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    How to find a person on WhatsApp without having the number

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    Services to find a person on WhatsApp without having the number

    As I mentioned at the opening of the post, for find a person on WhatsApp without having the number you must first go back to the address of the user in question starting from his name. To do this, you can rely on various apps and online services suitable for the purpose.

    TrueCaller (Android / iOS / Online)

    A very useful resource for finding a person's number from their name is TrueCaller: it is a very famous service that allows you to know the identity of the caller on your smartphone and even to block calls from call centers and other "known annoyances" (I told you about it in another guide, remember? ). TrueCaller also integrates a very convenient search function thanks to which it is possible to trace the identity of a person: to carry out the search starting from the name of the users, however, it is necessary to subscribe to the Pro version of the service, which starts from 1,99 euro / month.

    Before explaining how to use TrueCaller, I would like to tell you that to use the service you must accept the sharing your mobile number within its database, which could pose a potential risk to your privacy. If you have no problems in accepting this compromise and if you are willing to subscribe to the Premium version of TrueCaller, download the app in question on your Android, iOS or Windows 10 Mobile device and follow the instructions below (remember that the service is also available on the Web).

    After installing TrueCaller, launch the app and create your account: then type yours number in the appropriate text field, presses the button Start, fai tap sul pulsating Accetta and continue (after reading the privacy policy of the service) and wait for the verification of the number by receiving an SMS or an automatic call on the phone. Then enter yours using the appropriate form name, your last name and yours email, pig sul sul bottone Continue, Reply No to the two questions you are asked in relation to sending advertising emails and presses on NEXT.

    For the moment, also "bypasses" the procedure relating to enabling the detection of annoyances (now we don't care) by pressing on the item Salta, pigia sul pulsating Permissions placed at the bottom and choose whether or not to allow TrueCaller access to your phone book (used to create the contact with the annoying numbers to be blocked).

    As I mentioned earlier, to take advantage of the function through which to search for a person starting from their name, you must subscribe to the Premium version of TrueCaller: to do so, press the button Other, tap on the item Switch to Professional, press the green button € 1,99 / Renewable Pro (1 Month) and follow the instructions you see on the screen to complete the operation.

    Then carry out the search: press on the item Home, type in the text field Search for a name or a number ... the name of the user whose number you want to know and, if this is present in the TrueCaller database, presses on his name to view their telephone number. Now you just have to add the number found to your smartphone's address book (you can follow the instructions in the last chapter of the tutorial).

    Should you decide not to use TrueCaller anymore, remember to remove your number from its database by filling out the form on this page and then deactivating your account: if you use a terminal Android, then go to the menu ≡> Settings> About us> Deactivate account. If you have a iPhoneinstead, go to the menu More> Settings> Privacy Center> Deactivate account.

    PagineBianche (Android / iOS / Windows / Online)

    Is the person you are looking for a professional or a business owner? If so, I recommend using White pages: if the mobile number of the person in question is present in the database of the service, with the same name as the famous paper directory (which also includes many fixed telephone numbers of individuals), you will certainly be able to locate it. Below I will illustrate the operation of the PagineBianche app for Android, iOS and Windows 10 Mobile, but if you want you can also use the Web version of the service (whose operation is similar).

    After downloading the PagineBianche app on your device, start it and enter it in the field who: (l'icona della handset located at the top left) the name e last name of the person you wish to search for, also indicate (if you wish) the address of the person in question by filling in the text field where: and start the search by pressing the gray button Find.

    In the screen that opens, presses on name corresponding to the user of your interest and, if the data relating to his mobile number is available, you should be able to view it immediately after the card containing the general information on the contact found, in this case next to the symbol of gray handset that you see on the left. After identifying the number you are interested in, all you have to do is add it to your smartphone's address book by following the instructions I gave you in the dedicated chapter of this guide.

    PeekYou (Online)

    peekyou is another service that can come in handy for finding a person's mobile number. If you do not know it, it is a real search engine through which it is possible to identify information about people starting from their name. Thanks to this service, it is possible to obtain links to the social accounts of other users and, if among the public information present in the latter there is the mobile number, you can use it to search for the person of your interest on WhatsApp.

