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    How to access the Bonus TV


    • Preliminary information
    • How to access the Digital TV Bonus
      • TV Bonus: Requirements
      • Bonus TV: modulo
    • How to access the TV scrapping bonus

    Preliminary information

    Before getting into the tutorial, let me explain what we are talking about. You must know, in fact, that the PUT (Ministry of Economic Development) has made two types of bonuses available to citizens to facilitate the transition to the new DVBT-2 / HEVC broadcasting standards: the first, called Bonus Digital TV, consists of one discount up to 50 euro on the purchase of new TV and decoder models (terrestrial and satellite).

    Il TV scrapping bonusinstead, it allows you to take advantage of a 20% discount (up to a maximum of 100 euros) on the purchase of a new television set following the scrapping of a model that is not compatible with the new transmission technologies. Now, rightly, you may be wondering what exactly the DVBT-2 / HEVC abbreviations refer to.

    These are in fact two terms that indicate two different technologies. DVBT-2 serves to identify the standard on which the second generation digital terrestrial, which by 1 July 2022 will be operational throughout the cittàn territory, allowing the transmission capacity to be increased by 50%. HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) is instead coding standard high efficiency that intervenes in the improvement of the video quality, coming to support transmissions with resolution up to 8K.

    The implementation of these technologies was necessary to modernize the level of the cittàn television network, adapting it to that of many European countries, in order to allow all users of our country to enjoy the highest quality content. Another reason is to be found in the need for free up the 700 MHz transmission band, which will be assigned to mobile operators for the management of 5G.

    The transition to the new TV will take place in two phases: the October 15 2021 throughout Italy the transmission of the television signal in MPEG-2 encoding will be interrupted, in order to switch to more efficient encoding MPEG-4. In this case, it is necessary to check whether the TV is able to receive the broadcasts high definition (HD) channels. You can make sure of this right away by tuning in to channels from 501 onwards: if you can see the broadcast your TV is already compatible.

    The second technological step (switch off) will happen on January 1, 2023: DVB-T broadcasts will be turned off and DVB-T2 activated. To continue viewing the entire television offer it will therefore be necessary to be equipped with equipment compliant with DVBT-2 / HEVC standards.

    How do you say? Would you like to know if your current TV is already compatible with these latest technologies? Nothing could be easier, there is a very simple test that you can perform on your own: dial 100 (RAI) o 200 (Mediaset) from your TV remote control to tune into these two channels that have been made available for just this purpose. If the message appears HEVC Main10 test the TV is compatible. And if you want to deepen the subject, I suggest you read my guide to understand if the TV is DVBT-2.

    The MISE has made available one list of compatible devices (both televisions and decoders) for which it is possible to take advantage of the bonus. Just go to this page, where you can also filter the results based on EAN (the code for the unique identification of the products), Brand e Model.

    As regards the decoder, the digital TV bonus applies to both land and satellite. Consider that the most recent and advanced models allow you to access very advanced features such as pause TV, advance or rewind the streaming broadcast and record your favorite programs.

    One last piece of information before continuing: the MISE has also had an eye for the environment, and part of the amount allocated for these initiatives is intended for disposal of obsolete devices.

    How to access the Digital TV Bonus

    Now that you have become aware of the new technological standards that the devices object of the initiative must be equipped with, I will also explain to you how to access the digital TV bonus. These are by no means particularly tortuous procedures: you will only have to determine if you have the suitable requirements to make the request, in order to subsequently fill in the relevant form to be delivered to the seller.

    In fact, the digital TV Bonus is provided in the form of discount, charged directly at the point of sale on the price of the product you intend to purchase. But be careful: the discount can only be requested at the merchants who join the initiative. It is therefore advisable to check in advance that the shop where you intend to buy the device is enabled to accept the bonus.

    Online sellers can also join the initiative. In this case you will have to follow the procedure for submitting the form indicated on the website of the participating virtual shop. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this guide, an official list of the points of sale registered in the initiative is not yet available.

