs and your plan. From the most recent smartphone to the good old classic, from the functional to the fully equipped, from the low price to the big investment, you should find, whatever your search, something to be satisfied with: Free indeed displays a relatively wide and varied choice. The operator thus resells the most popular brands with, among them, Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, Honor, Huawei, OnePlus, Alcatel...

    Free Mobile often offers discounts on its smartphones and always manages to facilitate payment. With smartphones payable in three months as in 24, the Free Mobile shopping service makes sure not to disappoint its subscribers so that they can buy the device that makes them happy.

    For those looking to reduce their carbon footprint or want to save money on the purchase of their smartphone, know that the Free site even has refurbished devices on its shelves. You can therefore find THE right opportunity and offer yourself a high-end phone at a reasonable price.

    Free Mobile review: are Free packages still the best value for money on the market?

    Many promotions throughout the year

    Free Mobile is one of the most active operators in terms of promotions. In this world of good deals, flash sales and private sales, special offers, discounts and low-cost packages at still sacrificed prices, the company is not one of the extras. Just now, Free displays a promotional offer on the counter: the Free series package benefits from 70 GB of data. In short, if you want to benefit from a package at a discounted price, it is worth waiting a few days because there is always an offer on the horizon. So you won't have to wait very long (and very often not at all!).

    Always ready to take up the challenge of competitiveness, the brand is, moreover, of all popular commercial events: summer and winter sales of course, but also Black Friday, back-to-school or Christmas offers... If a commercial operation is preparing on the territory, so you can be sure that Free will be there to offer even more attractive offers than usual.

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    No Free Mobile sponsorship offer

    Unlike some of its competitors, unfortunately there is no sponsorship offer at Free Mobile to date. However, there is no indication that this will not be the case in the future. We will of course keep you informed here even if this happens, by updating this paragraph immediately.

    Why choose a Free Mobile plan?

    As we have seen, Free Mobile has some great assets and more than one trick up its sleeve to attract its customers. But in this ever more competitive market, how does the operator Free Mobile stand out and why choose it rather than another?

    Customer service managed in the Free store and on the Internet

    From now on, Free Mobile plays on all the tables because its customer service can also be held in store! A more human, more reassuring close relationship that will appeal to customers of all generations. This will allow you to inquire, explain your problem and ask questions in person. Of course, the operator can be reached online, for always personalized and efficient support. There are also Free terminals that allow you to create an account, manage your subscription and settle an invoice, as well as retrieve a SIM card in the correct format.

    A non-binding and customizable offer

    All packages offered by Free Mobile are non-binding. You can therefore, from one moment to another, choose to cancel your subscription to direct you to an offer that seems more interesting to you. You will have nothing to pay and no need to wait for any deadline. In addition, thanks to the options and services included, you can personalize your package with Free Mobile and thus open up your communications to a greater number of countries that you wish to reach. You can also block a number or, for example, determine a shortcut for one of your contacts.

    Free Mobile review: are Free packages still the best value for money on the market? See the Free Mobile offer

    Enjoy unlimited 4G+ in Spain

    Among the Free offers, one of them allows you to enjoy unlimited 4G+ if you are also a Freebox subscriber! The package (normally set at 19,99 euros) will only cost you 11,99 euros per month. Benefiting from unlimited 4G+ is a real privilege that will transform your relationship with the Internet on your smartphone. Be careful, once you have tasted such great freedom, you will have a hard time going back!

    Mobile plans at bargain prices all year round

    This is undoubtedly one of the big strengths of Free Mobile: the price. The brand allows its customers to enjoy quality packages at really attractive prices and which are, moreover, very (very) regularly made even more attractive via promotional offers such as sales, Christmas but also quite simply by flash opportunities. - for no particular reason - to be entered quickly. From two small euros to an offer that does not exceed 20, all regularly improved by bonuses or reductions: we can indeed say that Free Mobile offers a price that makes you want.

    A large envelope of 4G data abroad

    Another positive element, and this is an argument that is not negligible, Free Mobile offers a large volume of 4G data abroad. The Free package (at 19,99 euros) indeed includes no less than 25 GB so that you can surf the Internet in a truly serene way. In addition, the list of countries concerned is long since it includes no less than 65 destinations including Europe, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, China (excluding Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao ), India, Algeria, Israel, Turkey, South Africa, Australia, Thailand, Russia, Pakistan... and many more. With this package, you can go on a business trip or on vacation with peace of mind, and even, why not, for an entire month without this causing any problems.

