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    How to find a person's IP address

    What is the IP address

    As anticipated at the beginning, before explaining how to find a person's IP address I would like to illustrate, in detail, what we are talking about, in case you are not already aware of it, of course.

    Therefore, the IP is a unique address consisting of a group of four numbers between 0 and 255 and separated by a period (eg. which is used to identify computers and other devices capable of connecting to a network in local networks and on the Internet. Put simply, it is therefore a sort of license plate number and is essential for configuring networks and firewalls as well as for identifying a given user.

    IP addresses can be of type dynamic (i.e. they change with each connection) or type static (i.e. fixed, which never change). A distinction must also be made between type IP addresses public (which identify devices on the Internet) and type IP addresses local (which instead are assigned by modems / routers to identify the various devices within the home or office network).

    Based on what has been said, the ones that we will examine in this tutorial as useful for identifying a person online are public IP addresses, both dynamic and static, as easily understood.

    Find a person's IP address

    Now that you have a clearer idea of ​​what an IP address is, I would say that we can finally take the real action by going to find out how to identify what identifies a particular subject on the network. Below you will therefore find explained here are the techniques that you can use to your advantage to find the IP address of another subject as well as how to find yours (it can always be useful!).


    If you want to find the IP address of another person, perhaps of a nuisance who sends you unwanted emails or of a user who leaves dubious comments on your blog, you can resort to the use of the features attached to the program / Web service for the email you use or, in the second case, to those of the hosting platform you use for your site. Let's analyze this in more detail.

    As regards the emails, it is possible to obtain the IP address of the sender of the same by consulting theheader received messages. In case you don't know, the header is a report with all the technical details of the emails arriving in the inbox.

    To find a person's address starting from an email you must then open the message and follow the instructions below based on the program / web service that you generally use to manage electronic correspondence.

    • Outlook Express, - Select the item Property from the menu Fillet, go to the card Details in the window that opens and click on the button Original message.
    • Apple Mail, - Select the reference email, select the item Vista from the menu bar, move the cursor to Message and click on your voice Source format.
    • Mozilla Thunderbird, - Select the item Source of the message from the menu Show.
    • gmail - Click the button with the arrow located at the top right (in the message box) and select the wording Show original give the menu that I will share.

    The IP address of the sender of the email will be the one you will find in correspondence with the string Received: from of the report.

    However, keep in mind that however effective it may be, the system in question is not always functional. For senders who use Webmail, the IP is in fact replaced by that of the mail service servers and therefore no longer corresponds to the real one.

    If, on the other hand, you are interested in identifying the IP address of a given user who has left one or more comments on your site, the procedure to follow is much less cumbersome than the one we have just seen for emails. In fact, you just need to take a "peek" at the information linked to his comments, more precisely under his name / nickname (I am referring above all to the platform WordPress).


    In addition to being able to find the IP address of others, you can obviously find yours, an operation that can be useful for configuring the use of certain services on your modem / router, the firewall and much more.

    You can use the online service to find out your IP address What Is My IP Address which allows to have extremely detailed information about it. You ask me how is it used? I'll explain it to you immediately.

    Connect to the home page of the service and wait a few moments for the latter to load. Later, under the heading Your IPv4 Address IS: you will be shown your public IP address and the map indicating the geographical position of the location where the telephone exchange to which the connection in use is located. To get more details, click on the button Show Me More About My IP which is below.

    If you are acting mobile, you can also appeal to the use of some special apps. Up Android, you can download from the Play Store IP Tools: Network Utilities. It is a free application (in its basic version, the Pro one can be unlocked through in-app purchases and includes extra functions) that allows you to discover your public IP address (as well as the local one) and that provides various information about the ISP , DNS server and other parameters of the connection in use. The application also integrates a series of useful tools to ping the connection (i.e. check latency times), to know detailed information on an IP address through the Whois system, to view statistics on data sent and received and much more. , but for the purpose in question these are things that shouldn't interest you.

    To use the application after downloading and installing it on your device, start it and… that's it! Your IP address information will automatically be shown to you directly on the home screen. The public P is the one you find written with larger characters at the top. The other tools I was talking about are accessible from the menu that appears by pressing the button with the three horizontal lines on the left, always at the top.

    If you are using a device instead iOSiPhone or iPad, you can take advantage of the app Network Analyzer Lite. It is a free resource (but possibly a paid variant that offers more functions is available) and can be downloaded from the App Store that shows in a single screen the public IP address (both of the ADSL / fiber connection and the 3G / LTE connection ) of the network to which you are connected but also your local address and various other useful information. The application also integrates tools to test the connection used and to know the data relating to the other devices connected to the network.

    To use the app after downloading and installing it on your device, start it and you will immediately find yourself in front of the info regarding your connection. At the entry External IP you will find the public IP address of the network you are connected to. If it is not shown automatically, stop on the wording N/A Reload and the information appears instantly.

    To take advantage of the other functions of the app, the ones I told you about a few lines above, you just need to press the buttons located at the bottom of the screen.

    For completeness of information, I would like to point out that if instead of the public IP address you wish to discover your private IP address, or rather that of the devices connected to the network to which you are connected, the procedure you must follow is different from the one illustrated in this step. If you like, you can learn more by referring to this other tutorial of mine dedicated specifically to the topic.

    Tools for learning more about an IP address

    By following the instructions I finished in the previous lines you were able to find the IP address of a given person and would like to receive more info on the latter or rather on the area from which he is connecting (city, state, region etc. ), on the time zone and on your provider (practically the only info accessible to you)?

    Then you can rely on one of the ad hoc services, otherwise known as IP Lookup, which you will find below and which, of course, you can also use to obtain further details relating to your IP address. Ah, I almost forgot, you can serve without problems both from a computer and from a smartphone and tablet, without having to download and install anything on the device you are using, everything is done online!

    • IP address - To use it, connected to the home page of the service, enter the reference IP address in the field in the center of the page and click on the button Lookup with IP Locator that's underneath. Within a few moments you will be able to consult all the various and any info relating to the P typed in the appropriate boxes at the bottom and with the attached geographical map below.
    • - To use it, connected to the home page of the service, enter the reference IP address in the field in the center of the screen next to the item IP: e pulsing sul pulsating Lookup. On the page that will subsequently be shown you will be able to view all the above information relating to the IP address entered previously.

    • IPFingerPrints - To use it, connected to your home, type the IP address you want to know more about in the appropriate field at the bottom left and click on the button Discover which is next door. You will find the info regarding the reference IP at the top of the page, together with the map for the location.
    • Trasir - To use the site, connected to its main page, type the reference IP address in the field Enter a domain, IP, email or URL which stands high and crushes Submit on the keyboard. At the bottom of the page you can then view all the details relating to the reference IP.
    How to find a person's IP address

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