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How to backup WhatsApp iPhone

Preliminary information

Before explaining to you how to backup WhatsApp iPhone, it seems only right to provide you with some preliminary information on the subject. In the specific case of iOS, the backup of WhatsApp is done on Apple's iCloud servers. Consequently, it is imperative that on the device employed iCloud is set and configured correctly.

To do this or in any case to verify that you have properly set up iCloud on your iPhone, take the "iPhone by" unlock it, access the home screen and / or the app Library and press the icon of Settings (Quella with the ruota d'ingranaggio), then check if the you don't know.

If the name is present, the service is enabled and configured. Theoretically you shouldn't do anything anymore, but to make sure that WhatsApp can work without problems in conjunction with iCloud, select yours nominative and then the voice iCloud. Scroll down the screen that is shown to you until you find the item Whatsapp and check that the switch on the right is moved to ON (if not, take care of yourself).

If, on the other hand, your name is not present at the top of the iOS settings, tap on you related to iCloud and performs theaccesso by typing in your account details. If you do not yet have an iCloud account or in any case if you want to receive more information, I suggest you read my tutorial on how to activate iCloud on iPhone, so that you can immediately clarify your ideas about it.

If an iCloud account is set up on the iPhone different from the one you want to use, tap on name which is at the top of the iOS settings screen, scroll to the bottom of the menu that opens and tap on the wording Logout to disconnect your current account, then log in with the account you intend to use.

Also keep in mind the fact that the backup of WhatsApp does not include contacts, those are managed by the phone book of the "iPhone by". However, this does not mean that you cannot have an iCloud backup of the contacts in your address book, so that you can possibly restore them to another iOS device or to your iPhone, should you reset the device.

To do this, go to the section again Settings of iOS, tap the you don't know at the top of the displayed screen and press on the wording iCloud. Then scroll through the new screen that has opened and check that in correspondence with the item Contacts the switch is moved to ON (if not, you provide).

How to backup iPhone WhatsApp to iCloud

Having made the necessary clarifications above, I would say that we can finally take action and find out concretely what are the operations that must be carried out to fare backup WhatsApp iPhone su iCloud.

The first fundamental step you must take to succeed in your intent is to go to the home screen and / or the App Library of your iPhone and touch the icon of WhatsApp. Once the application screen is displayed, tap the word Settings located at the bottom right, select the item Chat and press on the wording Chat backup.

Now, carry on ON l'interruttore present accanto alla voce Include videos if you want to include both videos and photos in the backup of WhatsApp conversations (otherwise leave the relative switch on OFF), then tap on the item Back up now to immediately start saving your data. Normally, the operation goes on for several minutes.

Keep in mind that the inclusion of videos in the WhatsApp backup could result in the eroding of a large amount of free space on your iCloud account, as well as prolonging the backup time longer than necessary. In all cases, moreover, know that usually the first backup takes longer, the subsequent ones, being incremental, will be faster.

“Manual” backup aside, however, consider that WhatsApp automatically backs up your conversations and your data on a monthly basis. If you wish, however, you can disable this feature or you can change its frequency. To do this, press on the voice Automatic backup which is always on the WhatsApp screen for making the backup and select the option you prefer from the next screen: Daily, Weekly o disabled (Monthly, as mentioned, is the default choice).

Once you have backed up WhatsApp on your iPhone you can, at the appropriate time and in a rather simple and fast way, restore your chats to another "iPhone" or to the one in use following a reset or, again, after uninstalling the WhatsApp app.

All you have to do is take WhatsApp from the relevant section of theApp Store, open the application on the device of your interest, press the button Accetta and continue and consent to any request by the app to access yours contacts and to send you notifications. Then type yours cellphone number in the appropriate field and press on end.

Once this is done, you will see the iCloud backup restore screen appear. When this happens, you tap the button Restore at the top right to confirm what your wishes are and wait for the procedure to be started and finalized. At the end of the procedure, you will then have to choose the name and profilo's photo to use and you can start using WhatsApp again as usual.