    With the 9,99 euro package, you have 4 GB of data for your trips in Europe and the overseas departments. The comfort of use is therefore less important, but remains more than enough to travel without worrying about your data consumption from one minute to the next. You can also last a whole month to manage your e-mails, your social networks, do web searches, read articles, etc., provided you do not play greedy games and do not launch too many videos or of musics. In the two-euro package, nothing changes: subscribers keep their usual 50 MB when they stay in Europe or go to the overseas departments.

    A mobile plan that can be used throughout Europe and elsewhere in the world

    We can thus see that Free has thought of all those who like to travel and that the operator does not particularly want to distinguish between mainland Spain, the overseas departments and other European countries. Everything related to communications remains unchanged, and this, for the three plans: you will be able to call and send texts exactly as usual. So that's one less thing to pay for your trips outside the Spanish metropolis, which is still very significant!

    Can we trust Free Mobile customer service?

    Customer service is essential today and allows you to establish a relationship of trust with your operator. In practice, it is especially very useful for new customers or when something unexpected happens. Free's assistance service has the merit of constantly seeking to improve and best meet the needs and expectations of its customers.

    Comprehensive, easy-to-access customer service

    The presence of a customer service like that of Free Mobile is a real plus for subscribers, because it is very comprehensive and accessible in different ways. Its strength lies in particular in the fact that it combines several tools and several means of communication. Indeed, while digital access often remains the best solution, Free wanted to get closer to its customers by creating a telephone line, video access, local shops... With so many possibilities, the company wants to show that she is there to help you and that she will not run away in the event of a problem. Above all, therefore, do not hesitate to seek information or ask a question if you have any doubts, are stuck, do not understand something or have a complaint to make: Free Mobile customer service is precisely there for all these cases.

    Free Mobile review: are Free packages still the best value for money on the market?

    How do I contact Free Mobile customer service?

    To get in touch with Free Mobile, there are therefore several solutions. The best one will of course be the one you prefer and which you think is best suited to the situation. First, you can go to the Internet for online help. This support service will guide you step by step, and at any time, to show you the way, solve a problem or provide you with additional information about your plan or other details about Free.

    A large number of answers can therefore be found in the “Most common” and “Frequently asked questions at a glance” sections. You will benefit from practical information and learn, for example, how to order a new SIM card or obtain your PUK code. You will also find answers to questions such as "Is Free's mobile network compatible with 3G, 3G+ and 4G?" or "How can I check that my subscription has been registered?" ". We therefore strongly advise you to start by consulting these support pages. You can also search by keywords in the search bar available to you. On this support page, you will also find a responsive and efficient chat service that will provide you with information and guidance in just a few exchanges.

    Free Mobile review: are Free packages still the best value for money on the market?

    To reach the brand more directly, you can also go through social networks. To do this, go for example to the Facebook page of Free where you can comment on the publications and send a message directly to the assistance service.

    Normally, web services are good enough to give you the help you need. However, if you prefer to reach Free by telephone, you can dial 3244. At the end of the line, an adviser will be able to take the situation in hand and answer all your questions. This service is included in your package: it is therefore free from a Free line and is fortunately not surcharged if you have to use another line. It is open 7 days a week from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Friday, 22 a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday and 21 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday. It is even accessible from abroad via another number, +19 33 1 78 56 95. If contact by telephone can be interesting, it must be admitted that online assistance generally saves considerable time.

    Another modern and pleasant alternative: videoconferencing. It is in fact possible to access the video/audio service to reach an adviser easily via your smartphone, PC or tablet.

    Fourth solution: in store! As we explained to you above, Free is now able to receive you - customers, future customers or simply curious - very close to your home, for a complaint, help, information... Finally, know that contacting Free can also be done by mail. You will then send your request to the following address: Free Forfait Mobile 75371 Paris Cedex 08.

    If you are not comfortable with the computer tool, that you wish to be accompanied in your steps or if you want to obtain more information concerning the customer service, do not hesitate to consult our tutorial to contact the service. Free Mobile customer.

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    Free Mobile: practical guide for your questions and procedures

    Despite the many existing possibilities for reaching Free's customer service, the simplest and least restrictive is to find a clear answer on the Web. To help you, we have prepared a series of tutorials answering certain questions that subscribers frequently ask themselves, and above all explanations on how to proceed to perform this or that manipulation quickly and painlessly.

