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    How to enter my Facebook profile


    • How to enter my Facebook profile from smartphones and tablets
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    • How to enter my Facebook profile from PC
    • How my Facebook profile looks like
    • How to know if someone enters my Facebook profile

    How to enter my Facebook profile from smartphones and tablets

    Are you going to enter your Facebook profile using your mobile or tablet? Well done! I tell you right away that you can follow two different paths: the first is to use the Facebook app for Android or for iPhone / iPad; the second, on the other hand, provides access via the Web version of the social network, using the browser installed on your device.


    Do you intend to access Facebook from Android using the dedicated app? Perfect, the first step is to install the latter: start the Play Store (the symbol ▶ ︎ colored) from the list of apps installed on your device, type the word Facebook in the bar located at the top and tap on the icon in the shape of magnifying glass.

    Then touch the Facebook icon (a blue box with a white "f" in the center) and tap the buttons Install AcceptIf you are reading this tutorial directly from your smartphone or tablet, you can press this link to directly access the Play Store page dedicated to Facebook.

    Once the Facebook installation process is complete, start the app by touching its icon on the screen dedicated to the applications installed on the device, enter theemail address (or the telephone number) and the Password associated with your Facebook account and tap the buttons Sign in, not now Allow (to allow Facebook to access the location, or Nega otherwise). How do you say? Have you lost the data to access your account? You can recover them without problems by following my dedicated guide.

    Once logged into Facebook, yours is immediately displayed Timeline, that is, the section of the app where the status updates posted by your friends, groups and pages you follow appear. To reach your goal and enter your personal profile, instead, tap the button  located at the top right and touch the item that shows yours First name & Last name, followed by the wording View your profile.

    The next screen shows yours profile page, that is the one in which all the personal information entered during the registration phase appears, divided by sections (Information, Gallery, Video and so on), along with any status updates posted by you. You can change your personal information by pressing on the item Modification, or on the symbol of pencil in correspondence with the various sections. Finally, to return to the Timeline, tap the buttons  (or on the key Go back of Android) e Home, both located in the upper left.


    Your device is a iPhone or iPad? Don't worry, you can access your Facebook profile just as easily! First, start up the App Store by tapping the icon on the main screen of your device (a white “A” on a blue background), touch the icon Search located at the bottom right, type the word Facebook in the appropriate bar and tap the button first Search located on the keyboard and then on the icon Facebook that appears on the screen (the “f” on a blue background). If you are reading this guide on an iPhone or iPad, you can open the App Store page dedicated to Facebook by visiting this link.

    Once you reach the dedicated section of the App Store, press the button Get and authenticated via Passwordtouch ID (the fingerprint) or Face ID (the facial recognition of iPhone X) to complete the Facebook installation procedure.

    Now, start the app you downloaded on your device, type i necessary data to access Facebook (therefore the address e-mail or telephone number, and the Password personal), tap the button Log in, repeat the operation with your voice Allow that appears in the small alert on the screen and, to avoid adding new friends, double tap the button Salta located at the top right.

    In the screen that appears immediately after, all the updates (therefore personal statuses, links, images, videos and so on) published by your friends are available. To access your personal page, tap the button  placed in lower right and presses on the voice [Name surname]: you have finally arrived in the much desired profile!

    You can change your personal information by pressing the appropriate button placed top right (the small "avatar" flanked by the pencil). To exit and return to the display of friends' updates, press the button < located at the top left and then on the icon Home, which you can find at the bottom left of the screen.


    How do you say? Don't intend to install the Facebook app because you are afraid that notifications will distract you too much? Wise decision! You can anyway enter your Facebook profile using the browser installed on your device: start the program you usually use to browse the Internet from your mobile device (eg. ChromeSafari), type the address in the bar at the top and tap the button Submit on the keyboard.

    At this point, type theemail address (or the telephone number) associated with your account, tap the button Log inI inserted the Password in the box that appears and presses the button again Log in. Finally, tap on the button Not now and access your profile by pressing the button first  placed at the top left and, subsequently, the voice [Nome Cognome].

    How to enter my Facebook profile from PC

    Accessing the Facebook profile from a PC is an extremely simple operation, which will take you no more than two minutes of time! First launch your favorite browser, then type in top bar the address I awarded Submit on the keyboard (alternatively, you can visit this page directly).

    Then enter yours in the appropriate boxes credenziali d'accesso, click button Log in and then, select your name that you find in the right part of the upper bar blu. It was almost easier than drinking a glass of water, wasn't it?

    How my Facebook profile looks like

    When you log into your Facebook profile, you can view everything it contains, regardless of the privacy settings used for your content and personal information. I bet you're wondering at this point how your Facebook profile appears to others, that would be to say what is shown in public (or to a specific contact) when they visit your personal page.

    I'm happy to tell you that you can satisfy your curiosity and, I'll tell you more, it's not complicated at all! First log into yours Facebook profile from PC as I showed you in the previous chapter, click on the button (...) located at the top right, next to the button View activity log, and select the item View as.

    At this point, pigia sul pulsating OK located in the warning message that appears on the screen to view yours public profile, that is, everything that appears on your personal page when it is visited by a person not registered with Facebook or not present in your contact list. If you want, you can also see how your profile shows itself to a particular friend: click on the item View as a specific person and, in the box that appears, type the friend's name in question and select it from the menu that appears immediately below.

    How to know if someone enters my Facebook profile

    If you have come this far, you have certainly acquired the necessary skills to enter your Facebook profile using all available means. Now, however, let me tell you something very important: if someone were to get hold of your password and enter your Facebook profile without permission, you would suffer identity theft and face serious repercussions. Don't you think it's possible? Unfortunately you are wrong: take a look at my tutorial on how to hack a Facebook account and you will realize how, often, the distraction is enough to cause such damage.

    It is precisely in the light of what has just been said that I advise you to take measures, activating security measures to understand if someone enters your Facebook account without permission: to begin with, change your Facebook password at regular intervals (here I have explained how to do it), then activate the access alerts by e-mail, which I told you about in depth in my tutorial on how to find out if someone logs in with your Facebook account.

    Finally, I urge you to activate thetwo-factor authentication and to consult all the other "defense" techniques I told you about in my guide on how to enter a Facebook profile: I can guarantee you that, after a thorough reading, you will be able to secure your personal pages properly .

    How to enter my Facebook profile

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