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    How to find gems in Brawl Stars

    Preliminary information

    How to find gems in Brawl Stars

    Prima di enter the dettaglio della procedura su how to find gems on Brawl Stars, I think you might be interested in learning more about this currency.

    Well, gems are the rarest currency in the Supercell title and they allow you to buy skins, Brawl Passes and crates, as well as take advantage of special offers. In other words, without the gems it is not possible to access some elements present in the game.

    To give you a concrete example, to buy the Brawl pass, that is the subscription that allows you to get better rewards every time you level up (similar to that of games like Fortnite) you have to spend 169 gems for the “standard” version or 249 gems for the one that includes 10 levels.

    How to find gems in Brawl Stars

    In short, learning how to get gems on Brawl Stars can prove to be useful to better continue your "journey" within the Supercell title.

    The aim of this guide will be precisely to provide you with all the necessary information on how to obtain this currency.

    How to get gems on Brawl Stars

    After explaining what you can buy with gems, I'd say it's time to take action and understand how to actually get this currency in Brawl Stars. Below you will find both free and paid methods to achieve this.

    How to find gems on Brawl Stars for free

    How to find gems in Brawl Stars

    As for the methods for find gems on Brawl Stars for free, there are some avenues allowed by developers directly within the game.

    In fact, the free version of the Brawl Pass, which provides the user with a reward whenever they level up in the game, occasionally allows them to get gems. To check when this will happen, just click on the box Brawl pass present at the bottom left of the main menu of the game and scroll the page with a swipe from right to left.

    This way you will be able to see all the free rewards from level 1 to level 70. From this screen you can therefore learn how many gems you will get for free by “completing” all the levels of the current Season and make your calculations regarding purchases.

    How to find gems in Brawl Stars

    Just to give you a concrete example, in the 2 season, called Monstrous Summer, active in the summer of 2020, there are 90 gems in total to get like free reward. More precisely, they are obtained upon reaching the levels 2, 14, 22, 36, 44, 52 and 62. The rewards are all from 10 gems, except those relating to levels 22 and 62 that allow you to get them 20.

    For the rest it is possible to find, with a little luck, some gems inside the casse Brawl. The latter can be obtained in the same way as the other rewards, that is by continuing in the Free Brawl Pass. Additionally, you may find free Brawl Cases inside the box Today's offers, present inside the Shop.

    Another method is to try to win as many games as possible, in order to progress in Way of the Trophies and unlock more casse Brawl. You can take a look at your progress by tapping on the box trophies present at the top left of the main page of the game.

    How to find gems in Brawl Stars

    level up on Brawl Stars just play, perhaps even trying to participate in private events which are organized by developers from time to time. In short, in other words, to get free gems, just go ahead in the game and plan your purchases, taking a look at the Brawl Pass, the Shop and the Trophy Walk in the ways I have shown you previously.

    How to buy gems on Brawl Stars

    How to find gems in Brawl Stars

    How do you say? You are wondering how to get infinite gems in Brawl Stars? Well, in this case it is necessary to put your hand to your wallet. In fact, it is possible to buy large quantities of gems through the micro-transactions present within the Supercell title.

    To access the latter, just click on the box in the Shop present on the main screen of the game, move to the right and take a look at the Offers available. Typically, the gem prices are as follows.

    • 30 gems at 2,29 euro;
    • 80 gems at 5,49 euro;
    • 170 gems at 10,99 euro;
    • 360 gems at 21,99 euro;
    • 950 gems at 54,99 euro;
    • 2000 gems at 109,99 euro.

    If you have no problem spending real money, all you have to do is do your math and buy the right packs of gems. I recommend that you take a look at the special offers which usually appear at the beginning in the Shop, as you could save money on the purchase of gems.

    How to find gems in Brawl Stars

    For the rest, to complete the transaction, usually just press on gem pack box you want to buy and tap the button Buy Now. For any doubts regarding the purchase confirmation procedure, you can refer to my tutorial on how to shop on Brawl Stars. For more details on gems, I recommend that you consult the official Supercell guidelines instead.

    Finally, since you are interested in the Supercell title, I would like to advise you to take a look at some of my posts that may be useful to you: more precisely, I invite you to consult my tutorials on how to get Brawler for free and how to find legendary Brawlers. You may find some interesting information you weren't aware of.

    How to find gems in Brawl Stars

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