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    How to find Gelindo on Brawl Stars

    Preliminary information

    How to find Gelindo on Brawl Stars

    Before explaining to you how to find Gelindo on Brawl Stars, I must provide you with some useful preliminary information in this regard.

    You must first know that Gelindo is a color swatch that can only be unlocked by opening the brawl speakers. Unlike the other champions, therefore, it is more difficult to obtain, because it cannot be unlocked only after obtaining a specific number of trophies in Walk of trophies.

    However, it should also be noted that the chances of getting a Shiny Brawler increase with each new season of the Brawl pass. Initially, in fact, its rarity will be Legendary, to then become Mitica and, finally, Epica. This means that over time you will have more and more chances of getting it through the brawl crates.

    Therefore, all you have to do to get the champion in question for free, is to accumulate numerous hours of play in Brawl Stars by carrying out all the activities that - as I will explain to you in the next chapters of this guide - allow you to get the brawl crates as a reward.

    If, on the other hand, you want to speed up the process it takes to get Gelindo, you can decide to put your hand to your wallet, buying some game items that allow you to get many rewards in a short time. The choice is yours!

    How to get Gelindo on Brawl Stars for free

    Would you get Gelindo on Brawl Stars without having to spend money? Then you must be ready to invest many hours in the game and carry out all those actions that allow you to get many brawl speakers. Read on to learn more.

    Level up on the trophy path

    How to find Gelindo on Brawl Stars

    The first solution you can put in place to get brawl speakers in Brawl Stars and, therefore, increase the chances of obtaining Gelindo is to level up in Walk of trophies.

    Il Walk of trophies it is the path to the main objectives of the game and, among the rewards of the various ranks reached, there are also several brawl crates.

    To level up in the Walk of trophies you have to play Brawl Stars by winning games: only after the victories do they accumulate trophies and, upon reaching a certain number of trophies, the rewards provided by the various are unlocked degrees (including, precisely, the cases in question).

    For example, at the time of this writing, it is possible to get a chest brawl upon reaching 5 trophies, but the rewards improve with the numerical increase of the ranks: one huge chest, in fact, you get achievement of 650 trophies while as a reward of the 5.000 trophies reached you get a mega crate.

    Play events

    How to find Gelindo on Brawl Stars

    Given that to get Gelindo su Brawl Stars many hours of play are required, my advice is to implement a strategy to optimize your efforts and, therefore, play the events every time they are reset, in order to level up faster in the Walk of trophies.

    - private events di Brawl Stars they constitute the main game mode and require the player to face other users in predetermined maps, completing the challenges that are proposed.

    Each event, in fact, has a different objective, the achievement of which is necessary for victory: the event Arraffagemme, for example, requires players to clash in a 3VS3 map with the goal of getting as many gems as possible before time runs out. In this mode, in fact, the team that gets at least 10 gems before the end of the game wins.

    Winning matches while playing a special event is of paramount importance to get several rewards, including mainly trophies e experience pointsI trophies, as mentioned, they allow you to level up in the Walk of trophies and, consequently, allow to obtain the expected rewards, including the brawl speakers.

    Play the missions

    How to find Gelindo on Brawl Stars

    Another strategy you can use is to play the daily missions o seasonal, namely the private events, following the instructions relating to the use of certain samples.

    Play the missions it is very important because it is the quickest solution to obtain a large number of coin, another virtual game currency useful for obtaining brawl speakers. THE coin, in fact, they allow to progress in thresholds of the seasons, which offer several additional rewards, including the brawl speakers.

    Therefore, if you want to optimize your game strategy to the maximum and get as many brawl crates as possible in a short time, before playing a special event you have to check the directions in the section Missions.

    For example if the daily mission asks you to defeat 12 enemies with Nita and the seasonal one requires to win three games in Grab Grab, I suggest you select the sample Nita and start the event.

    In this way, in fact, not only will you get as a reward i experience points and trophies following the winning of the games, but also i coin provided as a reward at the end of the achievement of the mission. By doing so, you will progress faster in the Walk of trophies and also in the Season di Brawl Stars.

    How to unlock Gelindo on Brawl Stars for a fee

    You would like to unlock Gelindo su Brawl Stars faster? In this specific case, the purchase of game items with real money is necessary to speed up the process. You will find more information on this in the next chapters.

    Buy the gems

    How to find Gelindo on Brawl Stars

    If you want to quickly get a large number of brawl speakers, you must necessarily put your hand to your wallet and buy them through the shop of the game: le brawl speakers, in fact, they are available for purchase through the gem, that is the main game currency of Brawl Stars.

    Le gem they can be obtained for free, in a limited way, by progressing in the thresholds area of season. Since, however, your intent is to obtain Gelindo quickly, you can buy them from the in-game store - prices start at 2,29€ (30 gems) and arrive at 109,99€ (2.000 save).

    After purchasing the gem, you can use them to buy brawl speakers and thus hope to obtain Gelindo as a reward: one huge chest the 30 gems (in euros they correspond to € 2,29) while one mega crate the 80 gems (corresponding to approximately € 5,49).

    Clearly, to have a better chance of unlocking Gelindo, you need to buy the brawl speakers more expensive, namely the mega speakers. In terms of rewards, in fact, given that the drop rate percentages (that is, obtaining rewards) are higher, opening a mega cash box is equivalent to opening ten brawl boxes.

    Alternatively, you can use the gem to fast forward through the thresholds area of season and, consequently, get faster the brawl crates provided as rewards (cassa brawl, huge chest o mega crate).

    Activate the Brawl Pass

    How to find Gelindo on Brawl Stars

    If you want to get Gelindo su Brawl Stars a payment optimizing the expense, I suggest you buy the Brawl pass, that is the season pass that allows you to have greater rewards than the Free Brawl Pass, during the advancement of the thresholds of the seasons.

    Activating the Brawl pass for a fee, in fact, double and greater rewards are obtained brawl speakers. For example, upon reaching the threshold 6 of the paid Brawl Pass you can get one huge chest, while the reward provided for by Free Brawl Pass and of 50 coins.

    Therefore, if he plans to play Brawl Stars for a long time, the purchase of the Brawl pass paid is recommended in order to maximize, with a single expense, the rewards obtained by playing.

    To obtain the Brawl pass for a fee you have to buy it through the gem: its cost is 169 gems (corresponding to € 10,99 for the purchase of the 170 gem pack).

    Alternatively, you can purchase the Brawl Pass da 249 gemme (€ 21,99, given that the minimum purchase is the 360 ​​gem package): in the latter case, in addition to blocking the Paid Brawl Pass, you will automatically advance into 7 thresholds, earning the related rewards in terms of brawl crates.

    How to find Gelindo on Brawl Stars

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