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    How to convert money

    Online services

    Let's start this guide entirely dedicated to how to convert money by reviewing what in my humble opinion represent the best online services in the category. You will find them all listed below. You don't have to download anything to your computer to serve. They can be used without problems by all major web browsers and any operating system. In short, try them now and you will see that you will not regret it.

    Google converter

    How to convert money

    You probably weren't aware of it but you need to know that Google, in addition to being the number one search engine in the world, it also provides Internet users with various useful tools for the most diverse purposes. I am not referring to external resources or in some way connected to the Google account but to tools accessible directly from the search results. They also include a nice currency converter.

    What do you have to do to access it and to be able to use it? Nothing simpler. Go to the Google home page, type in the search field the amount in a given currency you want to convert into another currency and press the button Submit on the keyboard. Once this is done, you will immediately see the result of your conversion appear in a special box. Very comfortable, don't you think?

    For example, if you want to convert 15 euros to British pounds, you have to type in the Google search bar 15 euros in British pounds and press the button Submit on the computer keyboard. Once this is done, you will see the aforementioned box appear indicating the result of the conversion, that is 15 euros = 13,426491 British Pounds.

    Yahoo! Finance

    How to convert money

    Like Google, too Yahoo!, another famous search engine, offers a service entirely dedicated to finance and currency conversion. It supports all major currencies currently in circulation and also allows you to know past valuations. It is undoubtedly very useful.

    To use it, connect to its home page and check that the currency of origin is selected in the first drop-down menu. Then select, through the second drop-down menu, the currency in which you want to make the conversion and then type in the first empty field the amount you intend to convert and you can immediately view the result of the exchange in the empty field at the bottom. If you need to, you can also quickly reverse the figures and currencies by clicking on the button with the two arrows located on the right.

    I also point out that, always on the right, you will find a graph with the trends of the last few days through which you can know the increase and decrease of the prices for the current currency. At the section currenciesInstead, find changes in the value of various currencies in real time. By clicking on the freccia rivolta verse destra you can also view more details.

    How to convert money

    The Web services to convert money that I have already proposed have not been able to satisfy your needs? Then try taking a look at the and you will see that you will not regret it. It is another tool in the category that is very easy to use and through some you can, even in this case, know how much the value of a given currency is long ago.

    To use it, connected to its main page, select the source currency from the drop-down menu on the left and through the one on the right the currency to convert to, then type the value to be converted in the field on the left and you can immediately view the conversion in the previously selected coin on the right. The value of the currently selected currency is also indicated in correspondence with the two fields in which to enter the values.

    If you need to, you can also swap the two currencies by simply clicking on the button with the two arrows che sta to the center.

    Do you want to know how much the value of a specific currency was in recent days? Then click on the button with the program che trovi in ​​corrispondenza della voce Date: and select the reference date. At the bottom of the page you will find a graph showing the trend of the exchange rate. For more details, click on the item Overview >> which is high up.

    App for smartphones and tablets

    Are you looking for a tool to convert money that can be used directly and comfortably from your smartphone or tablet? Then take a look at the ad hoc applications listed below. They are free, available for both Android and iOS and very reliable. If I were you I would not hesitate even a minute and download them immediately.

    XE Currency (Android / iOS)

    How to convert money

    XE Currency is one of the most popular and popular currency conversion apps for both Android and iOS. It offers a service of indisputable quality with data that is always updated in real time. It allows you to automatically convert up to a maximum of customizable currencies and also integrates a handy calculator in the numeric keypad. The interface is not the best but if you don't mind it, the application turns out to be practically perfect. Eventually a Pro version is also available (for a fee), both for Android and iOS, which allows you to monitor up to 20 currencies simultaneously and which eliminates advertising.

    After downloading and installing the application on your device, to be able to use it all you have to do is start it by pressing on its icon that has been added on the home screen, tap on the button No Thanks to skip the creation of a specific account to use the service (possibly you can create it at a later time, it is especially useful for creating personalized alerts and to have all the info and data synchronized on any device) and press on the item Get started down.

    Now make sure that the source currency is selected at the top. If not, select it from the list below. If the currency you are interested in is not even on the list in question, click on Add other currencies and select it from there. Now, step on the field at the top and type in the value you want to convert and then presses on green Arrow attached to the keyboard displayed on the screen.

    Once this is done, on the bottom wall of the display you will see the previously entered value converted into the indicated currencies. If you cannot find the one you are interested in among the currencies indicated, also in this case stop on Add other currencies and select it from there.

    You can also view the trend of the various currencies by tapping the button with the freccia rivolta verse destra that you find next to each of them and you can go back in time using the appropriate buttons located at the top of the screen. If, on the other hand, you want to access the tool for consulting the exchange rates, click on the button Menu (I cheer with him three lines horizontally) located at the top right and presses on Exchange rate consultant.

    Do you want to know more details about a specific currency? Then stop once again on the button Menu located at the top right, select Currency profile and choose the reference currency by tapping on the name of the default one and then selecting it from the list. You will then be shown details such as name, symbol and most used denominations, both for coins and banknotes.

    As for the creation of the account, you can immediately register one by always pressing the button Menu at the top right, tapping on the figure of thelittle man and subsequently on Register a new XE Account.

    Easy Currency Converter (Android)

    How to convert money

    As an alternative to the aforementioned resource, if you use Android you can turn to Easy currency converter. It is an application through which over 180 world currencies and 4 metals can be converted between them. It also allows you to know the rates live, to monitor up to a maximum of 22 currencies simultaneously and to consult the appropriate graphs. Gem of the goodies: it also works offline!

    After downloading and installing it on your device, to be able to use it, make sure that the original currency you are interested in is selected in the menu at the top left (and if not, select it by tapping on it and choosing it from the menu that is proposed to you) and that in the menu at the top right there is the currency in which to convert (even in this case, if it is not the correct one, tap it above and select the right currency from the menu that opens).

    Then type the value you want to convert in the first field and immediately you will see the result of the conversion in the second. Very easy!

    Below you will find the graphs through which you can monitor the trend of currencies, while pressing the button Update you can instantly update the values.

    Instead, plugging on the button with i three dots at the top of the will hear and select the item Settings you can access the application settings and enable offline mode, define the update frequency and much more.

    My Currency Converter: Exchange Rates (iOS)

    How to convert money

    Do you use an iPhone or an iPad and the application to convert currencies that I told you about in the previous lines has not convinced you? Then try My Currency Converter: Exchange Rates, I am sure it will be able to satisfy your needs. This is a nice application at no cost for the "bitten apple" devices that allows you to convert the value of over 180 world currencies together, to know the exchange rate directly in real time and the related graphs (the data is taken from and also to see how much the value of Bitcoin, gold and silver is.

    To use it you must first download and install it on your device. Then presses on its icon that has been added on the home screen and in the screen that is shown to you make sure that the currency from which you want to convert is selected at the top left and that the currency is selected at the top right the final. If not, press on the respective menus and select the correct currency. If you need to, you can also swap currencies by pressing the button with the symbol of monete placed at the top center.

    Then fill in the text field on the left to see the result of the conversation appear on the right.

    In the lower part of the screen you will find the most common currencies and the result of the conversion of the previously entered value. If, on the other hand, you want to view the graphs, stop on the relative icon in the center of the screen, on the green bar.

    How to convert money

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