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    How to convert inches to centimeters

    Google (Online)

    The first solution I want to suggest you take advantage of to convert inches to centimeters is the one offered by Google: the convert of units attached directly to the search engine. You probably weren't aware of it but you should know that, apart from the research, big G also offers several useful tools that can be used online and directly from the search results pages, which can be very useful in various circumstances. The unit converter is one of them!

    To use it, go to the Google home, type drive converter in the search bar and click the button Search with Google (or press the key Submit on the keyboard). Once this is done, you will almost magically see a unit convert appear at the top of the search results page.

    Then make sure that the option is selected from the menu at the top Length (and if not, select it) then choose the item from the menu at the bottom left Thumb and from the one at the bottom right the voice Centimeter. Finally, type the value in inches that you want to convert into centimeters in the field on the left and you will then see the result of the conversion appear in the box on the right.

    Converticious (Online)

    Another good online service that you can use as an alternative to the Google home tool to convert inches to centimeters is Converticious. It is a Web service that, as easily understood by the name itself, serves one and only purpose but does it perfectly: converting. Conversion of inches to centimeters apart, the service also allows you to intervene on various other units of measurement, all free and directly from the browser, without having to download and install anything on your computer.

    To use it, connected to the main page of Converticious through the link I have given you a moment ago, select inch in from the left column and then click on the item cm centimeter present in the right column. Then fill in the field Enter a value placed in the center with the value in inches you want to convert to centimeters and then click on the button Convert.

    Once this is done, you will see the converted value appear at the top, in a yellow box. By clicking on the item Copy placed on the side you can also quickly copy the result of the conversion procedure just obtained. (Online)

    Another online tool you can use to convert inches to centimeters is the converter on the website It is in cittàn, it is very simple to use and it also allows you to select the number of decimal places.

    All you have to do to use it is to connect to the main page of the convert using the link I have just indicated, type the value in inches to be converted in the field below the wording I would like to convert:select Inch (in) from the drop-down menu next to it and indicate the number of decimals using the last menu available.

    Once this is done, the conversion of the entered value will be carried out in all the main units of length. You will see the results appear at the bottom of the page. Then locate the section Metric and in correspondence with the item Centimeter you will find the converted value of your interest.

    Convert (Windows)

    Instead of using an online service, would you prefer to convert inches to centimeters using an ad hoc software to run on your computer? Then you can turn to Convert. It is a small portable program usable on all Windows operating systems, from the oldest to the most recent, which performs conversions between a wide range of metrics, practically almost all of the existing and approved ones.

    To use it, connect to the software download page via the link I just indicated and click on the button Download Convert vXXX (itss free!) that you find in the center of the screen. Then wait a few moments for the software download procedure to start and complete, then extract the ZIP file obtained in any location on your computer (the desktop is fine too!) And double-click on the executable file Convert present inside you.

    Once this is done, you will find yourself in front of the program interface. To convert inches to centimeters, proceed by selecting the tab Distanceclick sulla voce inch (in) che trovi in ​​corrispondenza della sezione Input present on the left and then click on the item centimeter (cm) present in correspondence of the section ouput on the right.

    Then type the value in inches that you intend to obtain in centimeters in the field at the bottom placed in correspondence with the wording Input: and you will immediately and automatically obtain the result of the conversion in correspondence of the field Output:.

    By clicking on the item Options located at the top you can also make a copy of the value obtained directly in the Windows clipboard, by selecting the option Copy output to clipboard in the menu that will open, and you can choose to invert the two units of measurement, by clicking on the item Invert selected units always attached to the menu displayed on the screen.

    If necessary, you can also customize the operation of the software according to your needs and requirements (eg change the number of decimal digits, that of the various conversion cards available, etc.). To do this, just select the wording Preferences ... attached to the menu visible after clicking on the item Options at the top of the program window.

    Spotlight / Siri (macOS)

    Do you use a Mac? In that case you can convert inches to centimeters directly from Spotlight, without having to start any application, without calling up the use of the system calculator and using a natural language. If instead of writing you prefer to talk ... you can instead rely on Crab!

    Do you want to try? Yup? Very good! So for starters, call Spotlight by clicking on the icon with the magnifying glass that you find in the upper right part of the Mac desktop or via the keyboard shortcut cmd + space bar. In the spotlight search field that at this point is shown to you in the center of the screen, type N inches to centimeters (instead of N enter the value in inches that you intend to convert to centimeters) and… in a few moments you will see the exact result of the conversion appear on the right.

    If, on the other hand, you prefer to contact Siri, call the Apple virtual assistant by clicking on the relative icon with the colorful waves that you find in the upper right part of the Mac desktop or recall its use by long pressing the keyboard shortcut alt + space bar. Once the Siri window is displayed and the relevant beep sounds, say N inches to centimeters (instead of N enter the inch value you intend to convert to centimeters). Once this is done, you will see the result of the conversation appear and hear from Siri.

    App (Android, iOS and Windows Phone)

    Are you looking for a handy tool to convert inches to centimeters directly from mobile? Yup? So why not take a look at the apps listed below. These are very practical resources that you can "invoke" on the display of your mobile phone or tablet at the most appropriate time and that can also be used offline. There are for Android, for iOS and for Windows Phone. Choose the one you think will do the most for you and download it now!

    • Exchanger (for Android) - This is a free app that allows you to convert multiple currencies and units at the same time. It is characterized by a very elegant “flat” design that makes it very beautiful, as well as extremely useful.
    • Unit converter (for Android) - As the name suggests, this is an application for Android capable of performing various types of conversions from one unit to another, including, of course, inches and centimeters. It can also be used in landscape mode to make the most of it on a tablet.
    • Angstrom (for iOS) - An excellent app for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch that allows you to convert various types of currencies and units of measurement through a very intuitive and pleasing to the eye interface. The application is free but to unlock all conversion units you need to make an in-app purchase of € 1,99.
    • Unitify - (for iOS) - This is another great app for converting inches to centimeters (but also other units of measurement). It is fast, convenient and even allows you to choose a theme that is penalized for the interface. To try!
    • Unit Converter (for Windows Phone) - A specific app for Windows Phone to convert directly from the screen of your device. Note that the various units of measurement available are marked with explanatory drawings.
    How to convert inches to centimeters

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