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    Game Pass on Xbox, PC and cloud: all about Microsoft's unlimited gaming subscription


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    To understand everything about Xbox Game Pass, we suggest you answer all the questions you may have about Microsoft's subscription gaming service in Spain and its xCloud cloud service.

    Game Pass on Xbox, PC and cloud: all about Microsoft's unlimited gaming subscription

    The Xbox Game Pass offer on console, PC and mobile // Source: Microsoft

    In recent years, Microsoft has adopted a completely new strategy in the video game segment. Rather than trying to attract players to a console, the Redmond company prefers to attract them to its services in order to offer them a complete experience on all available platforms, from Xbox to PC, including smartphones, of course. publishers' Eldorado. All these platforms are now united under a single banner: the Xbox Game Pass.

    However, the Xbox Game Pass offer may confuse some people, so we'll help you better understand how it works.

    Game Pass on Xbox, PC and cloud: all about Microsoft's unlimited gaming subscription

    How does Xbox Game Pass work?

    Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service launched by Microsoft in 2017 that provides access to a large catalog of unlimited games for a monthly subscription. Basically, it's not about cloud gaming; once the games are downloaded, you will be able to access them even offline. However, the games do not belong to you and are subject to monthly subscription payment. Also, if you unsubscribe, you will no longer be able to play the downloaded games unless you have purchased them otherwise.

    In addition to Windows 10 PCs and Xbox consoles, the service has also been offered in streaming thanks to cloud gaming since September 2020. The Xbox Game Pass therefore becomes a real “video game Netflix”, with access to a game service remote video streaming.

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    Game Pass on Xbox, PC and cloud: all about Microsoft's unlimited gaming subscription

    There are currently three Xbox Game Pass packages: one offering access to a catalog of games on consoles (on Xbox One and on Xbox Series S or Series X as soon as they launch), a second offering access to the catalog of PC games. and the third, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, giving access to the entire catalog on all platforms, including streaming from the cloud.

    What is the price of Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate?

    There are three different subscriptions for Xbox Game Pass:

    • Le Xbox Game Pass console, at 9,99 euros per month to access Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One games on Xbox consoles (Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X);
    • Le Xbox GamePass PC at 9,99 euros per month to access the PC games catalog for Windows 10 and the EA Play service;
    • Le Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at 12,99 euros per month combining the two offers above as well as the Xbox Live Gold subscription, essential to play online on Xbox, the EA Play service, access to a cloud gaming game catalog and additional benefits (DLC or partner offers).

    In addition to unlimited access to the games on the service, these subscriptions allow you to take advantage of discounts and exclusive offers on the purchase of games.

    The EA Play service has been offered since the end of 2020 in Xbox Game Pass PC and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at no additional cost. It offers games access to a collection of EA games, typically several months old, discounts on EA games, and access to a 10-hour trial version of new flagship games.

    How do I get a cheap subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate?

    For the launch of the Ultimate offer, Microsoft is offering a very advantageous conversion offer for subscribers to Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass (console or PC). Upon subscription, the system automatically converts months of prepaid subscriptions to months of prepaid subscriptions for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. In addition to this advantageous conversion, Microsoft offers a promotional offer to try the service for a month for 1 euro.

    Also, if you are already subscribed for several years to Xbox Live Gold (up to 36 months), one euro is enough to transform this period into an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. This allows you to subscribe at half price by taking advantage of the 12 month offers to Xbox Live Gold.. It becomes possible to subscribe to 36 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, at the price of 36 months of Xbox Live Gold (sold at half the price).

    What games are available on Xbox Game Pass?

    The Xbox Game Pass gives access to a catalog of more than 400 games in total on console, PC and in the cloud at the time of writing. Each platform counting separately, a game available on console and PC will for example be counted twice in this total. You will find nearly 250 games on Xbox, nearly 200 on PC and 150 games in cloud gaming.

    Knowing that this is its own service, Microsoft offers all of its games on Xbox Game Pass from the day they are released. The same goes for all Bethesda games since Microsoft's takeover of the studio. Other publishers also offer their titles and there is something to delight the whole family with both indie creations and large productions, recent or not.

    Game Pass on Xbox, PC and cloud: all about Microsoft's unlimited gaming subscription

    Microsoft regularly adds games to the catalog

    We can thus enjoy classics like Resident Evil VII, No Man's Sky, Minecraft, Forza Horizon 4 and many others, or even more modest games, but just as pleasant to browse like SpiritFarer, Dead Cells, Celeste, FrostPunk, Slay the Spire, Haven, etc.

    The complete catalog is displayed on the Xbox site.

    Just like on Netflix for example, games are regularly added and removed from the catalog. Some games may therefore become inaccessible and you will have to buy it to play it again. However, you will be warned in advance about the service or if you use the mobile application.

    What platforms is Xbox Game Pass available on?

    The Xbox Game Pass is primarily available on Microsoft platforms, namely the Xbox One (One, One S or One X), the new Xbox (Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X) and PCs running Windows 10. To play , the minimum configuration of your PC will depend as usual on the game.

