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    How to access the FIFA Web App


    • Preliminary information
    • How to enter the FIFA Web App
    • How the FIFA Web App works

    Preliminary information

    Prima di enter the dettaglio della procedura su how to access the FIFA Web App, I think you may be interested in having more details on the latter.

    Well, the FIFA Web App, whose official name is FUT Web App, is a tool accessible directly through any browser for Web browsing that allows manage your own Ultimate Team squad and the online mode of the game, with a particular focus on transfers.

    Not surprisingly, the FIFA Web App is usually made available before the release of a new chapter of EA football, in order to allow fans to prepare for the new season by opening the packages and the management of transfers and squad.

    In short, learning to take advantage of this Web App can be very useful to increase your performance in the FIFA Ultimate Team mode, since it allows you to better manage your resources and focus on those (since, of course, you cannot play FIFA via the browser).

    How to enter the FIFA Web App

    After briefly explaining what the FIFA Web App is about, it's time to take action and learn how to use this useful tool.

    To give you a concrete example, I will explain to you how to access the FIFA 20 Web App dwelling on this chapter of the Electronic Arts football video game series. However, the procedure is more or less the same in all iterations of the game, so this tutorial is useful for all chapters of FIFA.

    To proceed, then connect to the official website of the FUT Web App and press the button Log in. Therefore, type theemail address and Password of your EA Account and click the button Log in. At this point, you may be prompted to enter a security code which will be sent to you via e-mail and which will be used to verify your identity.

    With the code entered, press the key Send security code and the portal will let you enter the Web App. In case you usually play from consul, you may have difficulty logging in via the browser, as it is not possible to log in, for example, via your PlayStation account.

    To resolve this possible inconvenience, you may want to try reset your password via the FUT Web App portal: just click on the link Did you forget your password and see if an email arrives for resetting it.

    In any case, FIFA generally requires the signing up for an EA Account the first time you play online on consoles. For more details, I recommend that you consult the official Electronic Arts guidelines.

    How the FIFA Web App works

    Now that you know the method to enter the FIFA Web App, a quick summary of the possibilities offered by this tool may be useful.

    Well, if you are accessing in the phase preceding the release of a new chapter, various messages will probably appear that will indicate the active initiatives at the moment. For example, a few months after the release of FIFA 21 it was possible to try to win Awards related to the latter.

    For the rest, the portal presents 7 tabs, located on the left: Start, Rose, SCR (Squad Creation Challenges), Transfer, Shop, Club e Standings. Entering the card Rose you can manage your own team and take a look at the Team of the week currently active.

    In Squad Creation Challenges instead you can challenge yourself to create a team that respects the parameters imposed by the game. That way, you can then "Exchange" the team for prizes, for example packages.

    The board Transfer is where players are traded through FIFA Ultimate Team credits. For more details on this possibility, I invite you to take a look at my tutorials on how to sniper on FIFA and how to get free FIFA coins.

    In Shopinstead, you can buy the packages, both through credits and through FIFA Points, which in simple terms are the microtransactions of the Electronic Arts title: to get them you have to spend real money.

    The board Club allows you to analyze players, consumables, staff and in general items related to your team. From here it is also possible to recover, within 7 days, the players who have been discarded by mistake.

    Finally, the tab Standings shows the teams of the most skilled players from different points of view. More precisely, the parameters taken into consideration are: earnings from games, market profits, club value e squad evaluation.

    In short, the FIFA Ultimate Team Web App allows you to keep all aspects of the game under control. Speaking of the latter, since you are a fan of Electronic Arts football, I would like to recommend the page of my site dedicated to FIFA, where you can find several guides that could be for you.

    How to access the FIFA Web App

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