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    How to find Facebook passwords

    Find your Facebook password from mobile

    First, let's find out how to find Facebook password from a mobile phone (or tablet), sifting through the login data stored on the device. Below you will find an explanation on how to proceed both on Android that of iOS. It is not difficult, do not be afraid.


    How to find Facebook passwords

    If you are using a mobile device based on Android, you can try to recover your Facebook account password using the feature Smart Lock, which is activated when a Google account is connected to the green robot system and which allows the storage of login data and automatic access to websites and apps.

    To use it for your purpose, first go to the section Settings of Android by tapping on the relative icon (the one with thegear) that you find in drawer (the screen where all the apps are). Therefore, he presses on his voice Google and then on the wording Smart Lock per password.

    In the new screen that is shown to you, locate the section Saved passwords, presses on the link Google Account and, in the Web page that will open, enter i access data to your Google account. Then scroll the displayed page until you find the section Password and search, among the saved access data, for a reference to Facebook. If present, tap on theeye that you find in his correspondence to view the password of your account in clear text.


    How to find Facebook passwords

    Su iOSinstead, you can take advantage of the password storage system based on iCloud to try to recover your Facebook login data. The mechanism is good or bad similar to that proposed by Google on Android.

    To use it for the purpose in question, press the icon of Settings (Quella with l 'gear) that you find on the home screen of the device, then presses on the wording Password and account (on iOS 14 and later you have to go up Settings> Password), on that App and website passwords and unlocks access to saved login data via Face ID, Touch ID, or code.

    In the new screen that will be shown to you, you will find the complete list of sites and apps for which you have chosen to save the password on your device. Try to find some references to Facebook and, if present, press it above, in order to view the password to access your account in clear text.

    If you are using a device with an older version of iOS installed, you will need to go to the section to access the saved passwords Settings, press on the voice Safari and on the wording Password found on the next screen, corresponding to the section Generali. The rest of the steps to be taken are identical to those described above.

    computer">Find the Facebook password from your computer

    And to find the Facebook password by acting from computer? How you do it? The answer is soon given: just “sift through” the access data saved in the browser. Below you will find therefore explained how to proceed in the case of all those who are the main navigators for Windows, macOS and Linux: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer e Safari.


    How to find Facebook passwords

    If you are in the habit of surfing the Net with Chrome, you can sift through the login data saved in your browser to try to find your Facebook account password by first clicking the button with the three dots vertically at the top right and selecting the item from the menu that appears Settings.

    In the new tab that opens, click on the entry Password annexed to the section People (above), after which you can consult the list of Internet sites for which you have chosen to save passwords in the browser. If in the list it is also present, click on theeye that you find next to us to view the password to access your account in clear text.


    How to find Facebook passwords

    If your favorite browser is Firefox, to view the passwords stored in it (in order to try to retrieve the access data to Facebook), you must click on the button with the three lines horizontally located in the upper right part of the navigator window and click on the item options on the menu if you press.

    Select quindi la voce Privacy and security placed on the left side of the card that has opened, presses the button Logins saved located in correspondence with the wording Logins and passwords and search among the various login data listed in the window displayed. If you can find the domain of the social network, select it and click on the buttons Show password e Yes to view the password in clear text.

    Edge and Internet Explorer

    How to find Facebook passwords

    If you have a habit of logging into Facebook using Edge or Internet Explorer, the "standard" browsers of Windows PCs, to try to retrieve the login credentials to your account on the social network, go to Start menu, search for Control Panel and open the latter by clicking on the respective icon. In the next window, search for the term credentials in the bar located at the top right and choose the icon Manage credenziali that appears in the search results.

    Then click on the item Web credentials present in the screen that opens, search for the address in the list of Internet sites you are logged in to and, if present, click on arrow placed next to the latter. Finally, press on the voice Show present next to the wording Password, type the Password of your user account on Windows (the one you type to access the system) and you will finally be able to view your login data for the social network.


    How to find Facebook passwords

    You have a Mac and you usually surf the Net with Safari? Then you may have saved your Facebook login credentials in this browser. To verify this (and therefore to try to recover the Facebook password), open Safari and go to the menu Safari> Preferences (top left), select the tab Password from the window that opens and type the Password related to your user account on macOS in the appropriate field.

    Then look for the address in the list of domains for which you have stored the login credentials and, if present, press it to view the relative password. Done!

    Reset your Facebook password

    If you have not been able to find the Facebook password by looking through the credentials stored on the smartphone (or tablet) or on the PC, you can reset the access data to your profile on the social network following the standard procedure provided in cases like this. To find out more, please continue reading. Find explained how to proceed from smartphones and tablets and computer of my own right.

    Smartphones and tablets

    How to find Facebook passwords

    If you use Facebook mainly from a smartphone (or tablet), you can reset your profile password by starting the social network app and pressing on the item Forgot password? located at the bottom of the screen. Then find your account by typing theemail address or cellphone number in the field that appears.

    At this point, indicate whether to reset your profile by receiving a code of confirmation by email or by SMS. Then press the button Continue and complete the password recovery process by typing, in the dedicated field, the code you received by e-mail or by message on your mobile phone (based on the choice made previously) and setting the nuova chiave d'accesso that you intend to use.

    If you are concerned that someone may have come into possession of your old password and is using your account, in the screen that you now see, put the check mark next to the option Disconnect me from other devices, otherwise choose the option Keep me logged in e pulsing sul pulsating Continue. Finally, type the new password you wish to associate with your account in the field Enter a new password and tap the buttons Continue e OK To finalize the procedure.


    How to find Facebook passwords

    If, on the other hand, you are interested in understanding how to reset your Facebook password from your computer, the first fundamental step you need to take is to start the browser with which you usually surf online (eg. Chrome), go to the home page of the social network and click on the link Non ricordi più come accere all'account? located at the top right.

    In the screen that opens, type yours email address or yours cellphone number in the ready field and the pulsating pigment Search. On the next page, verify that, depending on the information provided above, there is a check mark next to the option Send code by email (to receive the code to reset your password to the email address associated with your account) or next to the option Send code via SMS (to receive the code in question via SMS) and click on the button again Continue.

    At this point, if you had chosen to receive the code by email, access your inbox, open the email sent to you by Facebook and take note of the code contained therein. If, on the other hand, you have chosen to receive the code via SMS, open the message that Facebook sent on your mobile phone and, even in this case, take note of the code received. Then, go back to the Facebook page again, type the code you pinned in the appropriate field and click the button Continue.

    Complete the password reset procedure by entering a nuova chiave d'accesso in the dedicated field and clicking on the button Continue. If you believe that someone has your previous password, please also select the entry Disconnect from other devices (to log out of all devices on which your account is logged in). If not, choose the option Stay connected.

    If you prefer, I would like to point out that on the page dedicated to entering the new password, you can also click on the button Salta to access your account directly without changing the access key. In this specific case, after logging in to your profile, you can change the access key to it from the account settings, following the instructions I gave you in my tutorial on how to change your Facebook password.

    How to find Facebook passwords

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