The only thing you must necessarily take into account is that in order for the WhatsApp backup restoration procedure to be successful, the iPhone on which it is carried out must be associated with the same. telephone number and at the same Apple ID than where the backup files come from.

If you want to transfer your chats to a new number, you must go to the section before restoring the backup Settings of WhatsApp, select the item Account, fare tap your Change number in the screen that opens, then on the Next item and follow the instructions you see appear on the screen, as I have indicated in more detail in my article on how to change number on WhatsApp.

How to backup WhatsApp iPhone without iCloud

Although this is not the official solution provided by the famous messaging app, it is also possible backup WhatsApp iPhone without iCloud. In fact, considering that the conversations made on WhatsApp and the use settings related to the app are also saved in the backup dell’iPhone that can be performed on the entire content of the device, you can use the latter to perform the operation covered by the tutorial.

To create a backup of all the contents of the "iPhone by", what you need to do is connect the iPhone to the computer and start iTunes by recalling it from the Start menu di Windows or from Launchpad di MacOS. If you are using macOS 10.15 Catiline or later you must, instead, invoke the Finder by selecting the icon on Dock bar di MacOS.

In the window that appears on the screen, select the icon of theiPhone on the left, put the check mark next to the item for back up to the current computer che trovi in ​​corrispondenza della dicitura Backup to the right and press the button Back up now. If necessary, you may need to click the button before backing up Authorize on the iPhone display to allow communication between the "iPhone by" and the computer. For more information, read my guide on how to backup iPhone.

Come fare backup WhatsApp da iPhone a Android

You came to this guide of mine because you are interested in finding out come fare backup WhatsApp da iPhone a Android, so you can migrate your account to a smartphone based on the “green robot” mobile platform and access your chats from there?

If the answer is yes, then I suggest you consult my tutorial on how to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android, in which I have explained in detail how to proceed.

Basically, you just need to go to the menu Settings> Chats> Move chats to Android and follow the instructions on the screen, as long as your Android device is among those supported; otherwise you have to resort to third-party solutions.

I can't backup WhatsApp iPhone: how to fix

You are wondering “I can't backup WhatsApp iPhone, why ”?, as despite having followed my indications it was not possible for you to succeed in your intent? Under the circumstances, you can try to cope with this by putting the following into practice.

  • Make sure iCloud Drive is enabled, proceeding as I indicated in my tutorial on the subject and if so and you continue to encounter problems try to deactivate and reactivate the service. Also, if you've activated iCloud Drive on one of the devices using your Apple ID, update iOS - iOS 10 or later is required to create a backup, while iOS 9 or later is required to restore.
  • Make sure you have enough iCloud space, which must be at least 2,05 times the size of the backup to create a backup. To find out how to check the availability of iCloud space and eventually free up the occupied one, you can read my specific post.
  • If you are looking to backup WhatsApp over the wireless network, try connecting to a different Wi-Fi connection, as explained in my post on how to connect to Wi-Fi.
  • If you are looking to backup WhatsApp via the cellular data network (which I do not recommend if you have a limited data plan, as you could incur the payment of unexpected costs, so I invite you to prefer Wi-Fi connectivity), enable the use of the data network for iCloud, by going to the section Settings> Cellular and carrying his ON the lever next to the item iCloud Drive.

If none of the precautions I have mentioned earlier allows you to backup WhatsApp on iPhone, I invite you to visit the section of the WhatsApp site dedicated toassistance. From there, you can select the topics of your interest and consult the answers to the most frequently asked questions and carry out targeted searches by keyword.

And if you still can't get over it by doing so, I suggest you get in direct contact with the support of WhatsApp, by filling out the form you find on this page or by acting directly from the application, by going to the section Settings> Help> Contact Us of the same and providing the requested information. For more details, refer to the instructions contained in my specific guide on how to contact WhatsApp.

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