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    How to find Frank on Brawl Stars

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    Preliminary information

    Before going into the details of the procedure on how to find Frank on Brawl Stars, I think you might be interested in learning more about this Brawler's Epic rarity.

    Well, Frank is a kind of "Frankenstein" monster who loves listening to music and doing damage through his giant hammer. His basic attack it is called in fact Hammered and causes well 1.200 damage. The range is normal, while the reload speed is very fast.

    The character also features basic 7.000 health pointsas well as one high movement speed. Furthermore, the Super by Frank, that is called Seismic Paralysis and creates a wave capable of destroy every obstacle and leave the enemies paralyzed for a few seconds. The reach is long while the damage is 1.200.

    In any case, Brawl Stars indicates the character as very useful in the defensive phase, as its statistics in this sense are at their maximum, as opposed to those relating to attack and utility. It is therefore a character to be used mainly in this context. Put simply, you are in front of a tank.

    As regards the gadgets, which are unlocked via brawl crates after reaching level 7, Frank has Ear muffs. This gadget removes any stunning or similar effects and makes the character immune to paralysis, slowdowns and knockbacks. You can use it to the maximum 3 times higher during a fight.

    Moving on to stellar skills, which are obtained through the brawl crates after reaching level 9, are there Energy theft e Bulwark. The first allows Frank to increase damage by 50% for 12 seconds after killing a Brawler. Bulwarkinstead, it guarantees 1.300 more health.

    In short, I understand why you want to get Frank in Brawl Stars, since he is an interesting character from several points of view.

    Before starting with the information relating to the release, I just want to clarify that the title of Supercell is evolving and changes could therefore be made at any moment, since developers usually update often (I will update the tutorial as soon as possible in this case).

    How to find Frank on Brawl Stars for free

    After detailing the character's stats and abilities, I'd say it's time to understand how to get Frank for free in Brawl Stars.

    In that sense, you must know that Frank can be obtained through theopening of the brawl boxes. In case you don't know, the latter are gods rewards which can be obtained in various ways within the Supercell title.

    The brawl crates contain random elements, therefore it is not possible to "force" the obtaining of a particular Brawler with respect to another. Put simply, you may have to take some patience to get Frank, as the unlocking mechanic implemented by Brawl Stars relies in some ways on luck as well.

    So you may be wondering what you can do to speed up obtaining this character. In this case, I recommend starting with a simple mechanic: go back to check out the Game Store every day.

    In fact, often among the daily offers are provided free rewards, which are sometimes just gods brawl speakers. In short, all very simple: go back to the Shop on a daily basis and redeem the rewards. Every now and then you will find some brawl crates and increase the chances of finding Frank.

    For the rest, another method to get free brawl cases is to level up in the free Brawl Pass. The latter is none other than the classic Seasonal mechanic made particularly popular by titles in the Battle Royale genre (see Fortnite). You play, level up, and earn rewards.

    The free Brawl Pass of the Supercell title makes available often brawl speakers, huge crates e mega speakers, so simply by playing you will be able to get many of these items. I remind you that you may also find Brawlers inside the huge chests and mega chests, which are simply the rarest chests.

    In any case, to level up within the free Brawl Pass it is necessary to accumulate a certain number of coin. The latter are obtainable by playing the various private events made available to the game, as well as by completing the missions proposed by Brawl Stars.

    In particular, I advise you to click on the box Brawl pass, present at the bottom left of the main screen of the game, and move to the tab MISSIONS. Here you can take a look at the various challenges made available by the game, by those daily to those seasonal, passing through the special events.

    By completing these missions and playing the various events available, you will progress faster within the free Brawl Pass, earning more Brawl Crates and increasing your chances of obtaining Frank.

    For the rest, another box that you have to keep in mind on the game's home page is the one depicting thetrophy icon (present at the top left). In fact, through the latter you will access the Way of the Trophies.

    From here you can take a look at further rewards, which often also include brawl speakers. To increase the number of trophies at your disposal, simply try to win as many games as possible or at least to finish in the top positions in events like Survival. In fact, at the end of the various matches you will get or lose trophies based on your performance.

    Finally, going into a little more detail, I remind you that there are also i stellar points. The latter can be obtained from trophy league or whenever a Brawler reaches a multiple grade of 5, starting at grade 10.

    The stellar points in some promotional periods they can also be used to purchase breakage, as well as the skins, present in the section of the Store called Stellar shop.

    Of course, that of the star points is a mechanic that can only be exploited every now and then and it will not be this feature that will provide you the most chances, but I wanted to let you know that this possibility also exists.

    For the rest, I invite you to steer clear of those who promise immediate methods of getting Frank or other characters within Brawl Stars. In fact, the mechanic to unlock this character is only that of the brawl crates, so it takes a bit of luck.

    Do not rely, therefore, on those who promise "magical ways" to get the character, as it is probably a joker or, in the worst case, a scammer.

    For the rest, if you want to learn more, you can refer to my tutorial on how to find new Brawlers on Brawl Stars.

    How to try Frank without unlocking him on Brawl Stars

    How do you say? You want so much usare Frank in Brawl Stars even if you haven't managed to unlock it yet? No problem: I'll tell you how to do it right away.

    In fact, you must know that Supercell allows Brawl Stars players to test all the characters present within the game for free. Don't get me wrong - you can't use these Brawlers in classic games, at least until you've unlocked them, but you can try them out in a training camp.

    The latter simply presents gods essentially stationary bots, which allow you to take a look at the basic skills of the character you control. You can also learn more about the interesting statistics of damage per second.

    In any case, to use Frank in this test arena, simply press the button BRAWLER, presents on the left on the main screen of the game, and select the character box.

    Once you reach the page dedicated to Frank, you just have to tap on the button PROOF, which peeks out in the lower left corner. By doing so, you will enter thetest arena and you will be able to test the Brawler through its basic attack, as well as through the Super, accessible once the appropriate indicator is filled.

    This way, you will notice that Frank can hit with the hammer even at a certain range. I refer mainly to the Incredibly, which can be directed towards a large playing area.

    In particular, once loaded the appropriate indicator using basic attacks, I advise you to go to the final part of the stage and try the Incredibly against the army of motionless robots present before the Starr park.

    You will see that the damage will be quite a lot. This will allow you to better understand Frank's potential, as well as to understand if the character is actually for you, adapting to the style of play you usually use, or not.

    For the rest, since you are a fan of the video game developed by Supercell, I would like to advise you to visit the page of my site dedicated to Brawl Stars, since there are many other tutorials that could help you in your gaming sessions.

    How to find Frank on Brawl Stars

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