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    How to download videos for WhatsApp

    Sharing a video on WhatsApp is really a breeze. All you have to do is select the appropriate icon attached to the screen of the famous app and choose the movie to send. But where and, above all, how to download videos for whatsapp? Let's try to find out together.

    There are websites that allow you to download videos, mostly funny but not only, to be stored in the Android or iOS film and used in WhatsApp normally, as if they were movies recorded with the camera of your smartphone. Woe, then, to forget YouTube! The famous Google-branded portal is in fact full of funny videos, movie scenes, concerts and other films not to be missed. Unfortunately, as you surely know, they cannot be published directly in the WhatsApp chat - it is only possible to share their links - but I assure you that for the quality and quantity of the videos available, they are absolutely worth considering.

    So tell me, now that we have done some clarity about it are you ready to find out which operations, exactly, you need to perform in order to download vide for WhatsApp? Yes? Very well. So I would say not to waste any more time and to immediately start concentrating on the indications given below. I am sure that in the end you will be able to tell yourself more than satisfied and that all your friends will do nothing but ask you how and where you found those fantastic videos shared through the famous messaging app. Let it bet?

    Sites to find videos for WhatsApp


    How to download videos for WhatsApp

    VideoBash is a portal where you can find videos of all kinds, from the "usual" funny movies to music videos. In its section called Funny there are funny videos of all kinds: jokes, funny sequences with animals as protagonists, TV commercials and so on. Movies can be sorted by publication date by selecting the item Most recent from the menu at the top left or according to the number of views by choosing the option Most viewed semper dal medesimo menu a tendina.

    The videos can also be sorted by user ratings by selecting the item Top rated from the menu. To view the movies, it is practically obvious, just select their thumbnail and press the play button that is shown on the screen.


    How to download videos for WhatsApp

    FunnyPlace is another website that I suggest you take seriously if your intent is to find and download videos for WhatsApp. It is a portal that mostly collects advertising spots that can be browsed on the basis of the brands they belong to or, after accessing the section Weekly most viewed, the degree of popularity over the last week by logging in.

    To view a specific movie, just press on its preview, tap the Play button that is shown on the screen and wait for the playback of the same to start. Very simple.

    Download the videos

    How to download videos for WhatsApp

    After having seen which sites to contact to download videos for WhatsApp and once you have identified the video or videos you intend to send to your friends, let's find out what steps you need to take to download the content of interest on your smartphone.

    • Your Android, everything is done quite simply. Using a browser such as Chrome, in fact, it is possible to save any video in MP4 format simply by starting playback (i.e. by pressing the button Play), holding your finger on the latter for a few seconds and selecting the item Save video from the menu that opens. The videos are automatically stored in the system roll, ready to be shared on WhatsApp.
    • Your iPhoneUnfortunately, Safari does not yet have a download manager like Chrome on Android. This means that to download the videos from the Internet and store them in the iOS roll you have to resort to third-party applications. Which? Search the App Store for terms video downloader and you will find plenty of them, many of them free but with removable limits only for a fee. To use them, visit the sites with videos for WhatsApp, start playing the movie you want to download and press the download icon that appears automatically on the screen. At the end of the download, you will then have to go to the section Download of the app, select the downloaded video, open the sharing menu (the arrow going up) and choose the option to save the movie to camera roll.

    Share videos

    How to download videos for WhatsApp

    Now that you have finally figured out where to find the videos to share on WhatsApp and how to download them on your smartphone, I want to explain how you need to proceed to share them using the famous messaging app.

    • Your Android, to send the videos on WhatsApp that you have previously downloaded you must first import them into the section Gallery of the device. To do this, open the app Download from the screen with the applications installed on the phone, select the video to send to friends and choose to open it via Video player. At this point, all you have to do is open WhatsApp, select the conversation in which to share the movie and first press the paper clip icon located at the top right and then the icon Gallery. In the screen that opens, choose the tab Video and tap on the thumbnail of the movie to attach to your message.
    • Your iPhone, after completing the above procedure to download videos for WhatsApp, select the conversation in which to share the video, tap the button in the shape of freccia rivolta verse l'alto which is located in the lower left part of the screen that is shown to you, choose the item Photo / Video Library, select the movie from the roll of the iPhone and then presses on the voice Send located at the top right.

    I point out that in addition to being able to download videos for WhatsApp, you can also forward the videos you received in chat to other users or groups. The operation is very simple to complete: once you have identified the video to be forwarded, you need to keep your finger pressed on its preview for a couple of seconds and press the share button that appears on the screen. For more information, see my tutorial on how to forward a video on WhatsApp.

    Sites to find YouTube videos for WhatsApp

    How to download videos for WhatsApp

    If you are not interested in downloading videos for WhatsApp but simply go in search of interesting videos to share in chat, here are some sites that will help you find the best YouTube has to offer.

    • I saw tv - This is a group site that allows you to discover some of the most interesting videos on the Web, and more particularly on YouTube. To browse them, use the categories listed below: sports, weird but videos (funny videos), entertainment, tech & games etc.
    • Cute Overload - This is a site that collects videos (but also photos) of very nice animals.
    • Fail Blog - The name already says it all. This is a site that contains many videos and images of "fail", that is embarrassing situations for those who experience them but extremely fun for those who look at them from outside!
    • I Can Has Cheezburger? - This is another site dedicated to animals with very funny videos (but also photos).
    • Reddit - This is a famous social news site where you can find lots of interesting or curious news and numerous videos belonging to the same genre and coming from YpuTube.
    • Funny YouTube videos - It's my guide. This is a review of fun sites and channels on YouTube that I posted some time ago.

    To share a YouTube video on WhatsApp - I remember it even if I don't think there is a need - just copy the address and paste it in the chat. To copy the address of a movie from the official YouTube application, press the icon of the arrow located at the top and select the item copy URL from the menu that appears. To copy the address of a movie from the browser, just select the URL in the address bar and tap on the item to copy the link.

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