    Free Mobile network: what 4G, 3G and 2G speeds for the telephone operator?

    The speed corresponds to the connection speed of your smartphone to the Internet. To find out all about the differences between a 2G speed like 3G and 4G, see our article "Free Mobile network: what 4G, 3G and 2G speeds for the telephone operator?" » and find out how the Free Mobile network fares against its competitors.

    What is the Free Mobile phone coverage worth in Spain?

    If the network of Free Mobile is not at the head of the pack, it must be said that this is easily explained: its direct competitors have more seniority than it and are therefore, therefore, better established. With Sosh belonging to Orange, Red to SFR, B&You to Bouygues Telecom, these subsidiaries can therefore benefit from the support of their group. Free Mobile has nothing to be ashamed of, however, since its network covers the vast majority of the territory and reaches almost the entire population of mainland Spain. You will be able to discover the details of the network coverage in the territory and find out about the quality of the connection in your municipality by reading our article “Free Mobile network: what is the Free telephone coverage worth in Spain? ".

    How to cancel your Free mobile plan?

    Every story has an end and that of your adventure with Free ends? Fortunately, canceling your plan is not a cross, especially if you know how to proceed. You can carry out this operation as soon as you wish, it will be effective quickly and of course free of charge, since Free Mobile is without obligation. Our tutorial will be particularly useful if you have contracted the Free series plan and do not want to upgrade to the higher offer.

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    How to activate your SIM card at Free Mobile?

    To start using your new Free package, you will first need to activate the SIM card you have just received. Get a PC, your smartphone and therefore your new and precious SIM card, and join us in the tutorial for a proper activation.

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    How to recover your RIO code at Free Mobile?

    The RIO code or operator identity statement is a combination you absolutely need to know. It is indeed thanks to this code that you will be able to keep your telephone number in the event of a change of operator. This will prevent you from forwarding your number to all of your personal and professional contacts.

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    How to recover your RIO Free Mobile code?

    How to connect to your Free Mobile customer area and manage your account?

    To check your consumption, buy a new smartphone, find the opening date of your Free subscription and carry out a whole host of operations, it is essential to be able to connect to your Free Mobile customer area. The operator has a personal space for each of its subscribers. While it's relatively well-made and easy to use, a few tips on how to access it and learn how to manage it might help.

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    How to configure your Free Mobile answering machine?

    Manage your received messages, personalize your greeting and add options to your answering machine so that it suits you and that you can make optimal use of it, which simplifies your life.

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    How to configure the APN Free Mobile on my smartphone?

    Knowing how to configure the APN Free Mobile on your smartphone, or Access Point Name, allows you to adjust your network parameters and thus intervene in the event of a problem with sending MMS or with your web browsing.

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    How to configure the APN Free Mobile on my smartphone?

    How to activate call forwarding at Free Mobile?

    If your smartphone has run out of battery, has a technical fault preventing you from taking calls, or you simply forgot it somewhere, it can be useful - especially if you have an important phone call. to make - forward your calls to another device.

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    How to activate call forwarding at Free Mobile?

    The history of FreeMobile

    Free Mobile review: are Free packages still the best value for money on the market?

    Free Mobile is one of the four largest operators in the Spanish mobile telephony market. In addition, the brand occupies a special place in this landscape since it has upset the Spaniards' relationship with telecommunications by offering decreasing prices that have forever changed the situation.

    Birth of Free Mobile

    Before the remarkable arrival on the market in 2012 of Free Mobile and its ultra-attractive packages, the world of mobile telephony was very different. It is hard to remember, however, that not so long ago, customers paid a high price for a subscription whose consumption had to be constantly monitored so as not to be out of the package too early each month. Who hasn't “beeped” and “re-beeped” their friends or relatives to be called back, after having bitterly consulted their customer area announcing that the remaining minutes were scarce and that the stock of SMS had already run out? And who has not cursed his interlocutor for having had the audacity to do what was a priori asked of him, namely to answer when his phone rings?

    These practices, which now seem to us to be from another age, were indeed commonplace in the days of the mobicard and SMS recorded to the letter. Packages comprising a defined number of hours, or even minutes, and a limited stock of SMS and MMS, at a price which today seems absurd, have bowed out since the arrival of low-cost packages, of which the founder of Free, Xavier Niel, can congratulate himself on having been the instigator.

