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    How to convert RTF to DOC

    Convert RTF to DOC on PC

    If you want convert an RTF file to DOC on PC, all you have to do is pay attention to the software that I will point out to you in the next chapters. I'll give you some free and integrated Windows and macOS solutions, if you don't have the Microsoft Word software.

    WordPad (Windows)

    How to convert RTF to DOC

    WordPad is a Windows tool that allows you to create and edit text documents. It could be said that it turns out to be somewhere in between the pre-installed software Block notes e Microsoft Word.

    In case you have a document in RTF format that you want to convert to DOC, all you have to do is open it with WordPad: to do so, you can simply right-click on the file in question and select the items Open with> WordPad from the context menu.

    Alternatively, you can do it directly from WordPad: start it, via its quick start icon in the menu Home Windows, or individual, using the appropriate Windows search function included in the taskbar or in the Start menu; done this, after starting WordPad, choose the items File> Open, from the tabs at the top, to open the .RTF file.

    At this point, select the tab again Fillet and press on the items Save As> Office Open XML Document. Then choose a name to assign to the file and press the button Save. This way, you will save the file in DOCX, a format similar to DOC, but which retains the original formatting.

    Alternatively, select the items File> Save As> Other Formats from the top menu and type the file name, followed by the extension ".doc" (for example document.doc). Press the button Save and a warning will notify you of the consequences of saving in this format (loss of formatting): press the key OK to confirm.

    Microsoft Word (Windows / macOS)

    How to convert RTF to DOC

    If the suite is installed on your PC Office or the only one Microsoft Word, you can very well convert RTF files to DOC in a simple and immediate way. Although the software is paid, if you subscribe to the plan Office 365 (starting from 7 euro / month) you can still test it for 1 month completely free: I told you about it in detail in this guide.

    The first thing you need to do to convert your document with Word is to start the famous Microsoft word processing software, via its quick launch icon in the menu Home. Once this is done, select the item apri from the menu Fillet, located at the top left, and press on Shop by Department, to locate the fillet . RTF on the PC. Alternatively, when you double-click on the file in question, Microsoft Word should automatically start, as Windows associates the extension in question with this software.

    Now, go back to the menu Fillet e seleciona le voci Save As> Browse from the latter. In the screen that opens, select the destination folder, type il name you want to assign to the document in the appropriate text field and set the option Word document give menu to tendin Save eat. Finally, press on the button Save And that's it.

    This way, your document will be saved in the modern format . DOCX. Alternatively, to convert it to . DOC, select the option Word 97-2003 document from the same drop-down menu.

    LibreOffice Writer (Windows / macOS)

    How to convert RTF to DOC

    Is there no version of Office installed on your computer? Don't despair. You can very well make up for this lack by downloading LibreOffice.

    If you don't know what it is, I just tell you that it's the best free and open source alternative to Microsoft Office: it includes word processing software similar to Word, one for processing spreadsheets, one for creating presentations and much more. yet. It is completely in cittàn and - the thing that interests you the most right now - is perfectly compatible with all Office file formats. It is also compatible not only with Windows, but also with macOS and Linux.

    To download LibreOffice on your PC, connect to the suite website and click on the button Download the XXX version. Automatically, the installation file compatible with the operating system installed on your PC will be downloaded. If you are using a Mac, you must also click on the button Translated user interface, to download the cittàn translation of the suite (which is included in the Windows version). When the download is complete, go on Windows, double click on the installation file and finish the setup by clicking on the button NEXT twice in a row and then on Install, Yes e end.

    Su MacOSinstead, double-click the .DMG file and drag theLibreOffice icon in the folder Applications. Then start LibreOffice by right clicking on its icon and selecting the item apri twice consecutively (this operation is only necessary at the first start) and close the software completely by pressing cmd + q on the keyboard. Once this is done, open .dmg package of the cittàn translation, fai clic destro sull'eseguibile LibreOffice Language Pack, select the voice apri from the context menu and click on apri e Install. Then select the path /Applications/, award-winning Install and, if a warning about permissions appears, click on the button Yes, identify me, enter the password of the Mac and click on the button OK twice in a row to finish the setup.

    Mission accomplished! At this point you just have to start LibreOffice, select the item Open file from the side menu and open the RTF document to be transformed into DOC. Once the file is open, go to the menu Filletat the top and select the item Save with name.

    In the screen that opens, type the name to be assigned to the document in the appropriate text field, choose the folder to export it to and set the option Word 97-2003 in the drop-down menu Save eat, to save it in .DOC format. Alternatively, choose the option Word 2007-365 to save it in . DOCX. Finally, click on the buttons Save e Use Microsoft Word 97-2003 format (Or Use Microsoft Word 2007-365 format) And that's it.

