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    Google Assistant in Spanish gets four new voices…well, almost

    Google Assistant in Spanish finally has four new voices in the language of Molière. Unfortunately, they are currently only limited to Actions: in other words, it is the third-party developers who can, or not, choose to use them in their programs – users cannot yet change the voice of their Google Home , for example. 

    Google Assistant in Spanish gets four new voices…well, almost

    Want to change the Spanish voice of your Google Assistant? If you've ever tried to do this, then you've no doubt learned two pretty frustrating things. The first is that English-speaking users of Google Assistant who live in the United States (or make their Google Assistant believe so) can already change the voice of their assistant and thus choose between a selection of male and female voices as desired. seems to them.

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    Google Assistant in Spanish: four new high-quality voices make their appearance

    The second thing you probably quickly realized is that in VF, it is impossible to change the voice of the assistant. However, Google has announced changes, on the sidelines of MWC 2019. In particular the arrival – finally – of four new Spanish voices, extracts of which you can listen to by clicking on this link. There are two new female voices and two new TTS male voices.

    These voices have a particularly high quality: they were designed with WaveNet, a neural network. These are already available, but, alas, not for ordinary mortals. The developers are indeed, for the moment, the only ones who can choose one of these voices in their application. On our side, we are crossing our fingers that this is the sign of the arrival (finally!) of real alternatives to the default voice of Google Assistant, whether on the smartphone or on Google Home.

    What do you think of these new voices? Share your opinion in the comments.

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