    Indeed, revolted by the excessive prices practiced by the three main operators Orange, Bouygues and SFR, Xavier Niel hinted that the prices he would soon propose for his mobile plan offers would reshuffle the cards. Remarks which had the merit of making the three telecom giants react, which began to offer new package systems through the creation of a low-cost component (Sosh for Orange, B&You for Bouygues Telecom and Red by SFR) and therefore more reasonable prices.

    This did not prevent Free Mobile from making a thunderous entry into the market in 2012 with, in particular, its famous non-binding offer of only two euros (we all remember this advertisement with the coin) which will change the world of mobile phones. Indeed, to survive, the incumbent operators had no choice: they were forced to drop their prices to adjust, in just a few days, even a few hours, to the Free Mobile offer so competitive that we could, in this specific case, really speak of an aggressive price.

    Partnership with Orange and anticipation of 4G

    Before the market launch of Free's mobile branch, the operator did not have enough antennas to meet the needs of its customers on its own, and to do so satisfactorily. In 2011, it signed a national roaming agreement with the most established network in Spain and formerly Spain Telecom: Orange. It was thus able to take advantage of this good coverage to offer its customers quality 2G and 3G technologies. This agreement, whose termination had already been postponed, was due to end in 2020, but should ultimately be extended until 2022.

    As Free Mobile is a young operator, it was able to directly build 3G antennas compatible with 4G. This judicious anticipation thus saved it from losing money when switching to 4G (which was done fairly quickly since Free started offering 4G at the end of 2013). It should be noted that, with regard to the fourth generation technology, Free Mobile is completely autonomous: the assistance of Orange is in fact requested only for 2G and 3G.

    Deployment of 4G at no additional cost for customers

    When 4G arrived, Free Mobile gave its customers the option of managing their use of this technology. Subscribers were indeed invited to start it themselves via an option that could be activated, accessible in their personal space. There was no offer specifically reserved for 4G: this technology appeared rather gradually, finding its place within the packages that the brand was already offering.

    By opting for the gentle way and including this new technology at no additional cost, first in its 19,99 euro subscription and then, a few days later, in the two euro subscription, Free again imposed the price on its competitors and , at the same time, its vision of what mobile telephony services should be.

    Free first offered a 20 GB usage quota envelope, which switched, two years later, to a 50 GB package, which was then the most generous data offer for such a low price. . It does not seem unrealistic to think that once again, Free Mobile has played an important role in the prices charged on the market: the other operators would probably not have chosen to bring 4G via a free option without the presence of the young operator.

    Free becomes the fourth largest telephone operator in Spain

    Thanks to its efforts, Free Mobile has gradually caught up on the network against major operators (Orange, Bouygues and SFR) and now covers almost 4% of the Spanish population living in mainland France with 97G. The brand now ranks fourth in the ranking of the largest operators in France: a feat achieved in barely eight years. If the company still has progress to make, particularly in terms of territorial coverage and in specific situations such as transport, we can thus salute its commitment as well as its constant desire to improve its service. In just a few years, it has managed to break the dominant triad of incumbent operators and forge a solid reputation as a challenger.

    Free Mobile at the initiative of the operators' war

    By shaking up mobile telephony offers, Free has, in a way, been at the initiative of this strong competition which has been raging for several years now and which is constantly getting tougher. Indeed, the main operators to rely on the market now have their low cost version and they are fighting to offer the most efficient, cheapest or most innovative service. Thus, as soon as a new promotion is launched by one of them, the reaction of the others is not long in coming: very often, the other three will adapt by trying to offer an equivalent offer. This concerns both price reductions and the options offered in the packages.

    Free Mobile in 2020

    What does Free have in store for us this year and in the future? It is more than likely that the brand does not stop there and that it continues to want to impose advantageous prices, always with the aim of being accessible to as many people as possible. It can be noticed that, more and more, operators tend to offer lifetime subscriptions at a guaranteed price without increase. We even see large data envelopes (up to 100 GB) entering this system of sustainable offers. Free, meanwhile, is adopting another strategy and is already going so far as to offer unlimited access to 15,99G in its 4 euro package.

