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    How to disable Google Assistant on Android?

    Google Assistant is at the heart of all Android smartphones in recent years. But not all users like it. If you are one of them, we will see in this article how to deactivate it for good.


    Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, or Cortana, personal assistants are now in all our electronic devices. Smartphones, tablets, computers and connected speakers. We must admit that they are useful in many ways and make life easier for many tasks. They are now performed by show of hands. Just ask these helpful assistants. But for reasons of privacy, they are not necessarily well seen by everyone. As for Google Assistant, here's how to disable it.

    Google Assistant: how to deactivate it

    What's the point of trying to disable Google Assistant? Whether on a smartphone or a Nest Home (or Google Home), some may fear being constantly spied on for the simple reason that the microphone is always on, which allows the assistant to respond promptly each time. that we pronounce "Ok Google".

    This means that none of the things you say before or after escapes Google, even if the latter insisted on reassuring many times that these servers only kept these instructions given to the assistant. If you're bothered by this, it's always possible to disable Google Assistant's Ok Google feature.

    By doing so, the AI ​​stops listening. To launch it, it will have to be done manually each time. Note that this feature has recently been disabled by default. If you're even more radical and just want to disable Google Assistant, here's how:

    • Open the application Google
    • Tap the three More strokes down, right then on Parameters
    •  Select Google Assistant
    • Scroll down the page to the option General and select the
    • Toggle the Google Assistant slider to the left to disable the feature.

    Now your smartphone stops responding when you say Hey Google or long press the home button. Features related to your personal information like My Day and Sleep Mode are no longer available.

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