    Via Xbox Cloud Gaming (formerly xCloud), the Game Pass catalog is also becoming available on many other devices, such as our smartphones in particular. On Android, an application is directly available on the Google Play Store and it is also possible to play on Android TV. The service is not offered natively on iOS, Apple imposing ridiculous conditions on its App Store, but it remains available on iPhone and iPad from a browser. It is also possible to access Game Pass games by streaming from a PC, or the Xbox application. At the end of 2021, it will be possible to play cloud gaming from an Xbox Series, and better still, from an Xbox One. In other words, it will be possible to stream next-gen games from an Xbox One.

    Rumors raised the possibility that the Xbox Game Pass could be accessed from a Nintendo Switch, but Phil Spencer denied, explaining that it would be too complicated to port the entire Xbox ecosystem (successes, friends, etc.) on such a platform. . However, it does not completely close the door to a future partnership, recalling that Microsoft's desire is to go where the players want to be.

    Game Pass on Xbox, PC and cloud: all about Microsoft's unlimited gaming subscription

    Xbox Game Pass is available on PC

    With or without access to cloud gaming, the Xbox Game Pass application is however available on Android and iOS.

    Game Pass on Xbox, PC and cloud: all about Microsoft's unlimited gaming subscription

    Xbox Game Pass

    Download Xbox Game Pass Free APK

    This application allows you to consult the catalog of available games, to receive notifications when games arrive or depart, to launch a remote download or to consult your profile and your Microsoft Rewards points balance (obtained by carrying out certain actions in Xbox Game Pass games). On Android, it also provides access to the catalog of games offered in cloud gaming.

    Xbox Cloud Gaming : le Xbox Game Pass en streaming

    Contrary to what we often hear, xCloud does not refer to a specific service, but more broadly to Microsoft's cloud gaming technology. Commercially, Microsoft is promoting it as Xbox Cloud Gaming in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This allows Xbox games to be played from the cloud, directly on devices usually unable to run those games. Originally, Microsoft placed Xbox One S in servers, before replacing them in 2021 with hardware similar to Xbox Series X.

    Game Pass on Xbox, PC and cloud: all about Microsoft's unlimited gaming subscription

    An xCloud server // Source: Fortune

    XCloud technology is used by Microsoft through several services or features. The first possibility offered by the company is to play games from Xbox Game Pass, even if this feature is still in beta at the moment. We can imagine other uses such as the possibility of testing the demo of certain games from the Xbox Store.

    How much speed do I need to play in the cloud on Xbox?

    Microsoft announces that its xCloud technology requires a connection of at least 10 Mbit / s. The service will be available from launch over Wi-Fi and 4G LTE mobile networks. You just need to test the speed of your Internet connection to make sure you can stream the service's games correctly.

    How to play Xbox games on smartphone?

    Xbox games are primarily designed to be played with the official console controller. To adapt to the screen of a smartphone, Microsoft offers several solutions.

    First, developers can rework the interface of their games to handle the use of a touch screen. This allows you to play very easily on any smartphone or tablet, without any accessories.

    It is also possible to play with a Bluetooth compatible Xbox controller, or an Xbox Elite Series 2 controller. All you need to do is connect the controller to your smartphone using Bluetooth to play. Some manufacturers like Moga offer “clip” accessories to hold the smartphone and the controller together. In addition, the Sony DualShock 4 controller used on the PS4 is also compatible.

    Game Pass on Xbox, PC and cloud: all about Microsoft's unlimited gaming subscription

    Le Moga Gaming Clip

    Last solution to play on a smartphone with the Game Pass in the clouds: use a specialized accessory designed in partnership with Microsoft. The firm puts forward several solutions such as the Razer Kishi controllers, the recent 8BitDo controller, or the range of the manufacturer PowerA.

    Game Pass on Xbox, PC and cloud: all about Microsoft's unlimited gaming subscription

    Razer Kishi controllers // Source: Razer

    Microsoft is also highlighting other types of accessories, such as the SteelSeries Arctis 1 headset, which has the particularity of being compatible with the Xbox One, the Switch, the PS4, the PC, but also mobiles thanks to Bluetooth. .

    What about successes? Game backups?

    XCloud technology behaves exactly like an Xbox and players will therefore automatically find their profile, but also achievements and saves. Since the launch of Xbox One, all Xbox games automatically save to the cloud, so access is completely transparent.

    Can I share my Xbox Game Pass games?

    As with physical games, it can be tempting to want to share your digital games, even if they are part of a subscription. Unfortunately, it is not enough here to lend yourself a game disc ...

    On Xbox, all accounts on a single console can access installed games. This way, everyone who uses your Xbox Home will be able to benefit from your Xbox Game Pass membership in some way. On the other hand, on PC, this is not possible at all. The games are linked to the account and therefore cannot be accessed from another Windows session. Pity.

    In addition, you will still need an Xbox Live Gold subscription on each account if you want to play online.

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