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    How to enter the INPS site

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    • How to enter the INPS site with the PIN
      • Get the PIN
      • Access the INPS site with the PIN
    • How to enter the INPS site with SPID
      • Obtain SPID credentials
      • Access the INPS site with SPID

    How to enter the INPS site with the PIN

    Se t'interessa capire how to enter the INPS site with the PIN, continue reading the contents of this chapter, in which I am going to illustrate the steps to take to obtain the PIN to access the INPS site, if you do not already have it. Subsequently, it will be my responsibility to explain to you how to log in to the agency's services page.

    Get the PIN

    At the time of writing this guide, you can obtain the PIN to access the INPS site in at least three different ways: via online request, through Contact Center or by going to a INPS office physics.

    I immediately warn you that, for the first two methods, the delivery of the PIN takes place at two different times, in order to ensure greater security: the first part of the code is provided electronically, immediately after the registration / authentication procedure. , while the second part is sent by ordinary mail (therefore it is received after a few days).

    As regards, however, the request perpetrated through the physical INPS office, the Device PIN, which can be used immediately to make the first access to the institution's website. Aware of what I have just told you, it is up to you to choose the method that best suits your needs.

    Online PIN request

    If you prefer to request the Access PIN means Internet, proceed as follows: first, connected to the INPS website, click on the item Log into MyINPS placed in the menu at the top, go to the card PIN and click on the link Request and manage your PIN.

    Once on the next page, press the button Request PIN, immetti il ​​tuo fiscal Code in the appropriate text field, indicate yours citizenship, placing the check mark next to the most appropriate item (cittànEsther), and click the button NEXT.

    Subsequently, fill out the form that is proposed to you by entering the data required for registration: in the section dedicated to Personal data, immetti il ​​tuo namelast namedate of birthsexbirth place (Province and Municipality).

    In the part dedicated to residence datainstead, enter yours addressHouse numberProvince of residence, City of residencePOSTAL CODE. Finally, fill in the part relating to contact, inserting the landline phonephone,email address (or certified email address), then indicate a preferential telephone number it's a contact time preferential and click on the button NEXT, to continue with the registration.

    If everything went well, you should see a page containing a summary of the data entered: carefully check that they are correct and, when ready, click on the button Confirmation, to send the registration request.

    After a few moments, you will receive a SMS or a 'e-mail (based on the data entered in the previous step) containing the first 8 digits of the PIN code, which you will need to keep carefully; the remainder of the first access PIN, as already mentioned, will be sent to you via Postal mail, with waiting times ranging from 7 to 15 days.

    PIN request via Contact Center

    If you prefer to be guided by a "flesh and blood" operator during the PIN request phase, even without leaving your home or office, you can request the code via the Contact Center INPS, by calling the toll-free number 803 164 from landline, or the number +06 164 164 XNUMX from mobile (the cost depends on the operator's tariff plan).

    After dialing the phone number, press the key 1, to use the cittàn language, and then the key 2, to access the INPS online services. When prompted, please verbally indicate the reason for the call (eg. I would like to request the PIN to access the INPS site) and wait for the response of a human operator, to whom you will have to dictate your personal data, in order to start the PIN request procedure.

    Keep in mind that the instructions of the guide voice could change at any time, therefore, to avoid unnecessary waste of time, I advise you to listen to them until the end, before even pressing any key.

    In any case, even in this case, the first 8 digits of the PIN will be provided to you via SMS to the mobile number indicated to the operator, or via email, once the data acquisition phase has been completed. The remainder of the PIN, on the other hand, will be delivered to you by ordinary mail within the next 7-15 days from the request.

    PIN request via physical location

    If you prefer to receive the access code to the institution's online services immediately, you can go to the office in person INPS office of your city. In this case, you will not get an ordinary PIN but a Device PIN: this is a code that guarantees greater security, as, unlike the PINs issued online or through the Contact Center, it is delivered into the user's hands following facial recognition.

    In addition to being used immediately to access the INPS site, the device PIN is the only one enabled for the request for economic services (eg NASPI, family allowances, accident allowance, pension practices, and so on).

    In any case, to find the INPS office closest to you, connected to the institution's website, click on the item Contacts located at the top right and choose the item INPS offices from the left navigation bar.

    Then enter the Common of residence or the POSTAL CODE in the appropriate fields and press the button Search, to view the data relating to the INPS office in your city: address, telephone number, email / PEC, manager, closing days and so on.

    Once you have obtained the necessary information, go in person to the physical headquarters of the institution, taking it with you health insurance card it's a identity card: after having exposed your request to the operator, the latter will give you the device PIN, inside a sealed envelope, to be used for the first access to the portal of the institution.

    Note: if you have an ordinary PIN obtained online, or through the Contact Center, you can easily transform it into a device PIN. To do this, connect to this website and, after clicking on the button Turn pin, log in using the social security number and PIN previously received. Then follow the procedure that is proposed to you, to carry out the "conversion".

    Access the INPS site with the PIN

    Once you have received the envelope containing the second part of the PIN, or the complete device PIN, you are finally ready to enter the INPS site. To begin with, I want to tell you that both of the aforementioned codes are valid only for the first access: after connecting to the INPS site, in fact, you will be automatically assigned a new 8-digit code, to be used and kept for future logins.