    To use PeekYou, connected to its home page, select the tab Name, type in the text fields First Name e Last Name the name and surname of the person of your interest and presses the button depicting the magnifying glass to start the search.

    On the page that opens, locate the links corresponding to the social accounts of the person you are interested in, leaving out those present in the sections Public Records & Background ChecksArrest Records & Driving Infractions e email Addresses because they usually link to PeekYou partner services.

    In sections Facebook, TwitterInstagram, etc., however, you may find links to the social profiles of the person you searched for and, if on at least one of these the mobile number is indicated in the public information, you have made bingo! Once you have found the number, all you have to do is add it to WhatsApp and that's it: if you have difficulty in doing so, take a look at the chapter in which I explain how to continue.

    Other solutions to find a person without having the number

    In addition to the services I told you about in the previous lines, there are other solutions to find a person without having his number. Here's how to proceed, for example, by carrying out a simple search on Google or Facebook.

    • Google - although it may be unlikely to be able to trace the number of a person by doing a simple search on Google, it costs nothing to try. Search Google for the terms "mobile number [name and surname of the person you are looking for]"And presses on magnifying glass, then carefully analyze the search results identified by looking for the number of the user you are looking for.
    • Facebook - if the person whose number you are looking for is registered on Facebook and has left their phone number in their contact information, you should be able to easily access that information. To proceed, log into your Facebook account, type in Campo di Ricerca located at the top of the name and surname of the user of your interest, tap on the result corresponding to the person in question, go to the section where the information of his profile and, if among these there is the telephone number, you should see this data in the section Contact Information.

    For more information on how to find a person on the Internet and how to trace a person's number, read the insights I have just linked to you. I'm sure you will find some useful information in the latter as well.

    Add a contact on WhatsApp

    Once you have found the mobile number of the person you are interested in, you must add the contact on WhatsApp. To do this, you need to add the contact to the address book and update the contact list on WhatsApp (Android only). Let me tell you how to do this on both Android and iPhone.


    To add a contact on WhatsApp on Android, avvia l'app Address book o Contacts present on your smartphone (the name changes according to the device in your possession and the version of Android installed on the latter), press the button capacitor positive (+) lead  and, in the screen that opens, enter the namelast name, telephone number and all other information about the person you want to add to your contacts.

    Then update the WhatsApp address book: start the famous messaging app, select the tab Chat located at the top left, presses on the symbol of white speech bubble on green background located at the bottom right, press the button (⋮) e poi pigia sul pulsating Update present in the menu that opens. If everything went smoothly, the contact saved in the address book will be present on WhatsApp (as long as its number is associated with an active account).

    If you want, you can save a contact on WhatsApp directly from the messaging app, using an "alternative" procedure: press the card Chat, tap on the white speech bubble on green background, pig sul sul bottone (⋮) and then press the icon oflittle man with the symbol next to it capacitor positive (+) lead.

    Then fill out the contact form with all the requested information (name, last name, telephone number, etc.) and tap on the item Save. If everything went well, you should be able to view the saved contact (as long as the number is associated with an active account) without even having to update your contact list.

    For more information on how to add a contact on WhatsApp, take a look at the guide I just linked to you. I am sure this insight will also be very useful to you.


    To add a contact on WhatsApp on iPhone, apri l'app Contactspiggy symbol capacitor positive (+) lead located at the top right, fill in the fields Your nameLast name, tap the button (+) add phone and type il telephone number you want to add to the address book.

    Since, unlike what happens on Android, on the iPhone you do not have to update the contact list, start WhatsApp directly, presses on the item Chat, scroll down the contact list and, in Campo di Ricerca that appears at the top, type the name of the contact you just saved in the address book to make sure that it has been saved and that it is associated with a WhatsApp account.

    If you want, you can add a user on WhatsApp directly from his app, using an "alternative" procedure: start the WhatsApp app, press the voice Chat, tap on the symbol of pencil located at the top right and presses on the item New contact. Then type in his name and the mobile phone number you found previously in the appropriate form and, finally, presses on the item end located at the top right and then back up end.

    For more information on how to add a contact on WhatsApp, take a look at the guide I just linked to: there you will find more information on how to proceed.

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