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    How to create secure passwords to protect your data

    Are your data and email accounts safe? Here's how to create strong passwords.

    Le passwords used to access online services or personal accounts, they are often underestimated. In some cases, not very complex passwords are used, which could be discovered by malicious people. We at Infolab Data also carry out Penetration Tests, through which we evaluate the degree of reliability and security of the corporate IT network, also investigating any passwords that are not effective.

    It is important to generate secure and reliable passwords, to avoid suffering a data theft that could cause enormous damage, both to the company and to individuals. Some are listed below advice to make a password that is difficult enough to crack.

    1. Do not enter vocabulary words

    If the password consists of a single word in the vocabulary, a simple brute force attack may be enough to crack it. So it is important to use particular words, perhaps making changes and making decoding more difficult.

    2. Don't use familiar dates and names

    If the criminal who wants to find out the password knows you personally, he can make several attempts using words familiar to you. Maybe he could try to access your account by entering the name of a family member, relative or animal as a password. So it is always advisable to avoid using too personal names, because they could easily be identified.

    3. Don't use the same password for multiple accounts

    You have probably used the same password for multiple accounts, for example for mail or for your cloud service. This practice is strongly discouraged because the attacker, once the password has been found, could also access other accounts personal. Therefore it is advisable to always use different passwords for each account, avoiding possible problems.

    4. Don't use the same password for too long

    For security reasons, it is recommended to change the password after a certain period of time, for example every 6 months. This decreases the likelihood of passwords being discovered.

    5. Use an effective secret question

    It may seem trivial, but the secret question used to reset your password when you forget it is often used by bad guys to log into your account. Secret questions are often used with really simple answers and trivial, and a minimum of knowledge of the victim may be sufficient to find the answer to the question. So it is important not to underestimate this aspect, choosing non-trivial questions and answers.

    6. Avoid storing passwords in the browser

    Sometimes to speed up login operations, passwords can be stored in the browser. This procedure is certainly convenient, but it can prove itself unsafe if the PC is used by an attacker. So it is better not to memorize important account passwords to avoid problems.


    To obtain a secure password, it is also good to use special characters, with letters and numbers. In this way a good deciphering difficulty is obtained.

    If you need to assess the security of your corporate network, you can contact us for advice. We can perform advanced Penetration Tests to identify security flaws and problems.

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