    TV Bonus: Requirements

    The Digital TV Bonus is active from 18 December 2019 and can be applied until December 31 2022 (except for extensions). Below I will show you the few requirements that are needed to access the bonus which, I remind you, can go up to 50 €. If the device to buy costs less than 50 euros (it could be the case of a decoder), the discount will cover the entire price of the product.

    The first requirement is to be resident in Italy. The second condition is that of belong to an ISEE family unit that does not exceed 20.000 euros. The ISEE, as you may already know, is an indicator of the family's economic situation and, therefore, does not depend only on income from work. Its certification allows citizens to access different types of facilities and services. If you are not sure whether you belong to a range of less than 20.000 euros, I recommend that you request an evaluation from a competent body. You can find out how to obtain the ISEE on the INPS website.

    It is also necessary to know that the bonus can be used in a single payment, therefore it is good to be sure that other members of the same nucleus have not already benefited from it. The seller will be given a specific form, which we will see in the next chapter, in which he expects to be in possession of the requirements indicated above: it is therefore not necessary to carry the ISEE certificate with you. Obviously, in case of false declarations, the bonus will be revoked and the buyer will risk the related sanctioning consequences.

    Bonus TV: modulo

    Il module to be delivered to the seller is very simple and intuitive to fill in. You can immediately download or print it by connecting to the MISE website and clicking on the link To download the form for the presentation of the click here (in the section How it works; alternatively you can find the document directly here).

    It is basically aself-certification in which you declare to be in possession of the eligibility requirements that I have explained to you in detail in the previous paragraph, or to be resident in Italy and to belong to a family unit with an ISEE not exceeding 20.000 euros. The usual ones must be completed personal data date of request e to sign, also attaching a copy of a valid identity document.

    It is possible too delegate another person when purchasing and requesting the bonus: in this case, a written proxy must also be presented to the shop accompanied by an identification document of both the delegate and the delegator. The merchant will only immediately apply the discount on one of the eligible products chosen.

    I hope I have cleared up all your doubts on the subject. For any further clarification, all I can do is refer you to the official page of the initiative and to the related page with the FAQ, i.e. the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the initiative.

    On the MISE website, on the New digital TV page, you can satisfy all your curiosities about the evolution that is involving this sector.

    How to access the TV scrapping bonus

    Another particularly interesting initiative activated by the MISE to support citizens in the purchase of televisions compatible with the new technological standards of digital terrestrial transmission (link to the chapter) is the one called TV scrapping bonus, made operational by the implementing decree signed on 7 July 2021 and active from August 23th, 2021.

    The facility in question provides an 20% discount (up to a maximum of 100 euros) on the purchase price of a new TV, and is easily obtainable through the scrapping of an appliance purchased before 22 December 2018.

    I also inform you that this discount is applicable only once for each family unit, and that the initiative, to which 250 million euros have been allocated, ends on 31 December 2022.

    The bonus in question was created with the aim of favoring the replacement of older generation televisions which, therefore, are no longer suitable for the new technological standards. In this way, environmental protection can also be guaranteed through their correct disposal. The requirements to be able to use it are very simple to identify

    • be resident in Italy
    • proceed to scrapping of an obsolete TV (those purchased before December 22, 2018, as anticipated, may not meet the new technological standards. If you have any doubts about this, in this chapter you will find useful information to check their compatibility)
    • be up to date with the payment of the subscription fee for the broadcasting service. However, the benefit is also valid for those who, having an age equal to or greater than seventy-five years, are exempt from paying the fee in question.

    With regard to the scrapping procedure, have been prepared two modes: the first provides for the possibility of hand over the old television set to the shopkeeper directly when buying the new one. It will be the trader himself, therefore, to take care of its disposal, concurrently acknowledging the discount to the buyer.

    Alternatively, it is possible deposit the TV directly in an authorized ecological island, where an operator will certify through a specific module the successful delivery of the appliance, and will therefore produce the documentation useful for requesting a discount on the purchase price.

    You will also be pleased to know that the TV scrapping bonus is cumulative with the previous incentive, of which I told you in detail in the dedicated chapter, without prejudice to the possession of the relative requirements.

    How to access the Bonus TV

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