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    How to add the Android "Back" key to your iPhone

      Maybe there aren't a lot of iPhone users or iPhone 6/6 Plus owners around here, but never mind, the subject is fun enough to talk about and that having never laid hands on an Apple product throws the first stone…

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      How to add the Android

      You all know that a single button governs navigation in the Apple smartphone, this concave key at the very bottom of the phone. She is the one who almost suddenly double-presses, long presses, etc. A refined but summary operation and sometimes impractical, especially when surfing web pages where you have to go back to the top of the screen in order to return to a previous page. The handling is also affected.

      The team made up of Lima Fa, Sam Luo, Travis Su and Grace Li knew how to take note of this slight inconvenience already underlined by the product manager at Qbit Group, and decided to remedy it by creating Halo Back. Ultra-simple process, they designed a transparent film that can be applied to the entire smartphone. Two-in-one, it obviously acts as protection for your screen but also adds the famous "Back" key present on Android phones, the one that was sorely lacking in the good navigation of the iPhone.

      How does this smart protective film work? The new touch screens work thanks to the electricity of our body producing a deformation of the electric field induced by the screen itself. This movie works the same way, so every press exerted just to the left of the central button is reflected in the upper left corner of the screen, saving your thumb that long travel of a few centimeters and the risk of dropping your iPhone 6/6 Plus. You had to think about it.

      The four students at the head of the project are seeking financial support via the Kickstarter crowd-funding site, so you too can be part of the project. Early Birds can therefore become owners of a Halo Back for around €15. If you prefer to wait, it will cost you around €45. Or you can switch directly to Android ;)


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