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    How to enter the BedWars server


    • Preliminary information
    • Where to find the right servers
    • How to enter the BedWars server
      • Minecraft Java Edition
      • Bedrock version

    Preliminary information

    Before proceeding in explaining how to enter the BedWars server, I think it is interesting to analyze this possibility.

    In fact, you must know that the BedWars are not included in the "base" game of Minecraft, but are games designed and introduced directly by fans, people just like you. For this reason, as you probably already know, you need to look for a server that provides for this mode.

    It's chock-full of players out there managing these virtual rooms - your goal is simply to find the right one, which is the server where BedWars have the rules that you like and are always played by many users. This way, you can have a lot of fun.

    Being created by the community, the BedWars they have no fixed rules. Usually, the ultimate goal is to destroy the bed of the opposing team. Then there may be gods automatic generators of items you will need for buy other items.

    Also, typically, the opposing team is in a 'floating island that you can only reach by building a route through the iconic ones Minecraft “cubes”. These are usually BedWars, but each server has its own way of understanding them, so take this information as a guide only.

    Where to find the right servers

    Find the right server is of paramount importance to have fun with BedWars. In fact, as mentioned in the previous chapter, the rules and ways in which these games take place depend on the server managers.

    This also means that not all servers implement this mode. In short, it is not enough to enter any virtual Minecraft room to be able to play BedWars, but you have to search for them "manually" one, perhaps trying to find the most interesting one.

    Here the first "difficulties" that less experienced users usually have come into play: where can these servers be found? If a virtual room is closed, where do you have to look to find more? Are there any differences between the versions of Minecraft or do you need to find specific servers for each one?

    Well, the answer is: there are portals that are constantly updated that list all the public servers existing. These sites also indicate which virtual rooms allow you to play BedWars and make one distinction by platform: there are servers that work through theJava edition for PC and others that can be accessed from Bedrock version, which is available on Windows 10, mobile devices e consul.

    The functionality to log into servers is still in a kind of experimental phase on the Bedrock version, as explained by the developers themselves on the official Minecraft website, so the servers in this version may be a little more difficult to find or otherwise have problems. Generally speaking, users usually look for servers for the Minecraft version for mobile devices, so it's easier to find them for that platform.

    In any case, the main sources I recommend you to draw on are the Minecraft Italy portal, where you can find the major cittàn related servers: it is mainly about server PC, just like the ones on the Minecraft Server List website, but it collects a myriad of servers from all over the world.

    Speaking, instead, of the server for the Bedrock version, mainly for that mobile devices of Minecraft, personally I got along well with the TopG portal, where I found interesting virtual rooms. Always check out the port number which, unlike the Java version, is important. If you just can't find servers, you might want to consider checking out the Minecraft PE Servers website as well.

    For the rest, I would like to advise you 2 servers in particular, regarding the modality BedWars. The first, relating to the Java version for PC, is that of Hypixel, one of the most popular Minecraft rooms ever, which can be accessed via the address

    Instead, dwelling on the version for mobile devices of Mojang's title, the speech is a bit more complex. In fact, there are no servers that have achieved the same popularity as Hypixel's.

    Therefore, I would like to recommend you a room in which I personally enjoyed myself, namely that of Rushush, accessible via the address and the door 19132.

    In short, these are my recommendations, but obviously the information I have reported could vary, the servers could change their name and so on.

    How to enter the BedWars server

    After explaining everything about BedWars and how to find servers, it's time to take action and learn how to access these virtual rooms. In reality the procedures are not too complicated: below you will find the indications divided by version.

    Minecraft Java Edition

    THEJava edition of Minecraft for PC it is the most popular in the server field. On the other hand, it has been widespread for many more years than the Bedrock one and it is therefore normal that the community favors it.

    To proceed, then start the game and go to the path Multiplayer> Add a Server. At this point, enter the server name (eg "bedwars") and his address (eg ""), remembering to press the button Done per salvare I modified it.

    Great, this way you will find the server in plain sight in the main page and you will simply have to click on the icon Play, to enter the virtual room. In some contexts, although they are now rare, you may be required to perform some sort of registration (depends on the will of the server managers).

    Here it is very difficult to give you precise indications, since each virtual room is a story in itself, but usually some appear on-screen indications or in any case on elements present near the point where your character was "generated" (for example, a Introductory "wall").

    To give you a concrete example, some servers are required to open the chat with the button T on the keyboard, type the command / register [password you want to use] [confirm the password you want to use] and press Submit. Also, when you log into the server next time, you may need to use the / login [password you chose] command, in order to log in and "make yourself recognized".

    In any case, as I mentioned before, in reality this practice was very widespread in the first years of the life of Minecraft servers, while today there are public servers hosting millions of players and therefore it would be unthinkable to ask all of them for a registration of this type.

    In short, you shouldn't have too much trouble getting into a BedWars server, following the directions I just gave you. For more details, I recommend you take a look at my guide on how to play BedWars on Minecraft for PC, where I also did a practical example and explained in detail how a classic game plays on this platform.

    Bedrock version

    As explained in the chapter on where to find servers, the Bedrock version of Minecraft has the ability to enter servers, but this is still an experimental feature. In addition, virtual room managers often prefer the mobile edition of the game, rather than the one for Windows 10 or console.

    Personally, I was able to play BedWars properly since version for mobile devices. For this reason, I'll give you a concrete example using the latter (which is no longer called “Minecraft PE”, but only “Minecraft”).

    To join a server, you need to go to the path Play> Server and tap the button Add server. After that, you need to type the server name (es. "bedwars"), l 'address (es. "") and il port number (usually it is “19132”, but it could vary) in the appropriate fields and press the button Play, bottom left, in order to enter the virtual room and start your adventure with the BedWars.

    For further information, I suggest you consult my tutorial on how to play BedWars on Minecraft PE, in which I illustrated a practical example of how a typical game plays in this mode from the Bedrock version of the game.

    Also, since you are a fan of the Mojang title, I also feel like inviting you to take a look at the page on my site dedicated to Minecraft. Here you can find, in addition to countless ideas for your gaming sessions, also tutorials that may be useful for you to better understand some steps in this guide.

    For example, you may find my tutorial on how to join a Minecraft server, as well as the one related to the best Minecraft servers, useful. Having said that, I just have to wish you a lot of fun!

    How to enter the BedWars server

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