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    How to enter the Hypixel server


    • Preliminary information
    • How to enter the Hypixel server
      • How to get into the Hypixel server from Minecraft Java Edition
      • How to get into the Hypixel server from Minecraft Bedrock

    Preliminary information

    Before illustrating yourself well how to enter the Hypixel server, I would say that you might be interested in learning more about the activities carried out by the users of this virtual room.

    Well, Hypixel Inc. is one of the most famous companies that revolve around the world of Minecraft. Originally created in 2013 by Simon “Hypixel” Collins-Laflamme and Philippe Touchette, the Hypixel server achieved very important results during the 2010-2020 decade.

    Just to be clear, on May 17, 2019 an incredible milestone was reached: 15 million unique logins. In short, it is a server particularly loved by Minecraft fans, which certainly can allow you to have fun and different experiences from those you usually do alone.

    To give you concrete examples of what the mode offered by the server, I quote a little: BedWars, SkyWars, Murder Mystery, Arcade Games, Turbo Kart Racers, Arena Brawl e Paintball Warfare. If you know a little English, you will have understood that the experiences offered by this virtual room are very different from each other and can please all types of players.

    Typically, the most popular modes among Minecraft fans are BedWars e SkyWars. In the first case the goal is to destroy the bed of the opposing team, reaching the other floating island and purchasing items from the merchant on their island. Even in the SkyWars players have their own isola, but in this case every single person has his own.

    These are particularly fun experiences and I understand, therefore, your desire to join the Hypixel server and join the other members of the community. The goal of this tutorial will be precisely to bring you quickly to achieve your goal.

    How to enter the Hypixel server

    After explaining to you what are the main activities that are carried out on the Hypixel server, I would say that you are ready to take action and join the other players.

    How to get into the Hypixel server from Minecraft Java Edition

    If you use the Java Edition of Minecraft for PC, this is the section of the guide that suits you best.

    In this case, to enter the Hypixel server, just start the game, press the button Multiplayer and click the button Aggiungi a server. At this point, you need to enter the virtual room data.

    To proceed, type therefore Hypixel as the server name e as the address of the virtual room. At this point, all you have to do is press the button first Done and then on the icon Play, present next to the server name you typed earlier.

    Perfect, you have now successfully logged into the Hypixel server and can start playing the various modes available. Typically, to access a particular game, just click while holding the object Game Menu and press onmode icon (for example, a bed is shown for the BedWars).

    You will thus enter the room dedicated to the specific mode you have chosen. Here you will find gods characters positioned on top of the "pedestals": each of them represents one variant of the mode, then you just have to read the writing above the heads of the "NPCs" (non-player characters) and click on the one related to the type of game you want to start.

    Great, now you know everything there is to know about being able to join the Hypixel server from the Java version of Minecraft for PC. Anyway, if you want to learn more, I suggest you consult my tutorial on how to play BedWars on Minecraft PC. You may also be interested in taking a look at the official Hypixel website (in English).

    How to get into the Hypixel server from Minecraft Bedrock

    How do you say? You have the Bedrock version of Minecraft, that is, the one available for mobile devices, Windows 10 and consoles? No problem, I'll explain immediately what you can do from this platform.

    Well, Hypixel once had a server for mobile devices too, but sadly the latter was closed. On the other hand, a virtual room for the Bedrock version can be difficult to manage and there are many creators of servers for Minecraft who prefer the Java Edition of the title.

    However, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the community on other virtual rooms for the Bedrock version. In fact, there are interesting servers that allow, for example, to play BedWars mode.

    Personally, I have always felt comfortable with the virtual room that has an address and port number 19132, but you can find many other servers for the Bedrock version of Minecraft, especially the mobile variant, in portals like TopG.

    In any case, to access a server from this edition of the Mojang title, just press the button first Play and in no time his quello Server & Hosting. Then, tap the button Add server and enter his "credentials", that is name (to taste, for example "bedwars"), address e port number. Finally, you just have to press the button Play and you will enter the chosen virtual room.

    I can't clearly give you any further details regarding the game modes, as each server makes its own story. However, if you want to learn more, you can do so by taking a look at my guide to the best servers for Minecraft.

    For the rest, since you are a fan of the video game developed by Mojang, I suggest you consult the page of my site dedicated to Minecraft, where you can find many other tutorials that could be for you. Having said that, I just have to wish you a lot of fun!

    How to enter the Hypixel server

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