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    How to convert BMP files to JPG

    How to convert BMP files to JPG on computer

    You are interested in understanding how to convert BMP files to JPG through special computer software? Then you should consider those for Windows, MacOS e Linux which I have provided to indicate and explain to you here below. Put them to the test now!

    XnView NP (Windows / macOS / Linux)

    How to convert BMP files to JPG

    The first among the programs to convert BMP files to JPG that, in my opinion, you would do well to consider, is XnView NP: it is an image viewer capable of reading all major graphic file formats and which also includes some useful functions for image editing or conversion operations. It's free (but for non-commercial purposes only) and can be used on both Windows and macOS and Linux.

    To download the program on your computer, go to its website, scroll down the page displayed and, depending on the version of Windows you are using, click on the button Zip Win 64bit or on that Zip Win 32bit. If, on the other hand, you are using a Mac, click on the button OSX DMG 64bit.

    A scaricamento ultimato, is stai using Windows, extract theZIP archive obtained in any position, open the .exe file contained within it and, in the window that appears on the screen, click on the button Run. If you are getting an error message while doing this, right-click on theprogram icon and select the item Run as administrator from the menu that opens, in order to start XnView NP with administrator privileges.

    If you are employing MacOS, april il package .dmg ottenuto e trascina l 'XnView NP icon in the folder Applications computer, then right click on it, select the item apri from the menu and click on the button apri, in such a way as to open the program, however, going around the limitations that Apple imposes on applications from non-certified developers (an operation that must be performed only at the first start).

    Now that, regardless of the operating system used, you see the XnView NP window on the screen, if the program interface is not translated into cittàn, click on the menu Tools (top), select the item XnView NP settings, then the wording General from the left sidebar in the further window displayed and set thecityno in the drop-down menu Language, then press the button OK twice in a row and restart the program.

    At this point, click on the menu Instruments (top), select the option Convert series and, in the additional window you see appear on the screen, go to the tab Origin (although it should be the one selected by default) and press the button Add files, to select the BMP files you want to work with from your computer. Alternatively, drag the images to convert directly into the program window.

    Now, select the tab Destination e scegli l'opzione JPG - JPG / JFIF give menu to tendin Size. If you want to adjust the quality of the output files, click on the button Settings and intervene on the appropriate options, confirming the changes made by pressing the button OK.

    Then, click on the button [...] che trovi in ​​corrispondenza della voce Folder, select the location where you want to save the images after conversion and press the button Converted, below, so as to start the conversion procedure.

    IrfanView (Windows)

    How to convert BMP files to JPG

    Another tool that I want to suggest you to use, especially if you need to convert many images at the same time, is IrfanView: it is an image viewer that also includes a series of very useful tools to convert and rename photos in batches. It's free and it's only for Windows.

    To download IrfanView on your PC, connect to the program download page on FossHub and, depending on the version of Windows you are using, click on the link IrfanView 64-bit Windows Installer or on that IrfanView 32-bit Windows Installer.

    Also download the file to translate the program interface by visiting the appropriate section of the IrfanView website and clicking on the link Installer that you find next to the item city.

    When the download is complete, open the first one .exe file ottenuto and click on your button Yes, in the window and on the desktop. Then press the button NEXT for four consecutive times and then on that Done. Now, close the program window that has appeared on the screen and start the .exe file related to interface translation. Then click on the buttons Yes, install e OK and start the software again by double clicking on the software collegamento added on desktop.

    Now that you see the IrfanView window on the screen again, click on the button with the screwdriver and the wrench located at the top right, select the item Language present on the left side of the new window that opens, choose thecityno from the list on the right and click the button OK.

    Next, go to the menu Fillet (top left), click on the item Convert / Rename to Batch present in the latter and, in the window that opens, make sure that the option is selected Convert to series which is on the left (otherwise you can do it yourself). Then set the item JPG in the drop-down menu Target format and use the box at the top right to find the images to be treated.

    Drag, therefore, the icons of the BMP files to convert in the box located at the bottom right, click on the button Shop by Department, to select the folder to export the images to, and press Start serial action, to start the conversion process. If you want to adjust the quality level of the output files first, click the button options and use the adjustment bar in the window that opens to adjust your preferences.

    Preview (macOS)

    How to convert BMP files to JPG

    If you are using Mac and looking for a solution to convert BMP files to JPG, the best news I can give you is that you can do it all with Preview, the image and PDF viewer included "standard" in macOS. How? I'll explain it to you right away.

    The first step you need to take is to import all the BMP files to be transformed into JPG within Preview. There are two ways to do this: the first is to select images via cmd + click and open them all at the same time by double clicking on any of them, while the second consists in opening a single image, activating the display of Miniature from the menu Vista of the program (top left) and drag all the photos to convert to the left sidebar.

    When the operation is complete, you must select the thumbnails by clicking on any of them and pressing the key combination cmd + a on the Mac keyboard, then you have to right click on any of the thumbnails and select the item Export as give the menu to compare.

    In the window that opens, then select the item JPEG give menu to tendin Size (if it is not visible, click on the button first options), move the indicator placed on the bar under the item Quality, to adjust the quality of the output files, choose the location to export the images in JPG format and click on the button Choose, to get the job done.