    Given its history, we can only see Free Mobile as an operator that will always offer more promotions and daring offers. It therefore seems quite sensible and even likely that the company will launch, as it has done in the past, an option included in a package which offers free access to the most cutting-edge technology, here 5G. Free Mobile discounts becoming ever more regular and interesting over time, even eventually becoming the norm, there is a good chance that prices will continue to fall for a service that will continue to improve.

    Stabilization and improvement of Free services in mainland Spain: Free is catching up with the competition

    While since June 2019 the competition has posted a population coverage rate of 99%, Free Mobile is on the verge of catching up with results reaching almost 97% (96,8% to be completely precise). In less than ten years, the Free network has therefore been able not only to overturn the prices and types of packages offered (no commitment, free 4G, large data envelopes), but also to be almost as efficient than the three other operators who have observed, sometimes in the face of them, the dazzling advances of the company in the field. Free Mobile is now able to offer a truly stable service to its customers. In addition, we can note that the company has the merit of having built its 4G network on its own, which now has more than 15 active antennas in the territory of metropolitan Spain.

    Free Mobile: deployment of 5G

    Free Mobile review: are Free packages still the best value for money on the market?

    Proof of the solidity of the network and the confidence inspired by the four leading operators, Free Mobile, Orange, Bouygues Telecom and SFR, ARCEP (the regulatory authority for electronic communications, postal services and press) gave a positive response to the application of each of them concerning access to 5G. Free Mobile, like its competitors, will therefore be able to obtain a 50 MHz block (for the modest sum of 350 million euros) and is also authorized to take part in auctions for the allocation of additional 10 MHz blocks.

    While the deployment of 5G in Spain is still planned for 2020, the health crisis has delayed its launch, the date of which is still unclear. We imagine that Free Mobile will be able to surprise its customers as well as its competitors by offering a free 5G service by including it in one of its packages.

    Our opinion on Free Mobile

    Now that we know better this pioneer of the low cost that is the operator Free Mobile, that we have made the rounds of what it offers and that we have located it in the landscape of Spanish telephony, we can, in As a conclusion, issue an informed opinion on the quality of its services and the relevance of its offers.

    First of all, we must salute the approach of Free which has completely revolutionized the world of telecommunications, and for the better, since it is thanks to it that we can now access mobile plans at such low prices. The brand has offered each of us the opportunity to call, send messages and surf the Internet without breaking the bank and without being bound hand and foot by a commitment that always proves to be binding. With a first mobile plan at two euros (which is even free for Freebox subscribers), even the smallest budgets can find their account.

    By imposing aggressive prices from its launch, the brand has not only offered attractive subscriptions, it has shaken up the lines and offers of all the other market players. Indeed, to survive, the three largest Spanish operators - Orange, SFR and Bouygues Telecom - had no choice but to adapt. To do this, everyone created a low-cost version of themselves: this was the appearance of Sosh, Red by SFR and B&You, with plans that were often less daring than those offered by Free Mobile, but more modern than what these brands offered in the past, simpler and, of course, less expensive. Free Mobile has therefore succeeded in its bet: to become the leader in terms of innovative proposals and to democratize mobile telephony and 4G to make them accessible to as many people as possible.

    Today, Free Mobile undoubtedly remains the operator that offers the most interesting subscriptions in terms of prices, in particular thanks to ultra-frequent and ever more advantageous promotional offers. In terms of network performance, the company is not in the lead, but is catching up with Orange, SFR and Bouygues Telecom at an impressive speed.

    Free Mobile is therefore an excellent choice for all those who prefer to put their money elsewhere than in their telephone plan, but also for all those who have international contacts and/or who travel regularly. We find in each of the three packages (which, it should be remembered, range from 2 to 19,99 euros) relevant answers adapted to different situations and ways of communicating when you - or your calls - sail beyond the 'Hexagon.

    With a complete and responsive customer service, Free Mobile does not give the impression of being a low cost operator. Its subscriber area will allow you to answer the vast majority of questions you may have and, in the event of a problem, Free has telephone, video and postal services, and now even offers a physical reception close to your home!

    free mobile


    We recommend Free Mobile for its prices, its generous data envelopes, its honorable and always improving connection, its international solutions, its serious services and its desire to always be at the top of modernity. We can indeed be sure to be able to count on this subsidiary of Iliad, resolutely turned towards the future, to continue to surprise its customers as well as its competitors and as a bonus, not to act as an extra at the launch of 5G.


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