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How to add a contact on WhatsApp

Before I give you any advice on how to declare yourself to crush on WhatsApp, I want to explain how to add a contact in the popular instant messaging app, which you can download for free from the Play Store of Android (or from its official website, in case your device does not have Google services) and from the App Store of iPhone.

To do this, first launch the WhatsApp, by pressing on its icon located on the home screen and / or in the drawer of your device.

Now, if you use Androidpigia sull'icona comic located in the lower right corner, corresponding to the screen Chat, in order to start with the procedure of adding a new contactby pressing on the appropriate menu item.

Su iPhoneinstead, to add a new contact you have to press the icon pencil located in the upper right corner of the screen Chat, so you can then tap on the item new contact.

Once this is done, in both cases, fill in all the text fields on the screen, to customize the contact card you are about to add, indicating all the required information, such as name, last name, telephone number and possibly, also the ancillary information, such as for example theemail address or birthday.

Finally, on Android, confirm the addition by pressing the button with the √ icon located in the upper right corner. Up iOSinstead, at the end of the customization, first press the button Save located in the upper right corner and then tap the button Done, to end the procedure.

In case of doubts or problems, or for more information about it, refer to my tutorial in which I explain in more detail how to add a contact on WhatsApp.

How to write to a person on WhatApp

Now that you have added on WhatsApp the person you have an interest in, I want to explain to you how to break the ice by starting a conversation with her or him. To do this, first find its name on the screen Chat, then tap on the same to open the screen relating to his private conversation.

At this point, use the text field at the bottom to write the text of the message and, when you are ready, press the icon of arrow, to send it. Also, you need to know that, through WhatsApp, you can also send multimedia elements, such as photos and videos taken or recorded on the spot.

To do this, in fact, you just need to press the icon camera, while, to send items already present in the gallery of your device, press the paperclip icon (on Android) or the icon + (on iPhone).

Still talking about the other useful features of WhatsApp you will surely be interested to know that you can send voice messages (the microphone) and make video calls (the video camera), as well as voice calls (the handset): these features are free, as they are carried out over the Internet.

Other possibilities offered by WhatsApp are to send GIFs and stickers, but also to share, in the chat, your position, a document and even a contact. in case you want to learn more about the operation of this well-known messaging app, I suggest you read my tutorial in which I explain in more detail how WhatsApp works.

Tips on how to declare yourself crush on WhatsApp

Deciding to first declare yourself to the person in whom you have a sentimental interest is certainly a courageous important step and, therefore, I want to give you some general advice to help you in this intent. So, take a look at the food for thought that I am about to give you in the lines below; might be right for you.

  • Try to understand his feelings: I can definitely understand that you have finally made the decision to declare your feelings to someone via WhatsApp, but try not to be too hasty. Before taking such an important step, perhaps you should first make sure you get to know this person better and understand what their feelings are towards you, to avoid ruining what is a simple friendship for him or her.
  • Don't be too direct: if you feel you are sure you want to declare yourself to the person you have an interest in, I suggest you do it in an "indirect" way. Do not touch the subject too explicitly and try to make the other person understand your interest, using the right words, without being too specific. In this way, if the other person is interested in you too, he will surely be able to pick up the "signals".
  • Be prepared for any rejection: if you have decided to declare yourself to your crush via WhatsApp, it is probably because you think you are reciprocated. Despite this security of yours, however, I advise you to also consider the possibility of a refusal; in this way, in the event that, unfortunately, this should happen, you will already be mentally prepared to face this sentimental defeat.
  • Be polite and polite: in the event that you receive a "two of spades" try to react constructively and not take it too personally, so always answer in a polite and polite way. Also, try to turn this refusal into an opportunity: even if this person does not reciprocate your feelings, you may think about continuing to see you in friendship, so as not to lose the relationship that has been built.
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