    Convert BMP to JPG online

    You don't want or can't install new programs on your computer and would like to know if there is any tool you can use convert BMP files to JPG online? The answer is yes. Here below, in fact, you will find those that I believe to be the best instruments in the category: try them and you will not regret!


    How to convert BMP files to JPG

    Have you ever heard of CloudConvert? No? No problem, I'll take care of it: this is an online service useful for converting images, videos, audio files and various types of documents. It allows you to upload files with a maximum weight of 1 GB and it's free. By subscribing to one of the paid plans (with prices starting from 8,54 euros / month) it is possible to bypass the upload limit and obtain other benefits. Also note that all files uploaded to the service are removed within a few hours.

    To use it, go to the CloudConvert page dedicated to the tool to convert BMP files to JPG and drag all the images on which you want to act into the browser window. Alternatively, click on the button Select files and "manually" select the images from your computer. If the files you want to act on are found online (e.g. on dropbox o Google Drive), click the button with the arrow, select the option you prefer from the menu that opens and load them from there.

    Then start the conversion procedure by clicking on the button Start Conversion placed at the bottom right. Once the conversion is complete, go ahead and download the final files by clicking on the button download for free that you find next to the name of each of them.

    If you want to avoid having to download the various JPG images returned one at a time, before starting the conversion procedure, you can choose to make a single download in the form of a compressed archive, by clicking on the button archive that you find on the right and specifying the format of your interest from the menu that appears.

    Always before starting the conversion, if necessary, you can adjust the quality of the final images and intervene on other parameters related to them: to do this, press the button with the wrench placed next to each file name and use the available options.


    How to convert BMP files to JPG

    As an alternative to the online service I have already told you about, you can evaluate the use of Convertio: this is another excellent free Web solution for converting images (and more). It works from any browser and operating system, has a simple and intuitive interface and allows you to upload files with a maximum size of 100 MB. It's free, but by signing up for a subscription with prices starting at $ 9,99, you can get extra features, such as the ability to upload heavier files.

    To use Convertio, go to the website of the service and click on the button From a computer, to select the BMP files you want to convert to JPG from your PC. Alternatively, drag images directly into the browser window. If the images of your interest are online, you can select the icon of dropbox or that of Google Drive to upload them from one of the cloud storage services just mentioned, or you can click on the chain to upload a file from the web by providing its URL.

    Then click on the button Converted, located at the bottom, and waits for the files to be uploaded to the service's servers first and then converted. When done, click the button Download that you find under the name of each image, to save them on your computer. Alternatively, you can save the files to your account dropbox or on Google Drive, by clicking on the relevant buttons located at the bottom of the page before starting the conversion procedure.

    How to convert BMP files to JPG on smartphones and tablets

    To conclude, I would like to point out a few Whatsapp which you can use to convert BMP files to JPG acting from smartphone and tablet.

    Image Converter (Android)

    How to convert BMP files to JPG

    If what you are using is a smartphone Android, I advise you to test Image Converter: it is an application that, as the name implies, allows you to convert images to and from all the most popular formats, even in batches. It's free, but offers in-app purchases (for $ 0,99) to remove ads.

    To download the app on your device, visit the relevant section of the Play Store and press the button Install. If necessary, authorize the download by clicking on the button Accept. Then start the app by pressing the button apri appeared on the screen or by selecting its icon present in the drawer.

    Now that you see the main application screen, tap on the item Select images to Convert and grant the latter the necessary permissions to access your files on the device, then select the images in BMP format in relation to which you are interested in going to act and tap on the item Done, to confirm your choice.

    At this point, select the option JPG from the bottom of the display (even if it should be the one selected by default), adjust the quality using the appropriate bar, placed in correspondence with the wording Quality, and pulsating premiere Convert. At the end of the procedure, tap onshare icon (Quella with i three connected dots) that you find above each image and choose the app through which to save or share the files.

    The Image Converter (iOS)

    How to convert BMP files to JPG

    Che che stai using è a iPhone or a iPad, you can rely on the application The Image Converter: it is a free app, with a beautiful user interface and very easy to use, which allows you to transform BMP files into JPG and to intervene on various other formats. It should be noted that the images are processed on the company's servers but, once the conversion is complete, they are immediately removed from the latter. Another thing to consider is that, to intervene on files weighing more than 5 MB, you need to unlock its Premium version (at a one-off cost of 5,49 euros).

    To download the application on your device, visit the relevant section of the App Store, press the button Ottieni / Installa and authorize the download via Face ID, touch ID or by Password Apple ID. Afterwards, start the application by pressing the button apri comparso sullo schermo oppure selecting the relative icon pop up on the home screen.

    Now that you see the main screen of The Image Converter, select the position where the image on which you are interested is located (from another app, from the computer or from the File app), by pressing the corresponding button, and select the file.

    Finally, select the option JPG Image (.jpg) give menu to tendin A e fai tap sul pulsating Converted, located at the bottom. Once the conversion procedure is complete, indicate the location in which to save the file obtained by pressing the button Open in, or tap the button Share to select an external application in which to open it.

    How to convert BMP files to JPG

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