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    How to convert WMV to AVI

    Convert WMV to AVI on Windows

    If you are looking for a solution for convert WMV to AVI and use a PC equipped with Windows, know that you are spoiled for choice: in fact, there are many free converters you can rely on and which allow you to transform a WMV file into an AVI compatible with most living room players and devices in circulation.

    Mobile Media Converter

    Even if it is not among the most famous or used video converters in the Windows environment, I would like to recommend you Mobile Media Converter as the first solution as it is a free, fast, intuitive software available in a portable version, that is, usable without having to face tedious installation procedures. It supports all popular audio and video file formats (WMV, AVI, MP4, FLV, MOV, WebM, MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, etc.) and works with all popular Windows editions.

    To download it to your PC, connect to its official website and click on the link portable found under the heading Download for Windows. Next, launch the executable Mobile Media Converter xx Portable.exe, drag the WMV files to be transformed into AVI in the window that opened on your PC desktop and select the option AVI video give menu to tendin Conversion to.

    At this point, set the option High give menu to tendin Quality (to get a good quality file after conversion) and click the button (...) to choose the folder in which to save the final videos. If you want, also click on the ▶ ︎ button located at the bottom right and press the button Advanced to access the advanced settings of the Mobile Media Converter, through which to specify video bitrate, audio bitrate, FPS (framerate), video codec, audio codec and other advanced parameters of the output videos (change these values ​​only if you know where to put your hands, please!).

    Once all preferences have been adjusted, press the button Convert! and Mobile Media Converter will start converting movies from WMV to AVI. The duration of the operation will depend on the length of the selected videos and the power of your computer.

    XMedia Recode

    XMedia Recode is a great alternative to Mobile Media Converter. Going into more detail, it is a free converter based on FFMPEG (a very popular command line software that allows you to convert, record and play all major types of multimedia files) that you can use simply without going through tedious installation procedures.

    To download the portable version of XMedia Recode on your PC, connect to the official website of the program and click on the link of download for free present in the table relating to XMedia Recode Portable. Successively, apri il zip package you obtained, extract the contents to any folder and run the executable XMedia Recode.exe.

    In the window that opens, expand the drop-down menu Size e seleziona l'opzione REVIEWS from the latter. Then drag the WMV files you want to transform into AVI in the white space with the cells (top) and start the conversion of the same by pressing the button first Add to queue (top center) and then onto that Encode (also top center).

    If you want, you can choose the destination folder of the output files by clicking on the button Sfoglia ... located at the bottom right, while selecting the tab Filters / Preview, you can apply various filters and effects to the videos to be converted, such as cropping or changing resolution.

    Convert WMV to AVI on Mac

    I use a Mac? No problem, there are many free converters even for macOS, the operating system of Apple computers. A few examples? I'll settle you immediately.


    Adapter is a free converter based on FFMPEG (well-known command line software for converting, viewing and recording multimedia files) which is very quick and easy to use. It is also available for Windows, but it is on macOS that it manages to give its best (that's why I recommend it only in this part of the tutorial dedicated to Apple systems).

    To download it to your computer, connect to its official website and click on the blue button Download. Then open the dmg package you just downloaded, drag Adapter into the folder Applications and start the software by right clicking on its icon and selecting the item apri from the context menu (this operation is only necessary at the first start, to bypass macOS restrictions on applications from non-certified developers).

    You should be asked to install FFMPEG, the free component on which Adapter is based, to which I mentioned earlier: accept, by pressing the button Continue, and follow the procedure that is shown on the screen. Next, take the WMV videos you want to convert to AVI and drag them to the Adapter window.

    Then select the items Video> General> Custom AVI (* .avi) from the drop-down menu located at the bottom center, presses onicona dell'ingranaggio located at the bottom right to call up the menu with the program's advanced settings and select the destination folder in which to export the AVI files: by clicking on the source you can save the output videos to the source videos folder while clicking on the tab Custom you can choose a custom folder.

    After that, if you know where to put your hands, you can adjust parameters like the bitrate, framerate and resolution of the output videos e bitrate e quality audio. Once all the parameters have been adjusted, click on the button Convert and waits for the conversion procedure to be completed. The duration of the operation will depend on the length of the selected videos and the power of your computer.

    Total Video Converter Lite

    If you use a Mac you can rely on another free software that is extremely simple to use: it is called Total Video Converter Lite and you can download it from the Mac App Store by simply clicking on the button See in the Mac App Store (to open the Mac App Store) and then on that Get / Install the app present in the window that opens.

    When the installation is finished, you can convert WMV to AVI by dragging the videos into the application window and choosing the item Video> MPEG4 AVI from the menu for selecting the output format.

    Finally, press the button with the two arrows, choose the destination folder, click on Choose and wait for the conversion to come to an end. Easier than that ?!

    Convert WMV to AVI online

    Use gods online services to convert video it's not the best of life. And it's easy to imagine why: they often have quite stringent upload limits and, considering the often important weight of video files, upload times can be really long. That said, if you need to convert WMV files to AVI on a computer that can't download software like the ones I recommended earlier, here are some web services that might be right for you.

    123Apps Video Converter

    123Apps Video Converter is, as the name suggests, a free video converter that works right from your browser. It is free, requires no registration and has no stringent upload limits (supports files up to 2GB in weight).

    To use it, connected to its main page and click on the button Open file to choose the video to convert (or drag it to the browser). Then select the button avi from the card Video, wait for the WMV video upload to be completed and press the button Converted which is located at the bottom.

    Once the completion bar reaches 100%, you can download your video in AVI format by simply clicking on the button Download which will appear in the center of the screen.


    CloudConvert is an online service that allows you to convert many different types of files: videos, but also photos, music, Office files, PDFs and much more. It is free, but has an upload limit of 1GB and allows you to perform a maximum of 5 conversions at the same time with 25 minutes of conversion per day. To eliminate these limitations, it is necessary to subscribe to one of the paid plans of the service, from 8,54 euros (for 500 minutes of conversion).

    Its operation is really intuitive. To convert WMV files to AVI with CloudConvert, in fact, all you have to do is connect to this page of the service and drag the videos to be converted into the browser window. Next, click the button Start conversion, wait for the upload and conversion of the videos and download the final result by pressing the green button Download that appears next to the name of each edited video.

    How to convert WMV to AVI

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