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    How to find Iris on Brawl Stars

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    Preliminary information

    Before explaining to you how to find Iris on Brawl Stars, I must provide you with some preliminary information relating to the sample in question. Iris, in fact, is a champion of rank epic which can only be unlocked by opening the brawl speakers. It is therefore not possible to obtain it as a reward only after reaching a specific number of trophies in the trophy path.

    To unlock Iris you have to put in place several solutions to get as many brawl crates as possible, and thus increase the chances of obtaining the sample in question. These solutions, however, as imaginable, require you to spend many hours of play (also because the percentages of finding your own Iris are low).

    Alternatively, you can speed up the paid process by purchasing various items with real money that allow you to unlock the champion in question. But be careful, because it is still an expensive option, as the obtaining of Iris is subject to the opening of the brawl coffers and the calculation of the probabilities.

    In short: choose independently which path to take between the free and the paid one and proceed following what is illustrated below.

    How to find Iris for free on Brawl Stars

    I start this guide by telling you about the ways that allow you to get brawl crates for free and thus try to obtain Iris at no cost, following some strategies that I will now explain to you in detail.

    Level up on the trophy path

    The first method you can put into practice to get the brawl speakers and, consequently, have a better chance to unlock Iris, is to complete the levels of the path of trophies. It is, in fact, the main objective path that guarantees the possibility of obtaining various rewards following the winnings of the games, including the brawl speakers.

    All you have to do, then, is play and win games, in order to rack up trophies as initial rewards. Following the achievement of a specific number of trophies, you will advance to the next rank and you can get better and better rewards.

    Just to give you an example, at the time of this writing, you can get one checkout Brawl upon reaching 5 trophies. But coming to accumulate 650 trophies you get one huge chest, while at the achievement of 5.000 trophies you get one mega crate.

    Play Events

    The next step I recommend you take is to find Iris su Brawl Stars for free and in the shortest time possible, is to play the private events, always keeping an eye on the countdown for the reset of the same, in order to optimize the possibility of obtaining the expected rewards.

    Play events on Brawl Stars it means taking advantage of the main gameplay mode, which requires players to face each other in pre-established maps with specific game modes.

    For example, the event Survival requires 10 players to face each other on a map in solitaria or pair for the purpose of collecting energy cubes to increase health and attack power. The last player to remain alive will win the match.

    Playing the private events and by winning the games they are obtained experience points, coin e trophies. In the latter case, i coin as they are the reward that allows you to progress in thresholds of the seasons in order to obtain the brawl speakers (for example by reaching the threshold 3 you can get one huge chest).

    Complete the path a thresholds expected from the season of Brawl Stars is therefore important, as it allows you to continue in the path of trophies. Anyway I'll tell you about the seasons of Brawl Stars again later in my tutorial, as it is possible to get more rewards even for a fee.

    Play the missions

    Su Brawl Stars timing and optimization are the basis of the farming path of the brawl crates. Speaking of which, what I suggest you do is start the private events following the indications provided by daily missions that of that one seasonal.

    In order to optimize the hours of play spent on Brawl Stars, both in the level path of the path of trophies in that season, I suggest you go to the section missions of the Brawl Pass season and to check the type of action required.

    For example, if the daily quest requires you to win 6 games with Shelly, I advise you to follow this indication by starting any of the available events, as long as you use the sample in question. In some cases, however, you may be asked to complete a specific event, such as that of win 3 matches in Grab Grab.

    Completing the missions is very important, as the rewards you get are i coin: these are used to level up in seasons and, consequently, obtain the rewards provided for by the thresholds which, as mentioned, also allow you to obtain brawl speakers.

    Get Iris on Brawl Stars for a fee

    How could you understand, however get free Iris on Brawl Stars you have to spend so many hours in the Supercell title. Alternatively, you can speed up this process a bit, by purchasing in-game items with real money: for more details about it, keep reading this guide. But please, don't go overboard with your expenses!

    Buy the gems

    One of the fastest, but also the most expensive methods from a monetary point of view, to obtain Iris su Brawl Stars is to buy the gem from shop with real money.

    Le gem are the main game currency of Brawl Stars and are mainly used to purchase the objects of the shop, such as the brawl speakers, But also the skin.

    Getting the gems for free on Brawl Stars is possible but these are rewards that are given in a very limited way, mainly upon reaching specific thresholds in season. In order to get the most, you need to take into account the possibility of spending real money.

    In this regard, take into consideration the fact that it is possible to buy different packs of gems: prices start at a minimum 2,29€ (30 gems) and arrive at 109,99€ (2000 save).

    After purchasing the gem, you will have to spend them for the purchase of brawl speakers in shop game: the prices depend on the box you want to buy, given that one huge chest the 30 gems (in euros they correspond to € 2,29) while one mega crate the 80 gems (corresponding to approximately € 5,49).

    Alternatively, you can also purchase the doubles tokens which, at a minimum cost of € 4,58, allows you to double the next 1.000 tokens obtained in battle.

    In case you have any gems left over, you can use them to advance faster in the thresholds area of season, so you get the faster brawl speakers provided as a reward.

    Activate the Brawl Pass

    Another tip I want to give you is to activate the Brawl pass. If, in fact, you have purchased gem, you might think not to spend it to buy some brawl speakers but to use them to activate the Brawl pass, or the paid season pass of Brawl Stars. The reason? This allows you to get additional rewards when you reach the thresholds provided for by season.

    For example, by activating the paid season pass you can get one huge chest upon reaching the threshold 6, while with the Free Pass the expected reward is only 50 coins.

    In order to activate the Brawl passHowever, you will need more gems than you need to purchase the singles brawl speakers. Its cost, in fact, is 169 gems, which correspond to € 10,99 for the purchase of the package from 170 gems.

    Alternatively, by spending € 21,99 to purchase the package from 360 gems, you can activate the Brawl Pass da 249 gemme, so as to unlock also 7 thresholds and related rewards. It is therefore a recommended investment if you intend to play Brawl Stars for a long time.

    How to find Iris on Brawl Stars

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