    Moreover, for greater security, the INPS site automatically proposes the reset of the PIN every 6 months: this means that, after this time interval, you will see a procedure similar to the one seen the first time, in order to obtain a new PIN.

    All clear? OK, so let's get started right away. To enter your INPS account, connected to the institution's website, click on the item Log into MyINPS located in the upper navigation bar and click on the tab PIN, to display the right login form. Once that's done, enter yours fiscal Code in the appropriate field, specify the PIN in the text box immediately below and click on the button Log in.

    If everything went well, you should access the screen provided for the PIN change procedure: from there, click on the button NEXT twice consecutively and wait for the new access code to be displayed on the screen.

    At this point, I advise you to print the PIN generated by clicking on the appropriate button, then storing it in a safe place; otherwise, manually write down the code, as you will need to use it for future logins. When you are ready, click on the button NEXT, enter the previously generated PIN in the field New PIN and press the button again NEXT to complete the PIN update phase.

    For completeness of information, I inform you that you can easily access the INPS services, through the combination of tax code / PIN, using the free app INPS Mobile available for Android and iOS. After downloading and installing it, tap the button All the services, touch the icon oflittle man located at the top right and, when prompted, enter yours Tax CodePIN in the appropriate fields. Finally, tap the button Log in and complete, if necessary, the procedure for first changing the PIN, following the same steps seen above.

    How to enter the INPS site with SPID

    If, for some reason, you are unable to request the PIN to access the INPS services, you can authenticate to the portal via SPID (the Public System of Digital Identity). If you had never heard of it, SPID is a unique identification system, dedicated to companies and individuals, through which to access the services made available by the Public Administration. Below I will explain how to obtain the SPID credentials (if you do not already have them) and how to use them to enter the INPS site.

    Obtain SPID credentials

    Apply for SPID credentials it is not difficult: you have to contact an authorized manager, such Identity Provider, and then follow a guided procedure which, within a few tens of minutes, allows you to obtain the necessary access credentials.

    As for the costs, they are variable, depending on the type of user requesting the service (natural or legal person), the Identity Provider used and the authentication system chosen: starting from a minimum of 0 € up to about 20 euros. Moreover, the SPID system can foresee variable annual management costs, also in this case, depending on the type of user requesting them.

    In any case, in order to obtain the SPID credentials, you must contact one of the recognized Identity Providers enabled for interactions with the PA which, at the time of writing this guide, are the following: Aruba, InfoCert, Intesa, Lepida, Namirial , Poste, Sielte, Register and TIM.

    The steps to take to obtain the SPID differ from provider to provider but, in general, you will be asked to fill out an online form in which to enter your personal data (name, surname, social security number, address, email, telephone number, details of an identity document, etc.), send a digital copy of the document e authenticate through one of the available systems, in order to validate your identity.

    Usually, the authentication systems provided are as follows: via digital signature kit, via Health Card with CNS / Electronic Identity Card, or "de visu", via webcam or by going to a competent office.

    Generally, authentication via digital signature / CNS does not involve additional costs, while "de visu" authentication, ie via webcam or after recognition by a human operator, requires the payment of a fee which, usually, is around 20 €.

    Once the authentication phase is complete, it is possible to receive the SPID credentials indicating, if applicable, a valid payment method for the costs of managing the digital identity: to private citizenstypically, the SPID is free for the first 2 years, While the legal entities they have to pay an annual contribution that is around 35-40 €.

    To obtain more information on the Identity Providers currently enabled to access the PA services (costs, accepted authentication methods, contact information and so on), I invite you to consult this page of the INPS website.

    If, on the other hand, you need a step-by-step tutorial that can provide you with more precise information on how to obtain the SPID with the various Identity Providers, the specific guide I have dedicated to the topic could be very useful.

    Access the INPS site with SPID

    Once in possession of your digital identity, you can use it without problems to enter the INPS site: to be able to do so, connected to the main page of the institution, select on the item Log into MyINPS located at the top, click on the tab SPID and then on the button Sign in with SPID.

    At this point, select yours Identity Provider from the menu that is proposed to you and, in the new page that opens, enter your login credentials in the fields User code / Tax code / VAT numberPassword. When ready, click on the button Sign in with SPID and that's it: after a very short initial configuration procedure, in which you will be asked to confirm some personal data, you can immediately use the services made available by INPS.

    Alternatively, you can log in to the site via the National Service Card (or CNS), the telematic tool used for the recognition of citizens / businesses on the sites of the Public Administration.

    If you have an active CNS card (e.g. CNS-enabled Health Card), the relative PIN and the appropriate reader to be connected to the computer, on which you must have installed the necessary drivers for the connection, access the INPS website, click on the voice Log into MyINPS and select the scheda CNS.

    After this step, connect the reader to the computer, insert the card inside it and click on the button Proceed; when prompted, select the authentication certificate contained in the CNS (in which your tax code is indicated), click on the button OK and, to finish and log in, enter the pin code of the CNS in your possession.

    How to enter the INPS site

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