    TextEdit (macOS)

    How to convert RTF to DOC

    Do you want convert an RTF file to DOC your Mac? Nothing easier: you don't even have to download additional programs to your computer. All you have to do is select the RFT format document and open it with TextEdit, the text editor present “standard” in macOS.

    If you don't know how to do it, you can start this software by double clicking on the document or you can right click on it and select TextEdit from the menu Open with. Once the document is open, you need to select the item Save with name from the menu Fillet (to make it appear, hold down the key alt on the keyboard) and choose the option Word 97 document (DOC) or Word 2007 document (DOCX) give menu to tendin File format. Finally, press the button Save, to complete the conversion of the document to the selected format.

    Convert RTF to DOC on smartphones and tablets

    You want to act directly from smartphone o tablet to convert RTF files to DOC? Then read carefully all the suggestions I will give you in the next paragraphs.

    Microsoft Office / Word (Android / iOS / iPadOS)

    How to convert RTF to DOC

    One app you can use to convert an RTF document to DOC is Microsoft Office, available for free on both Android and iOS / iPadOS. The app is free and integrates all Microsoft productivity services, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint, as well as managing PDF documents.

    To use the app Microsoft Office to convert your RTF documents into DOC, start the latter and press onfolder icon (up). After that, choose the voice This device, to search for the RTF document on the mobile device memory, or choose one of the other available options, to acquire it from OneDrive or other cloud storage services.

    Now, after the content of the RTF document will be shown, click on the icon  and select the item Save with name. You just have to choose a destination to save the new file (locally or in the cloud) and assign a name, using the appropriate text box at the bottom.

    At this point, press the button Save, to start converting the document to DOCX. This format, although different from DOC, keeps the formatting of the original document.

    I point out that you can also use the app Microsoft Word to convert your RTF documents to DOC. The procedures to follow are very similar to those I indicated in the previous paragraphs. You can install the app in question on both Android and iOS / iPadOS. More info here.

    Google Docs (Android / iOS / iPadOS)

    How to convert RTF to DOC

    Another free app that can be useful for your purposes is Google documents. This app is usually pre-installed on Android smartphones and tablets, but you can download it from the Play Store at this link. On iPhone and iPad it is available on the App Store.

    To use Google Docs for convert RTF documents to DOC, what you need to do is run this app on your mobile device by pressing its quick start icon on the home screen. Once this is done, press onicon della cartella, which you find at the top, and select the item Device storage space from the menu, to locate the RTF file to import.

    The latter will be uploaded to Google Drive and automatically converted into a format compatible with this service. To export it in DOCX format (DOC is not present), click on the icon , which you find at the top, and select the items Share and Export> Save As.

    From the options you see, tap the box Word (.docx) and press the button OK. The document in question will be converted into the chosen format and will always be available within the Google cloud. To export it to your device, press the icon again and choose the items Share and export> Make a copy> Device. Tap on Save, choose the destination folder and press the button again Save.

    Convertire file RTF to DOC online

    Don't want to install any software or apps on your device? Then you can turn your attention to online services for convert RTF files to DOC. You will find all the details in the next chapters, knowing that your privacy will be protected by the fact that the services in question delete the files uploaded to their servers within a few hours of uploading.


    How to convert RTF to DOC

    Among the online services you can use to convert your documents RTF in DOC, what I recommend is CloudConvert. This service is free but has some limitations, such as the ability to convert a maximum of 25 files per day (if you register a free account) which drop to 10, in case you want to use this service without registering.

    To use CloudConvert, after reaching its website, press the button Select File, to select the RTF file from your computer. You can also press on the icon , alongside, to expand the menu and choose to import the file from Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox or a URL.

    Once this is done, press the button Convert and wait for the conversion process to come to an end. When the file is ready (it takes just a few seconds for the procedure), press the button Download, to download the converted document to your computer.

    If I wanted to convert the file to DOCXinstead, after uploading the RTF file to this service, select the option DOCX from the drop-down menu next to the wording Convert to and follow the same instructions I gave you in the previous lines.


    How to convert RTF to DOC

    Another online tool that can do for you is the one offered by Convertio. It too, like the service I explained to you in the previous chapter, allows you to convert an RTF document into DOC. You can use Convertio for free, but you will only be able to convert up to 10 files per day.

    To use this service, go to the official website and click on the wording Choose file, to upload the RTF document from your computer. You can also select one of the icons alongside to import the file from Dropbox, Google Drive or URL.

    At this point, if you want to change the output format, click on the drop-down menu next to the file name, to choose another one (for example DOCX). Then press the button Converted, to start the conversion procedure.

    In a few moments, the document will be converted and you can download it to your PC by pressing the appropriate button Download. Facile, see?

    How to convert RTF to DOC

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